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Inks Suited for Retort Process
Sun Chemical Corp., Northlake, IL; 708/562-0550;
SunStrato Duratort lamination inks are specifically formulated to withstand extended exposure to the high temperatures of the retort process. Technology allows the use of either flexo or gravure printing with the same ink system and is said to deliver premium quality printing of both process and line graphics. One-part system reportedly is easy to use on press and is able to help reduce waste.

Check Production in Real Time
Nordson Corp., Duluth, GA; 800/683-2314;
The ClearView production information system provides real-time data and analysis using electronic alerts plus Web-based access and streaming display boards. Allows immediate ID and correction of production problems or bottlenecks. Data includes production rates, part rejections, and machine uptime; allows comparisons across jobs, shifts, or other defined durations; and includes analysis of set-up times, run speeds, and downtime, among other parameters.

Converter Aids Measurement
Krohne, Peabody, MA; 800/flowing;
The MFC 300 converter for company’s Optimass Coriolis flowmeter offers optimal measurement performance, company says. Unit is able to diagnose problems with both measuring instrument and measurement process while complying with standard industry outputs. Modular hardware allows easy selection of all required outputs and is interchangeable in multiple housing configurations.

Measure UV Intensity
Dymax Corp., Torrington, CT; 860/482-1010;
The Accu-Cal 50 radiometer measures intensity from a spot lamp, flood lamp, or conveyor UV curing system. Also measures peak intensity and dose. Said to be simple to operate. Can be used to confirm that a UV curing process complies with ACGIH safety guidelines for UV exposure.

Measure Oxygen and Leak Rate
Mocon, Minneapolis, MN; 763/493-6370;
The bench-top Pak Check Model 840 Package Integrity Test System measures both residual headspace oxygen and absolute package leak rate. Produces an absolute leak number based on the application of Poiseuille’s law, which yields a total “hole” diameter leak size based on measurements of pressure and flow. Allows user to measure in one quick analysis two critical variables that determine package shelf life.

Process Plates Easily, Safely
Degraf, Lacchiarella (MI), Italy; +39 02 900 90 196;
The Concept 305 EDLF multi-process unit for exposing, drying, and finishing flexo plates can process plates to 36 x 48 in. Company says automatic system for opening the lid enables user to have easy, fast, safe access to equipment from three sides. Features lamp temperature control that keeps lamps at 45 deg C, said to guarantee the best UV output. PLC with touchscreen operator interface allows easy management of all functions.

Speedy Upgrade of Digital Press
Punch Graphix, Lier, Belgium; +32 3 443 1311;
The Xeikon 6000 digital press achieves speeds 60% faster than previous model for paper substrates from 40 (27# text) to 350 gsm (16-pt board) as well as polyester film, transfer materials, and label stock. Accommodates widths from 12.6–20 in. at web-fed speeds to 160 A4 pages/min. Allows unlimited flexible image length and employs a new X-800 Digital-Front-End (DFE) and Form Adapted (FA) Pantone-licensed toner to deliver 600-dpi resolution (with variable density levels), high quality packaging applications such as disk box sliders, cups, and labels.

Sheet-Fed Inks “Pop”
Flint Ink, Ann Arbor, MI; 636/717-0230;
The K+E line of premium sheet-fed inks is said to offer quality, consistency, and performance in high-end color printing applications. Reportedly, inks produce vibrant colors that “pop” off the press sheet and give printers repeatable performance.

Get Dancer Roll Feedback Signals
Nireco America Corp., Port Jervis, NY; 854/856-4053;
The Series 2699 geared dancer roll potentiometer is designed to produce dancer roll position feedback signals. This high-precision control offers more than 700 gear ratios from 0.06–25 turns, eliminating the need for external gearing or timing drives. Said to feature a rugged design, simple installation, and long life.

Gravure Inks for Lamination
INX Intl. Ink, Appleton, WI; 800/452-6425;
Belle Color is a high-performance, solvent-based gravure ink system designed for adhesive or extrusion lamination. Said to offer high film adhesion, excellent lamination bond strength, and good printability. This single-component ink system reportedly works well with a variety of solvent-based, water-based, and solventless adhesive systems.

Inks Suited for Shrink Sleeves
Water Ink Technologies, Lincolnton, NC; 800/426-4657;
Water-based and UV inks for shrink sleeve applications are said to provide high graphic quality, fast production speeds, and excellent shrink performance. Company says its formulations allow users to combine both for the economy of water-based inks with the opacity and sleeving efficiency of UV inks.

Handle Rolls Easily, Safely
Converter Accessory Corp., Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413;
The Fork Truck Rol-HandlR roll handling system can be fitted to any conventional fork truck readily and removed and stored when truck is needed for other jobs. Said to make it easy to lift and transport rolls to 1,000 lbs, in a variety of widths and diameters, without damaging edges and cores. Lifts and turns rolls safely from horizontal to vertical and vice versa.

Print with Vegetable-Based Ink
Mercer Color Corp., Coldwater, OH; 419/678-8273;
Ecolith (Ecologically Controlled Offset Printing) features vegetable-based inks, fountain solutions, and wash-up solutions. Company says this ensures each material in combination is the most beneficial to the environment and still delivers the best possible print results. Is suited for sheet-fed presses but could be used on web presses with a few minor adjustments, company adds.

