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Digital Offset for Many Substrates
Presstek, Hudson, NH; 603/594-8585;
The 52DI digital offset press is able to handle a wide range of printing media, including 20-pt stock, styrene, and converted envelopes, while maintaining high levels of consistency and repeatability, company says. Automated landscape format press offers a 10-min makeready and operating speeds to 10,000 impressions/hr.

Washout, Reclaim Safely
NuPro Technologies, Winston-Salem, NC; 336/768-6070;
Company offers two systems it says are environmentally safe. Nutre Clean XP flexo washout solvent is said to perform well in both rotary and in-line systems. Spent polymer is solubilized, and system processes all plates at ambient temperature, requiring no heat.The Cold Reclamation System (CRS) is described as a safe, economical, environmentally conscious method of reclaiming flexo washout solvent. Clean chemistry begins to flow in 30 sec, company says.

Pet Food Film is Flexible, Strong
Alcan Packaging, Chicago, IL; 773/ 399-8000;
Bulldog high-performance pet food packaging films utilize advanced Q film technology to create plastic structures said to deliver high-peak hot tack performance over a wide range of sealing temperatures. Flexibility allows stronger seals and better tacking performance on packaging equipment, company reports, adding film resists denting and creasing for safer shipping, easier stocking, and improved shelf appeal.

Die-Cutting Modules Offered
Schober USA, Cincinnati, OH; 513/489-7393;
Vector die-cutting modules are for the punching, perforating, or cross-cutting of various product patterns. Company says technology can be integrated easily into existing roll printing presses or converting machines. Technology is called ideal for the production of gable-top cartons, juice pouches and boxes, and other packaging applications.

Customizable Web Sensing Roll
Montalvo Corp., Gorham, ME; 800/226-8710;
The TNT Series web tension sensing roll features a highly sensitive strain gauge system and a high-performance, lightweight, low-inertia aluminum tube. Company says roll will fit virtually any application and offers flexible mounting options and customizable roll widths.

Inkjet Heads Offer Full Color
Agfa Graphics, Ridgefield Pk., NJ; 800/540-2432;
:Dotrix Modular digital high-speed inkjet press is designed for profitable short- and medium-run print production, including variable data printing. Features the Single Pass Color Engine (SPICE), a static array of inkjet heads that print in full color to 24.8 in. wide.

Press Offers Many Features
Fischer & Krecke, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-9460;
The Flexpress 6S 8 is available in web widths of 35, 43, and 51 in. Repeat length ranges from 13/15–31 in. Features quick-change sleeve systems; rigid, high-strength construction said to provide high print grade and quality; production speeds to 1,300 fpm; automatic winders for rolls to 40 in. dia; web video; dual-circuit drying; and more.

Slit Many Kinds of Tapes
Ghezzi & Annoni, Milan, Italy; +39 (0) 2-994416.1;
The RSE 180 automatic slitter/rewinder is suited for carton sealing tapes; masking tape and adhesive papers; duct tape; and other self-adhesive tapes. Web widths are from 600–2,100 mm and roll widths are from 9–150 mm. Maximum diameter of the finished rolls is 180 mm. Features razor blade and score cut slitting.

Gravure Paper has Many Uses
M-real USA Corp., Norwalk, CT; 203/229-7480;
Simcastor Flex paper for flexible packaging was developed specifically for rotogravure printing. Approved for food packaging by the FDA and manufactured to HACCP hygiene standards, paper is suited for uses including dry foods and beverages, chocolate and confectionery, pet foods, cigarettes, and pharmaceutical/healthcare products.

“Pay for Use” of Inkjet Printers
Kodak Graphic Communications Group, Rochester, NY; 585/724-4000;
The Versamark DS5340 and DS5222 inkjet printing systems are said to feature improved speed and enhanced connectivity. Both can be configured with a Usage Tracking System that offers a reduced capital investment and usage charge based on the amount of ink consumed. The DS5340 offers a print width of 1.07 in. at a dpi resolution to 240. The DS5222 printing width is 2.13 in.

Anti-Microbial Tech Developed
Dow Reichhold, Research Triangle Pk., NC; 630/836-1590;
Company announces the development of technologies to produce emulsion polymers that offer a range of anti-microbial functionality. Technology includes polymers that have inherent anti-microbial properties as well as an emulsion polymer that integrates commonly used active ingredients into an end-use product.

Protect Large Rolls
Badger Plug Co., Greenville, WI; 920/757-7300;
The Lock Box shipper protects large rolls from damage during handling and transit. Rugged roll suspension system uses preconfigured wooden walls with interlocking tabs and slots to create a secure enclosure that cradles the roll end to end, company reports. Roll product is suspended safely and is protected from all four sides. No tools or strapping are required to assemble.

Print Variable Data Quickly
Screen (USA), Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/870-7400;
The Truepress Jet520 inkjet printing press reportedly meets the needs of full-color variable data printing with a combination of speed, quality, and price. The continuous-feed, single-pass printer uses Piezo drop-on-demand technology. Roll-fed paper feeding systems give users the flexibility to handle high-speed, high-volume print runs.

Laminate is Free of Additives
ITW Richmond Technology, Houston, TX; 713/996-4260;
PFL-400 is a copolymer/solid foil laminate with a barefoot PE inner layer free of additives, slip agents, and anti-blocks. Offers a low MVTR rate and high-level contamination control properties. Recommended for applications including disc media, bare wafer, non-static-sensitive products, vacuum packaging, and nitrogen flush. May be used in direct contact with products or as an overwrap, and may be heat-sealed.

