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Booth Listings & Product Highlights

Denotes companies with a new product highlight. Look for an expanded CMM New Product Digest in the May issue of PFFC.

ABB; Booth 2853
ABBA Rubber; Booth 2519

Accuweb; Booth 817;
www.accuweb.com. See ad on pCMM-BC.

ACPT; Booth 1951
Adolf Muller; Booth 1143
ADSI; Booth 603

Advance Systems Inc.; Booth 1331;
www.advancesystems.com. See ad on pCMM26.

Advanced Maintenance Solutions; Booth 2420
Advanced Polymers; Booth 1251

Advanced Vision Technology; Booth 2934; www.avt-inc.com. See ad on pCMM16.

Aetek UV Systems; Booth 1934
AIMCAL-The Assn. of Industrial Metallizers, Coaters and Laminators; Booth 2600
AIMCAL Solutions Theater; Booth 2522
Air Systems Design; 146
Airtrim; Booth 2531
Alden & Ott Printing Ink; Narrow Web Tech. Center
Alpha Gear Drives; Booth1731
Amalga Composites; Booth 1931
Ambient Air Solutions; Booth 1600

American Printer; Booth 2572; www.americanprinter.com

American Profol; Booth 2418

AMK Drives & Controls; Booth 2207;
www.amkdrives.com. See ad on pCMM28.

Anguil Environmental; Booth 2549; www.anguil.com. See ad on pCMM19.

Apex North America; Booth 2841
Applied Laser Engineering; Booth 1423
Applied Materials; Booth 1619
Arjobex; Booth 3043

Ashe Converting Equipment; Booth 1715; www.ashe.co.uk. See ad on pCMM-IFC.

Ashland Specialty Chemical; Booth 2508
Automatic Handling Intl.; Booth 1532
AV Flexologiv; Booth 2219
Available Plastics; Booth 1750
AVC Industries; Booth 1502
Azco Corp.; Booth 2422
Bachofen + Meier; Booth 1406
Badger Plug Co.; Booth 1851
Bailey-Parks Urethane; Booth 2726
Baldor Electric; Booth 1945
Balemaster; Booth 2725
Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering; Booth 131
Bell-Mark Sales Co.; Booth 1515
Bender Machine Services; Booth 2609
Benton Graphics; Booth 2408
Beta Industries; Booth 2718
Beta Lasermike; Booth 1101
Bieffebi; Booth 1306
Bielomatik Jagenberg; Booth 333
Bobst Group USA; Booth 3052
Bosch Rexroth Corp.; Booth 2852
Boschert; Booth 2928
Bostik; Booth 2814
Brand Packaging Magazine; Booth 3053
Broadbeam Equipment; Booth 1006
Brookfield Engineering; Booth 801
BST Pro Mark; Booth 1322
Bunting Magnetics; Booth 1539
Buschman Corp.; Booth 2625

C.A. Litzler; Booth 302;
www.calitzler.com. See ad on pCMM25.

Cam Tech; Booth 2329
Cameron Machine/GL&V; Booth 2831
Carint; Booth 1609
CAT di Corsini G & C (CAT); Booth 1306
Catalytic Products Intl.; Booth 2424

Catbridge Machinery; Booth 919;
www.catbridgemachinery.com. See ad on pCMM6.

CB Mfg. & Sales Co.; Booth 124
CCDI Composites; Booth 2404
Celplast Metallized Products; Booth 2618
CEMA-Converting Equipment Mfrs. Assn.; Booth 2600
CG Machinery; Booth 2579
Chase Machine & Engineering; Booth 2325
Christian Majer; Booth 823
Cimex Corp.; Booth 2970
Circonix Technologies; Booth 2614
CMS; Booth 647
Cognex; Booth 1308
Comexi America; Booth 1107
Componex; Booth 2736

ConQuip; Booth 1830;
www.conquipinc.com. See ad on pCMM20.

Contech; Booth 731
Control Instruments Corp.; Booth 2860

Converter Accessory Corp.; Booth 2606; www.handleyourweb.com. See ad on pCMM22.