UV Inkjet in Superwide Format
Durst Image Technology, Rochester, NY; 585/486-0340;
The Rho 350R roll-to-roll UV inkjet printer brings the benefits of UV inkjet printing to the superwide-format category. This 11.5-ft-wide digital imager features company’s Quadro Array print technology. Features include dpi resolution of 400–600; CMYK plus white ink and spot colors managed by a quick-change system; direct printing onto virtually any coated or uncoated roll media with no drying time required; durable print; and odorless, environmentally friendly UV roll inks.

Packaging Papers are “Green”
Boise Paper, Vancouver, WA; 630/227-3433;
EcoOGR flexible packaging papers are fluorochemical-free and said to be resistant to oil and grease. Company reports papers print, convert, and provide the same functionality as traditionally treated papers though made with naturally occurring, renewable resources. Recommended for many uses in food packaging.

Heat Resistance and Economy
ADM Tronics, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Santel Toridex NZ-3 glossy, aqueous resin and primer is said to provide a high level of heat resistance when exposed to elevated temperatures and sealing pressures. No zinc compounds or other metal modifiers or catalysts are in the product, reportedly making it cost-effective.

Inhibit Fade in Ink Systems
UVitec Printing Ink, Lodi, NJ; 800/478-6330;
Screen UV-curable coating system said to inhibit fade is designated 22459-77. Can be used on flatbed or rotary screen equipment. Versions can be made in any ink system, but performance is commensurate with the film thickness applied. Said to exhibit good flexibility when cured and will cure without the need for special UV curing systems such as doped bulbs or microwave units.

Autosplice Tissue Material
Winkler+Dünnebier, Neuwied, Germany; +49 (0) 2631/84-0;
Autosplicer for two-lane handkerchief machines has a web width of 440 mm. Splicing procedure occurs independently of machine operation via a vacuum embossing shaft. Makes additional materials such as glue and tape unnecessary and is said to increase productivity.

Digital Print for Outside Uses
Hewlett-Packard, Palo Alto, CA; 650/857-1501;
The Scitex TJ8500 printer is said to combine the benefits of high-speed, wide-format digital printing with the durability of UV inks. Uses environmentally friendly Scitex UV850 Supreme inks, said to be ideal for most outdoor applications, including POP/POS. Offers six-color printing to true 448 dpi or apparent 600 dpi.

Films Suited for Tough Tags
Klöckner Pentaplast of America, Gordonsville, VA; 540/832-3600;
Pentaprint W-5113 rigid, high-tear-resistant polymer blended films are recommended for tags that must withstand inclement weather. Company says films have passed rigorous 15-mo testing for extreme cold, heat, wind, sun, and rain. Said to process easily and can be scored and cut on existing equipment.

Ink Pump Hose Lasts Longer
Graymills, Chicago, IL; 877/465-7861;
Extended-life peristaltic pump hose replaces current solvent-resistant hose used in company’s PPL-KE/KF explosion-proof peristaltic pumps. Reportedly, lab tests show new hose lasts up to 8x longer than hose it replaces. Can be used in any of company’s PPL Series pumps for both solvent- and water-based inks.

Tape and Film Spooling Offered
M&C Specialties Co., Southampton, PA; 215/322-1600;
Spooling capability for tape and film manufacturers is said to optimize the adhesive application manufacturing process and improve both assembly and overall product performance. Process allows company to level wind high quality adhesive tapes onto a wide, traverse-wound roll, replacing multiple smaller rolls with one single spool. This allows higher production rates and fewer line stoppages.

Efficient Temperature Control
Mokon, Buffalo, NY; 716/876-9951;
The newly redesigned HF-2 Series heat transfer fluid system is said to offer energy efficiency and reduced space requirements for large flow and higher heating capacity applications. Also reportedly provides accurate temperature control to 600 deg F to keep machinery at peak performance. Available in single- and dual-zone configurations, with pumping capacities of 40–60 gpm.

Reduce Ink Usage
GMG Americas, Norwell, MA; 781/659-2323;
The InkOptimizer is a software solution for fully automatic ink reduction. A DeviceLink transformation (CMYK to CMYK) is applied to individual images or entire pages. The amount of CMY inks used is reduced, and the proportion of black ink simultaneously increased, while maintaining identical color reproduction. In doing so, unit is able to maintain gray balance. Process is said to enhance color stability and printability.

Laminating Inks are Versatile
Wikoff Color Corp., Concord, ON, Canada; 905/669-1311;
The Multibond line and III, V, and VII process series solvent-based laminating inks are engineered for speed, graphic quality, and versatility. Inks are designed for adhesive and extrusion lamination on polyester, PP, nylon, and PE treated and coated films. System is optimized to address specific line and process anilox and plate screen requirements.

Stack Heavy Rolls with Ease
Schlumpf, Windham, ME; 207/893-1903;
The HRUP-5000-S stationary electric-hydraulic roll upender-palletizer reportedly makes stacking and palletizing heavy rolls virtually effortless. Designed for speed and ease, unit can be combined with a wide variety of lifting systems for roll placement and conveyors for loading and unloading doctor machines, slitter/rewinders, and other converting equipment.

Shaft is Light and Strong
Double E Co., West Bridgewater, MA; 508/588-8099;
The 6-in., lightweight Model SR shaft (SRL-2000) is said to minimize shaft weight in both light- and heavy-duty applications. Reportedly is suited for applications involving multiple slit rewinding and when operator lifting injuries are a concern. Shaft, which is 20% lighter than the standard SR-2000 shaft while maintaining the same strength, can be upgraded with a self-centering feature.

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