Control Static with New Capability
MKS, Ion Industrial, Windsor Locks, CT; 888/310-3334;
New fieldbus interface capability makes possible the full integration of HL-Type Virtual AC static neutralizers into an existing process control system over an industrial network.

Hot Melt Adhesives Reseal Well
Collano, Sempach-Station, Switzerland; +41 41 469 91 11;
UV N1 Series UV-curable, p-s, hot melt adhesives replace solvent-based adhesives for wet wipe pouch seals. Allows in-line adhesive application and label production. Offers high initial tack on a wide variety of substrates and features a broad adhesion spectrum. Company says product offers soft, noiseless opening and reliable resealing, and excellent resistance to wet wipe substances allows residue-free opening.

Software Extended to InDesign
HP Indigo, Palo Alto, CA; 866/522-4103;
The HP Indigo Yours Truly Designer (YTD) variable data software plug-in now supports the Adobe InDesign CS2 platform. Said to simplify the creation of offset-quality, high-impact personalized print materials for company’s presses. Features include variable data document creation and imposition capabilities similar or equivalent to those in the YTD for QuarkXPress.

Chop Up Edge Trim
Arrowhive Equipment, Henley on Thames, Oxon, UK; +44 (0) 870 428 9070;
Lundberg Combi GR8 and GR140 edge trim removal systems are self-contained units mounted on castors. Incorporating granulator, exhaust systems, and electronic controls, they chop up and reduce voluminous edge trim volume by as much as 90%.

Resin Adds to Product Quality
Basell, Elkton, MD; 410/996-1600;
Metocene X11291-55-1 is a reactor-grade, non-visbroken resin said to have enhanced product consistency for cast film applications. Company says this 9.5 g/10 min melt flow rate resin has a narrow molecular weight distribution and a lower melting point compared to conventional PP homopolymer resins.

Stretch Film for Many Properties
Kiefel, Wrentham, MA; 508/384-1200;
The Kirion MDO production line stretches film monoaxially to reduce thickness and enhance film properties. Helps increase film stiffness and strength as well, company says, and increases gas and vapor barrier properties. Reportedly, optical properties including transparency and gloss are improved. Line is suited for food packaging as well as breathable hygienic films, high-grade films for labels, shrink labels, liners, and stand-up pouches.

Improved Vinyl for Vivid Colors
MACtac Graphic Products, Stow, OH; 866/622-8223;
Company has improved IMAGin JT5600PD Series of cast digital wide-format vinyl designed for use in high-performance applications. Improved facestock is said to offer superior printability for more vibrant colors and vivid prints. Engineered so solvents from inks do not change adhesive’s performance.

Digital Press Upgrade Arrives
Matan Digital Printers, Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel; +972 3 9002720;
The SprinG3 is the third generation of the Spring12 product line of industrial, six-color, thermal transfer digital presses. Said to deliver high print quality, faster printing speed, and a wider substrate range. Features new printheads and software.

Print with Integral Cylinders
Carint, Milan, Italy; +39 (0) 2-9217071;
SLP dual system allows the use of sleeves on fixed mandrels and the ability to print with integral plate cylinders. Combines high-precision mechanics with electronics. SLP presses are available with six or eight printing stations in web widths from 41–57 in.

Loggers are Rugged
Dickson Co., Addison, IL; 800/757-3747;
Pro Series Data Loggers feature LED alarms, 1-sec sampling rates, and accuracy to ±0.50 C. Featuring a rugged, compact design, loggers are offered in three models: the TP125 is a two- channel model with internal sensors for reading air temperature and humidity; the SP125 is a single-channel option; and the SP175 two-channel model has an external K-Thermocouple sensor.

Additive Offers Conductivity
ADM Tronics Unlimited, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Staticon 460 anti-static liquid additive is said to be effective for adhesives, inks, coatings, and water-based liquids, providing a high level of conductivity of the coated film. Reportedly allows for rapid static dissipation on machine and a high level of conductivity in the residual dried surface of the coated substrate.

Ink is Economical Option
Domino Printing Sciences, Cambridge, UK; +44 (0) 1954 782551;
Company’s 291BK black ink is said to take performance levels of its A-Series continuous inkjet printer to new extremes with the ability to run for 2,000 hrs without an air dryer. Ink is said to represent a cost-effective option for use in multiple applications.

Eliminate Face Laminating
Acucote, Graham, NC; 800/228-2683;
The IRC Advantage for specialty clean release applications allows converters to create custom coupons, shipping documents, pricing labels, and more efficiently by eliminating face laminating stations and increasing converting speeds, company reports.

Apply Variable Data Quickly
DataLase, Widnes, Cheshire, UK; +44 1606 837787;
The Packmark coding and marking solution is designed for applying high-speed, on-demand variable information to primary packaging materials. The process, which uses a laser reactive coating that undergoes a color change reaction when imaged with a CO2 laser, is said to produce a highly stable image.

Pull Plugs from Rolls Safely
Rolpex, Cheshire, UK; +44 (0) 161 449 7707;
The Plug Puller removes core plugs from paper rolls, reportedly reducing injuries that can be caused by removing the plugs by hand. It also allows core plugs to be tighter, which gives the roll a better chance of arriving at the customer’s facility undamaged and perfectly round. Product is said to be easy to maneuver and control and can accommodate two plugs from both sides of the paper roll within its body.

DOD Inkjet Engine Offered
Aellora Digital, Keene, NH; 603/357-1715;
The SureFire 65 digital print engine for piezo drop-on-demand inkjet printing will jet solventless, hybrid UV-curable white or color inks, including process and spot colors. Prints high-resolution images on a wide variety of materials. Can be configured for mono- or multicolor printing and can be integrated easily to handle small- and large-format applications, company says.

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