Converting Hotline; Booth 2403
Converting Magazine; Booth 125
Core Systems Intl.; Booth 1532
CorTechnologies; Booth 1337
CPFilms; Booth 2411
Cylicron Engineered Cylinders; Booth 1622

Dalmec; Booth 2948; www.dalmec.com. See ad on pCMM24.

Dark Field Technologies; Booth 2514
Data Technology; Booth 2834
Datien Industrial Co.; Booth 2579
▪ Davis-Standard Corp.; Booth 807
Deacro Industries; Booth 617
Delta Industrial Services; Booth 2552
Dessau Intl.; Booth 2727
Dienes Corp.; Booth 2007
DieQua Corp.; Booth 1202
Dispensa-Matic Label Dispensers; Booth 1902
DiTrolio Flexographic Inst.; Booth 337
DMS; Booth 742
Double E Co.; Booth 1707
Double H Plastics; Booth 2620

Dover Flexo Electronics; Booth 114; www.ww.dfe.com.

Doyle Systems; Booth 702;
www.doylesystems.com. See ad on pCMM22.

Dr. Schenk of America; Booth 2648
Dredge America; Booth 351
E.C.H. Will; Booth 3051
Eberele; Booth 1415
Elite Cameron; Booth 2329
Elsner Engineering Works; Booth 2534
Eltromat Electronics; Booth 130
EMT Intl.; Booth 2434
EMX Industries/Sensormation; Booth 2812

Enercon Industries Corp.; Booth 1445;
www.enerconind.com. See ads on pCMM12 (map) and pCMM23.

Ensign Ribbon Banners; Booth 1530
Environmental Inks and Coatings; Booth 643
Erema North America; Booth 401

Erhardt & Leimer; Booth 931; www.erhardt-leimer-us.com

Eurotechnic 1860; Booth 4009
▪ Extrusion Dies Industries; Booth 1615
EyeC-America; Booth 2848
Faustel; Booth 2145
▪ Fife Corp., Booth 421
Flexible Packaging Magazine; Booth 3053
Flexo Concepts; Booth 1639
Flexo Wash; Booth 1115
FMS USA; Booth 1930
Food & Drug Packaging Magazine; Booth 3053
Fox Machining; Booth 2873
Fox Valley Technical College; Booth 2842
Freeman Schwabe Machinery; Booth 2918
Fusion UV Systems; Booth 2952
Gibbs-Brower Intl.; Booth 142
Global Equipment & Machinery Sales; Booth 2628
Global Technologies; Booth 1700
Gluing Machinery & Systems; Booth 1607
▪ Goldenrod Corp.; Booth 1123
Goodstrong Machinery Co.; Booth 2579
GrafikAmerica; Booth 1031
Graphic Arts Monthly; Booth 125
Great Northern Corp./Rollguard Products; Booth 4421
Heat Exchange and Transfer; Booth 907
Henry Molded Products; Booth 2865
Honle UV America; Booth 2743
Hudson-Sharp; Booth 2968
Husson; Booth 1523
I2S; Booth 2514
IKO Intl.; Booth 2652
Industrial Accessories Co.; Booth 750
Industrial Molded Rubber; Booth 332
Industry Marketing Solutions; Booth 2403

Industry Tech; Booth 2613;
www.industrytech.net. See ad on pCMM23.

Inplex Custom Extruders; Booth 330
Interface; Booth 734
International Machinery; Booth 2401
INX Intl. Ink Co.; Booth 1751
Ion Systems Industrial; Booth 2828
ISRA Vision Systems; Booth 1650
J & H Printing Solutions; Booth 547
J. I. MacWilliam Co.; Booth 602
Jalema Filing Systems; Booth 2204
Jeco Plastic Pallets; Booth 2470

Jennerjahn Machine; Booth 737;
www.jennerjahn.com. See ad on pCMM15.

