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Flexiprint Pvt. supplies tea bag tags and envelopes in roll form for its own packaging operations, as well as for tea packagers in Asia, Africa, and Australia. A new Martin Automatic LRD nonstop rewinder reportedly is helping the Colombo, Sri Lanka, narrow web printer produce more with less waste.

The two-spindle automatic rewinder, installed at the end of an eight-color Gidue Combat press, allows the press to run continuously, winding finished rolls to 12 streams across without stopping to change rolls.

Peter Deckker, Flexiprint's director, says the benefits of continuous rewinding are “far better even than what we expected.”

Output on the press has tripled, from 6 million pieces to 18 million pieces/mo, and the rewinder has reduced by 6% the cost of material waste. Deckker adds, “The tension control is very good, and the rewinding quality very precise.”
Supplier Information:
Martin Automatic — PFFC-ASAP 317.
Gidue — PFFC-ASAP 318.

Tapes Suited for Medical Uses

SOUTHAMPTON, PA — M&C Specialties Co. offers 3M medical microplate sealing tapes for a variety of adhesive applications in the healthcare industry.

Offered in various forms of acetate films, synthetic adhesives, and transparent tapes, solutions are said to be consistent and easy to unwind, featuring a dimensionally stable structure.

Uses for the tapes include bio-analytical applications, compound storage, general assay, cell culture, ELISA test kits, genomics, high-throughput screening, tissue cultures, and polymerase chain reactions. All of company's microplate sealing tapes are RNase/DNase-free.

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