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Measure and Align Precisely

Pinpoint Laser Systems, Newburyport, MA; 800/757-5383; www.pinlaser.com

A 2D Microgage is for precision measuring, machine alignment, calibration, and other industrial applications. Said to be compact and easy to set up, unit will operate over a distance of 100 ft with a bright, red beam. Accessories allow for alignment of straightness, runout, parallelism, squareness, roll and web alignment, shaft and bore alignment, flatness measuring, and more.

Get a “Clean Peel”

Rollprint Packaging Products, Addison, IL; 630/628-1700; www.rollprint.com

Allegro M sealant can be extrusion coated onto various substrates to create a cost-effective way to achieve a “clean peel,” company says. Suited for pharmaceutical and medical devices, sealants seal to numerous rigid cup or tray structures, including HIPS, PVC, APET, PP, and HDPE. Called ideal for challenging applications, including those that are hard to seal due to liquid contamination on the sealing surface.

Get Photorealistic Images

InteliCoat Technologies, South Hadley, MA; 800/628-8604; www.intelicoat.com

Magic Total-Photo M is a universal paper for use on both aqueous pigment and dye as well as solvent and eco-solvent printers. Ultra-smooth matte surface, combined with high ink saturation, is said to provide a rich density that yields photorealistic images. High-caliper and sealed base sheet eliminates cockle and promotes easy handling during lamination. Suited for graphics, indoor signs, posters, and more.

Collars Suited for Harsh Work

Stafford Mfg. Corp., North Reading, MA; 800/695-5551; www.staffordmfg.com

Line of 316 stainless steel shaft collars and couplings is for applications requiring exposure to harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents, and water. SST collars and couplings are in stock in set-screw, one-piece, and two-piece styles with a choice of 18-8 or 316 SST fasteners. Feature standard smooth bores or can be threaded.

Cure Difficult Inks

IST Metz, Nürtingen, Germany; +49 (0) 70 22 6 00 2-0; www.ist-uv.com

The Deep Cure Package (DCP) is designed to cure inks that are difficult to process, especially applications using opaque white. The two key elements of the system are specially doped metal halogen lamps and cold-mirror UV reflectors, both customized for each application. The lamps are said to ensure complete cure and guarantee excellent adhesion of the opaque white layer to the substrate.

Sensors Overcome Movement

Baumer Electric, Southington, CT; 800/937-9336; www.baumerelectric.com

OBDM 12 laser sensors are designed to recognize a target regardless of its distance from the sensor or any uncontrolled wobbling, movement, or elevation changes. Called ideal for both static and dynamic applications, sensors detect targets that match a preprogrammed differential value with its operating range of 16-120 mm. Data output feeds directly to a PLC, so sensors can replace analog distance sensors, company says.

Barrier with Metallized PP Films

Toray Plastics (America), North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511; www.torayfilms.com

Torayfan PC5 and PWX5 ultra-high-barrier, metallized PP films offer 10x the oxygen barrier of metallized films from previous generations, company says. Also reportedly offer exceptional moisture barrier. PC5 is designed for use as either an inner web of a lamination with converter-applied cold seal, or as a middle ply of a multilayer lamination. PWX5 is for use as an inside sealant web and provides barrier for gas-flushed applications.

Measure Viscosity In-Line

Biode, Westbrook, ME; 207/856-6977; www.biode.com

Company is offering a low-shear-rate version of its solid-state ViSmart viscosity sensor. Designed to measure samples of low- to mid-range viscosity fluids instantaneously, sensor provides continuous, real-time, in-line measurements for process control systems that require high resolution and accuracy. Custom options and configurations are available.

Produce Analog, Digital Plates

Degraf, Lacchiarella (MI), Italy; +39 02 900 90 196; www.degraf-group.com

The Concept 505 DW (Digital Washer) wash-out unit is designed to allow the production of analog and digital plates using one piece of equipment and to ensure maximum quality and processing speed. Will process plates to 52 × 80 in. and is equipped with a prewashing section to remove the carbon layer from digital plates. Features oscillating cylindrical brushes rotating in opposite directions and an integrated solvent densitometer.

Precision-Coat Adhesives

On Demand Machinery, Elizabeth, NJ; 908/351-6906; www.odmachinery.com

Stencil gluing machine applies a pattern of adhesive or overall coating to envelopes, p-s box blanks, skin pack cards, or any product requiring a precision coating of adhesive in a pattern. Handles latex and self-stick adhesives and can be supplemented with a drying conveyor, perforating wheels, folding plows, stacking table, or automatic feeder. Will handle a maximum product size of 18 in. wide by 18 in. long.

High Esthetics in Lamination

ADM Tronics, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040; www.admtronics.com

Unex 217-5G water-based laminating adhesive is designed for packaging applications with high esthetic requirements. Said to work well on laminations of Aclar to PVC and Aclar to LDPE. Bond strengths are reported to be excellent. Can be employed on conventional laminating equipment, with application by standard roller coating configurations.