JHC Plastics; Booth 501
JM Equipment; Booth 2579
JM Heaford; Booth 1427
Johnson Laminating & Coating; Booth 2319
Kadant Johnson; Booth 2485
KECO Engineered Coatings; Booth 1014
Kongskilde Industries; Booth 2125
Korber Paperlink North America; Booth 3051

Kroenert Corp.; Booth 1406; www.kroenert.com

KTI-Keene Technology Inc.; Booth 1545
Kugler-Womako; Booth 3051
L&E America/Tann Corp.; Booth 2440
Lamart Corp.; Booth 2604
LasX Industries; Booth 351
Lever Mfg. Corp.; Booth 2107
Leybold Optics; Booth 1141
Luminite Products Corp.; Booth 909
M. Torres; Booth 639
Macro Engineering & Technology; Booth 1602
Madern USA; Booth 1137
▪ MAGPOWR; Booth 421
Mahlo America; Booth 2245
Manufacturers Supplies Co.; Booth 2862

Mario Cotta; Booth 2623;
www.mariocotta-usa.com. See ad on pCMM8.

MarquipWardUnited; Booth 2940
Marsden; Booth 3039

Martin Automatic; Booth 1523;

Material Handling Solutions; Booth 2403
▪ Matik North America; Booth 3035

Max Daetwyler Corp., Booth 2442; www.daetwyler.com

Maxcess Intl.; Booth 421;
www.maxcessintl.com. See ad on pCMM3.

Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.; Booth 3027
Meech Static Eliminators; Booth 1002
MEGTEC Systems; Booth 2634
Miller Weldmaster Corp.; Booth 1007
Milltex; Booth 2015
Mitsubishi Chemical FP America; Booth 2622
Moisttech; Booth 2843
Moisture Register Products Div., Aqua Measure Inst.; Booth 2428
MOKON; Booth 2106
Montalvo Corp.; Booth 1225
Mosstype Corp.; Booth 116
MPI Technologies; Booth 2846
MPP-Mirror Polishing & Plating; Booth 2115
MSK Convertech; Booth 2426
MTi Polyexe; Booth 2610
Muhlbauer; Booth 1727
NDC Infrared Engineering; Booth 1939

New Era Converting Machinery; Booth 117;
See ad on pCMM9 (map).

Nexen Group; Booth 1439; www.nexengroup.com

▪Nim-Cor; Booth 2824
Norcross Corp., Booth 1521
Nordson Corp., Booth 1314
North American Cerutti Corp./Bernal; Booth 919

North American Mfg. Co.; Booth 1721; www.namfg.com

North American Publishing Co.; Booth 2454
Novation; Booth 2840
Oasis Alignment Services; Booth 1701
Oxy-Dry Corp.; Booth 601
Pack Industrie; Booth 431
packagePRINTING Magazine; Booth 2454
PLGA-Packaging & Label Gravure Assn.; Booth 4020
Packaging Digest; Booth 125
Packaging Hotline; Booth 2403
Paco Winders Mfg.; Booth 1623
PAD Periphal Advanced Design (InkSpec); Booth 1000

Paper, Film & Foil Converter; Booth 2572; www.pffc-online.com

Paragon Plastics/Caraustar Industries; Booth 2500
Parker Hannifin; Booth 2250
Parker SSD Drives; Booth 2025
Paul Moeller Maschinenbau; Booth 2951
PBI-Dansensor America; Booth 2512

Pearl Technologies; Booth 1223;
www.pearltechinc.com. See ad on pCMM17.

Pemco; Booth 3051
Penton Media; Booth 2572
People's Capital & Leasing Corp.; Booth 1402
Pinnacle Converting Equipment; Booth 2225
Plasma Coatings/a div. of American Roller Co.; Booth 949
Plastics Hotline; Booth 2403
Plastisoft Corp.; Booth 2613

Polymag Tek; Booth 751;
See ad on pCMM18.

Polytype America Corp.; Booth 3019;
Powell Engineering; Booth 2251;
See ad on pCMM26.

