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Handle Rolls with Safety
Tilt-Lock, St. Michael, MN; 800/999-8458;
The TL800 roll handling cart is said to be efficient, safe, and ergonomically sound. Features a structural steel frame; high-capacity nylon wheels; brakes for rear castors; hand winch with automatic brake; heavy-duty cam carriage bearings; and roller-type wheel bearings. Capacity is to 800 lbs depending on configuration of load machine.

Template Aids Label Production
DiMS!, Lisle, IL; 630/649-7888;
Business template designed for label printers incorporates product specifications, production requirements, stock control, inventory management issues, and more. Estimation Desktop simplifies label estimating process, and the Label Wizard tool defines each product to be produced and reportedly enables seamless, point-and-click label construction.

Slitters with Many Features
Grafotronic, Landskrona, Sweden; +46 418 567 00;
Slitter/rewinder Models 280, 380, and 440 offer pneumatic splice table; 30-in. unwind with optional roll lift; waste removal; roll end gripper for quick roll changes; counter for labels in feet or meters; pneumatic quick-change spindles in any size; and dual rewinder.

UV Offset Saves Money
Gidue, Turate, Italy; +39 (0) 2 966 8181;
The Xpannd UV offset hybrid press for the label market is designed for frequent job changes and short runs. Said to offer significant cost savings on plate origination costs and is optimized to idle down to 40 fpm during job setup to limit waste.

Control Your Finances
Prism USA, Wilmington, MA; 978/284-6201;
Company offers SBE financials (accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash book, and general ledger modules) said to provide instant access to all data needed to control finances. Provides comprehensive drill-down capabilities and graphical reporting. Assists staff with automated control throughout every stage of the sale of inventory items and finished stock to customers.

Proofread Electronically
Global Vision, Montreal, PQ, Canada; 800/501-0511;
The Digital-Page Image file Comparator is said to be 500% faster than manual proofreading. Electronic file inspection system compares file revisions in seconds and highlights changes. Detects graphics and content differences instantly, including missing text, misregistration, incorrect fonts, text size, and color deviations. Compares PDF, TIFF, JPEG, Al, and BMP.

P-S Label Paper for Breweries
Stora Enso Packaging Boards, Stevens Point, WI; 715/345-8060;
UniSet SA wet-strength, p-s label paper for breweries is designed and tested for optimal performance in all facets of label production, including printing, lamination, die-cutting, and matrix shipping, to label applications using automated, high-speed p-s labeling equipment. Enhanced paper characteristics support complex white and metallized beer label designs, and improved paper rigidity is said to aid in the rapid and clean release of labels from liner substrates.

Inks Suited for Shrink Sleeves
Alden & Ott Printing Ink Co., Mt. Prospect, IL; 866/263-5396;
Multi-Shrink system for the narrow to mid-web printer is formulated to have high adhesion and scratch on a wide variety of corona treated or topcoated substrates for surface print or shrink sleeve applications. Said to provide good print quality on small type, screens, and solids. Inks are available in both lightfast and non-lightfast colors.

Get Into RFID Labels
AB Graphic Intl., East Yorkshire, England; +44 (0) 1262 671138;
The Omega Ti150 allows label converters to meet demands for RFID and smart labels. This entry-level machine takes rolls of finished, printed, die-cut labels and integrates security technology in a single pass.

Varnish Provides Fragrance
Lipo Technologies, Vandalia, OH; 937/ 264-1222;
TransluScent is a water-based flexo overprint varnish containing fragrance microcapsules. Prints directly over ink on virtually any substrate with no specialized finishing equipment and comes press-ready to individual viscosity specification. Varnish is available in almost any scent, including end-users’ proprietary fragrances.

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