ERP Suite is Expanded

Radius Solutions, Chicago, IL; 312/648-0800; www.radiussolutions.com

The PECAS Vision Time and Attendance application expands the PECAS Vision ERP product suite for printing and packaging companies and leverages Vision's shop floor data to calculate payroll hours and streamline payroll processing. Flexible setup of payroll policies allows compliance with labor laws in all 50 states and many foreign countries. Outputs data to ADP for payroll completion.

Analyze Costs, Sales Separately

PaperSoft, Pelham, AL; 205/733-0700; www.papersoft.com

Cost method for converters separates the fiscal responsibility of the sales department from that in production by analyzing their performance separately, such as tracking trim waste vs. running waste, against a set of definable standards. Using standards, jobs costs are guaranteed a profitability percentage, company says, and each department's performance can be analyzed.

Software Does Many Jobs

Advanced Software, Yardley, PA; 215/369-7800; www.advantzware.com

Windows-based packaging software features modules to support many estimating methods, order processing, sales service, inventory, purchasing, plant data collection, scheduling, job costing, and accounting. Optional modules include CAD links, RF bar coding, touch screen technology, and more.

Integrate and Automate

PlastiSoft Corp., Toronto, ON, Canada; 416/667-9292; www.plastisoft.com

The Tori-Flex enterprise planning software solution fully integrates into one single system departments including customer service, sales, shop floor production, inventory management, shipping/receiving, and accounting. Processes such as job costing, customer quotations, work orders, production scheduling, WIP, label bar codes, and inventory are fully automated.

Software has Updated Solutions

VantagePoint Systems, Vancouver, BC, Canada; 604/685-4209; ww.vpgroup.com

Release 4.0 is the latest version of Accelerate software for the retail packaging industry. Runs on a new database platform said to offer increased flexibility and productivity. Includes a new Purchase Invoice Register module; new routines for showing material allocations, purchase orders, and issues for selected production order; and a new web interface for the Production Manager shop floor data collection software that allows remote access to real-time shop floor activity data via any web browser.

Treat Many Materials

Corotec Corp., Farmington, CT; 800/423-0348; www.corotec.com

Combination roll-to-roll and sheet-fed corona treating system features integral HFT-Series power supply, power density control, and adjustable speed control, all prewired and mounted to a portable frame. System is designed for processing a wide variety of materials and is said to be especially useful to in-house test laboratories for evaluating the effectiveness of corona discharge surface treatment on customers' materials.

Ink Jet Printers for Many Uses

Domino Printing Sciences, Gurnee, IL; 800/323-4754; www.dominoamjet.com

The A-Series plus range of continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers is said to offer features that help users achieve increased production efficiencies. Meets ink jet printing requirements ranging from basic coding to tough industrial applications in harsh environments. Prints up to four lines of code text, logos, automatic serial, or batch numbering and real-time clocks. With printer comes Totalcare plus program of managed support services and products.

Apply Glue Patterns Quickly

Valco Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH; 513/874-6550; www.valcocincinnatiinc.com

Electric cold glue valve in a 15-mm-wide package features advanced solenoid technology and can apply very short patterns at high machine speeds. Adjustable stroke version is available to enhance dotting performance. Life cycles exceeding 1 billion are possible with a lightweight plunger featuring a carbide ball seating on a ceramic nozzle tip.

Film Unwinds Smoothly

Acpo, Oak Harbor, OH; 877/412-8273; www.acpo.com

Easy-release polyester self-wound overlaminate film is designated 891. This clear film is treated with a platinum-based silicone release for smooth, quiet unwind and features a high-grade emulsion acrylic adhesive. Also available with no adhesive, designated 891U.

Get Images in Two Ways

MicroDynamics, Marietta, GA; 770/874-1636; www.microdynamics.net

The 3DQC video-3D combination microscope reportedly offers enhanced performance and user friendliness. Provides both a high-definition Videoscope white-light imaging with 24-Bit RGB color levels mode, or HD 3-D nanotopography interferometry imaging mode. Provides low- and high-resolution imaging in both modes by combining digital zoom with optional fixed magnification of 5x, 10x, 20x, and 40x, with potential nanotopography imaging to 2,000x.

Handle Materials Safely

Schlumpf, Windham, ME; 877/460-4535; www.schlumpf-inc.com

The ESH-300-PEC and ESH-500-PEC portable battery-powered shaft handling machines reportedly make lifting, extracting, and inserting heavy air shafts and reel spools fast, safe, and easy. The units hold the air shaft journal end with a powerful electrically actuated clamp. Clamp tooling can be adapted in seconds, without tools, to handle multiple shafts. Machines are said to minimize or eliminate the risk of operator injuries and equipment damage.

Clean Digital Plates Safely

HarperScientific, Charlotte, NC; 866/588-8686; www.harperscientific.com

The Digi-Tek sponge for cleaning digital plates eliminates the potential of the mesh snagging the dot heads and damaging the plate image. Can be used with all plate-cleaning solutions, including ink solvents.

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