PPC Technologies & Solutions (PPCTS); Booth 1306
Precision AirConvey Corp.; Booth 1237
Preco; Booth 2728
Premier Dies Corp.; Booth 2224
Prime UV Systems; Booth 2629
Process Sensors Corp., Booth 2914
Profama North America; Booth 2964
Propheteer Intl.; 343
Proton Products; Booth 1900
Pruftechnik Alignment Systems; Booth 1112
Quad Plus; Booth 2946
Quickdraft; Booth 302
R.D. Specialties; Booth 2407
Racine Flame Spray; Booth 3802
Ranpak Corp.; Booth 2327
Raytek Corp.; Booth 2478
Rayven; Booth 2533
Reed Business Information; Booth 2403
Relco; Booth 1507

Remmele Engineering; Booth 1323;
See ad on pCMM-IBC.

Retroflex; Booth 2924
Rexnord Industries; Booth 1431
RG Engineering; Booth 945
Rockwell Automation; Booth 1631
Roll Technology Corp; Booth 2518
Rosenthal Mfg. Co.; Booth 1625
Ross Air Systems; Booth 1500
RotaDyne Corp.; Booth 3040

Royal Adhesives and Sealants;
Booth 2516; www.royaladhesives.com

Sage Automation; Booth 2544
Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics; Booth 1435
Sani-Blast; Booth 2829
SBL Machinery Co.; Booth 2579

Schlumpf; Booth 1008;
www.schlumpf-inc.com. See ad on pCMM25.

Schober USA; Booth 2729; www.schoberusa.com

SCM Materials Handling; Booth 1326
SDI; Booth 3034

Sensor Products; Booth 336; www.sensorprod.com

SHM; Booth 3051
Siegwerk Ink Packaging; Booth 1012
Siko Products; Booth 2714
Simco Industrial Static Control & Cleanroom Products; Booth 1531
Simonds Intl.; Booth 402
Softal-3DT; Booth 2560
Sohn Mfg.; Booth 2722
Sonoco; Booth 347
Spack Systems; Booth 1125
Specialty Tapes; Booth 3300
SPECTRO Analytical Instruments; Booth 1626
Spiral Winder Corp.-C. Perkin; Booth 1214
SSD Drives; Booth 2025
ST Converting; Booth 631
Stagnito Communications; Booth 3053
Standex Engraving; Booth 2414
Stanford Products; Booth 407

Sterling; Booth 1048; www.sterlco.com

Sterling Surface Technologies; Booth 1601
Stopstatic/div. of Alpha Innovation; Booth 2637
Stork Cellramic; Booth 1100
Straightline Optical Services; Booth 2313
Stratis Plastic Pallets; Booth 2438

Sung An Machinery Co., Booth 316;
www.sungan.net. See ad on pCMM7.

TAKK Industries; Booth 1802; www.takk.com

Tann Corp.; Booth 2440
Technomaq; Booth 2540
Tectura (formerly Concord Business Systems); Booth 2504
Teel Plastics; Booth 2619
Tekmatex; Booth 2506
Teknek Europe; Booth 1231
The Fitch Co., Booth 1114
The Provident Group; Booth 2840
Thwing-Albert Instrument Co.; Booth 2740
▪ Tidland Corp.; Booth 421
Tilt-Lock; Booth 502
Tokuden; Booth 2452
Tools & Production; Booth 136
Totani America; Booth 913
Tresu Royce; Booth 1651
TruColor Vision Systems; Booth 2019
TSE Troller Schweizer Engineering; Booth 2642
Uncommon USA; Booth 1401
Unico; Booth 1741
Unicorp; Booth 1306
Unilux; Booth 2529
Uteco; Booth 107
V. Himark; Booth 348
Vishay Systems; Booth 1302
W.R. Chesnut Engineering; Booth 1131
Warner Electric; Booth 106

Web Converting; Booth 2031;
www.webconverting.com. See ad on pCMM21.

Webex; Booth 2528
Western Printing Machinery Co.; Booth 1641
Wintriss Engineering Corp.; Booth 331
Wrapmatic; Booth 3051
Xaloy/F.R. Gross Co. Roll Div.; Booth 2417
Xymid; Booth 2712
Yasui Seiki Co.; Booth 1350
Zator; Booth 635
Zenith Cutter Co.; Booth 2037
Zip-Pak; Booth 2958

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Coating System Moves Easily

A Modular Coating System (MCS) rolls into place on nearly any commercial coating line, company says, enabling operators of roll coating systems to switch readily between roll and slot die coating or use slot die coating on a trial basis. Each system is custom-designed, and company can supply the system with an Ultracoat adjustable-lip or Liberty fixed-lip die. Typically includes a fluid-delivery system, an adjustable support for positioning the die lip with respect to the web, idler rolls, and a precision backing roll. Visit Booth 1615.
Extrusion Dies Industries, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; www.extrusiondies.com

Shafts for 6-In. Cores

Equalizer Model D4 differential shafts now are available to suit 6-in. cores. The shaft is designed to eliminate dust and improve roll quality when rewinding multiple rolls of low-tension material, company says, and is part of a more complete line of core-lock and core-slip differential shafts. Visit Booth 421.
Tidland Corp., Camas, WA; 800/426-1000; www.tidland.com

Wind Wide, Heavy Rolls

The Model 1650 dual-turret winder is based on designs for wide and heavy roll cast film applications. Capable of winding film to 150 in. wide using 3-in. shafts. Also capable of shaftless winding on cores 40-140 in. wide. Equipped to handle folded, gusseted tubing and in-line slit sheet on the same winder. Visit Booth 807.
Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; www.davis-standard.com

Multi-Language Control

The Cygnus tension control has multi-language capabilities, including English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, and Chinese. Support for more langauges is coming. This capability allows operation of the control in a specific language and provides users with global controls to switch languages at any point during a shift. Visit Booth 421.
MAGPOWR, Oklahoma City, OK; 405/755-1600; www.magpowr.com

Folder/Gluer is Accurate

The Vesta Prospekt II folder/gluer from Inramik is said to be fast and accurate for 3-D and standard-capacity pocket folders. Reportedly, changes are quick and easy and require no special tools. Standard equipment includes side register section, hot melt glue system with two glue nozzles, and a pneumatic delivery stacker. Visit Booth 3035.
Matik North America, West Hartford, CT; 860/232-2323; www.matik.com

Web Guide is Tough

The latest model of D-Max Series web guiding systems is designed to exceed the demands of today's networked process line. ActiveX screens mimic the easy-to-use operator interface, providing access to the advanced system feature and ensuring standardization throughout the plant without additional programming. Visit Booth 421.
Fife Corp., Oklahoma City, OK; 800/639-3433; www.fife.com

Convert in Single Pass

Dragon technology allows the converting of multilayered, self-adhesive products in a single pass. Features a central converting drum with five processing stations to laminate, delaminate, or die-cut materials including film, foil, p-s paper stock, and textiles. Materials are said to stay in register throughout the production process. Visit Booth 2729.
Schober USA, Cincinnati, OH; 513/489-7393; www.schoberusa.com

Shaft is Ergonomic

The 1260-LF ultralight aluminum multiple-bladder, 3-in. leaf shaft reportedly was developed under critical ergonomic guidelines. Company says it is easily accessible and can be replaced in 10-15 min. Suited for light-duty, single- or multiple-roll applications and called an excellent choice for drum-supported systems. Visit Booth 1123.
Goldenrod Corp., Beacon Falls, CT; 800/465-3763; www.goldenrodcorp.com

Light Shafts Perform

Lightweight carbon fiber core shafts are custom-engineered for optimum performance in each application. Winding configurations, fiber modulus ratings, composite resins, and curing cycles for each shaft are all controlled within company's ISO-certified winding operation. Composite shafts are similar in weight to aluminum shafts but said to offer performance comparable to heavier steel shafts. Available with a variety of button sizes, lugs, or leaves to suit any application. Visit Booth 2824.
NimCor, Nashua, NH; 888/464-6267; www.nimcor.com

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