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Remote Activation Available with Static Neutralizers
Ion Systems Industrial
, Windsor Locks, CT; 888/310-3334; ion.com/industrial
The 8004 control module and 8011 high-voltage power supply are enhancements to the Virtual AC line of static neutralizers. The 8004 module allows remote activation of the system's static neutralizing bars without turning off the monitoring circuitry. The 8011 power supply can be used with standard or computer interface to turn bars on or off via a main operating control panel or remote computer. Static neutralizers control static charges on webs running 2,500 fpm and faster, mfr. reports.

Find Defects and Track Waste
, York, PA; ph: 717/843-3183
The Vigitek 100% defect inspection system allows detection of all common printing defects, co. says, and reportedly provides unique waste-tracking mechanisms and an automated user interface.

Corrugated Thermoformers Produce Strong Packages
Gralex Inc.
, Lewis Center, OH; 614/436-6634
TP Series corrugated thermoformers produce food trays plus a variety of commercial, industrial, and medical packages and other specialty packaging containers at speeds to 100 packages/min, depending upon size. Containers are said to exhibit strong and rigid properties and to have outstanding insulating capabilities. Co. reports product offers blank-fed operation for low capital cost; runs one or two dies wide; and features adjustable dwell and stroke for maximum flexibility and adjustable forming force for optimum quality.

Tachometer Is Laser-Based for Accuracy
Pioneer Electric and Research
, Wood Dale, IL; 630/860-7788
The Model PLT-5000 Pocket-Laser Tech can be used for contact and noncontact measuring. The laser beam provides accurate aiming and measurement up to 60 in. from the target, mfr. says. Provides up to 14 memories and allows single-button selection of RPM; velocity in meters/minute, feet/minute, yards/minute, inches/minute; and length in meters, yards, or feet.

Specialty Starch Improves Performance, Lowers Cost
National Starch & Chemical Co.
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Novalon specialty starch is formulated to provide higher performance at lower cost and to allow corrugated machines to operate at increased speeds. Mfr. reports use of starch results in fewer box failures in the field when compared with conventional corrugating starches.

Helical Speed Reducers Are Sturdy
Baldor Electric Co.
, Fort Smith, AR; 501/646-4711
The 1000 Series in-line helical speed reducers offer extended performance, long life, and simplified maintenance, co. says. Models include double- and triple-reduction units in flanged or foot-mounted configurations. Choose from a wide range of reduction ratios to suit specific application. Reducers are designed to be functionally interchangeable with equipment from major European mfrs. Six different ratios are available from stock in NEMA C-face input from 56C-210TC.

Rotary System Is Fast and Easy to Use
Tools & Production
, Temple City, CA; 626/286-0213
Complete rotary system for punching, die-cutting, and/or slitting is said to allow high-speed converting and easy operation. System offers speeds to 1,000 fpm; removable modular punch unit or die module; vacuum removal of waste; and air-operated unwinds/rewinds and nip rollers.

Gearless Press Reduces Downtime
Kidder Inc.
, Agawam, MA; 413/786-8692.
Arcus GT ten-color gearless press is said to combine Siemen's electronic gear technology with co.'s unique transmission system. Cantilevered station design with easy-access platforms reportedly allows convenient accessibility, ease of operation, and reduced downtime. Available in standard widths to 57 in.

Slitter Runs Hot Stamping Foils
Converting Solutions
, Blackburn, Lancs., U.K.; +44 (0) 1254-668856
The DC-300 slitter is designed for hot stamping foil, pigment foil, and thermal transfer foil production. The duplex center wind machine is available in web widths from 600-1,600 mm. The integral shafted unwind has a maximum diameter of 800 mm. Shaftless unwind is an option. Duplex center rewinder has a maximum diameter of 300 mm.

UV Flexo Offers Higher Print Quality
BHS Printing Machinery Corp.
, Baltimore, MD; 410/666-2700
UV flexo printing press is said to offer higher print quality and more brilliant colors using 100% solid inks with no emissions. Also reportedly operates economically despite higher ink costs.

Video Capture Web Breaks
Carotek Inc.
, Matthews, NC; 704/847-4406
Event Capturing System (ECS) reportedly allows operator to capture, review, and archive full-motion, digitized, 256-color video on a Windows-based PC. Designed to capture up to 7.5 min of pre-event and up to 7.5 min of post-event digitized video of randomly occurring manufacturing problems. Features include linear camera synchronization, single-camera playback, automatic file maintenance, and software-controlled camera tuning.

Sheeter Offers Ease of Control
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Touch control terminals, available in both grayscale and color screens, provide a simple method of monitoring and controlling various sheeter functions such as sheet length, decurl control, overlap and delivery options, dust collection system, joggers, and ream marking. Terminals are said to eliminate the need for individual push button/selector switch controls.

Hot Stamper Does Heavy-Duty Work
Brausse Group
, Richmond, B.C., Canada; 604/278-2027
The heavy-duty SBL-1050SEF-HPT automatic foil stamping machine with die-cutting and stripping capability reportedly has a strong frame and better insulation to develop 400 metric tons of pressure (440 US tons) and can heat up to 400 deg C (752 deg F). Handles a large variety of stock and complex combinations of stamping and embossing.

Punch Holes In-Line on Many Machines
Plascon Inc.
, Traverse City, MI; 231/935-1580
High-speed hole punch units can be used in-line with extruders, slitters, printers, bagmakers, and more. They can produce holes from 0.7-100 mm dia on film thicknesses from 0.006-0.800 mm at speeds to 150 mpm. The devices are applicable to agricultural film, fruit and vegetable packaging, or any ventilated bag.

Press Maximizes Foil Usage
Bobst Group
, Roseland, NJ; 888/226-8800; bobstgroup.com
The SP 76-BM Foilmaster Autoplaten press is designed for foil stamping, embossing, and hologram application. Said to offer reliability, high speed, simplified changeover, and cost control by maximizing foil usage.

Defect Detection Reduces Waste
, Norcross, GA; 770/449-7776
The SVS Vision System features advanced line scan CCD smart camera technology. Reportedly can detect defects such as holes, gels, voids, fisheyes, contamination, and streaks in real time during production, automatically archiving and printing the images to the hard drive, disk, or network.

Folder/Gluer Is Compact and Versatile
Universal Equipment Co.
, Terrell, TX; 972/524-7444; 800/625-8315
F/G Series folder/gluer is said to offer independent upper carriers for versatility; easy-to-operate controls; adjustable feeder speed ratio; and easy changeover for size and products. Co. reports gluer is compact, self-contained, and available with a wide variety of accessory options. Features AC inverter motor drives.

Mounting Tape Minimizes Dot Gain
Davies Industrial Supplies
, Hertfordshire, England; +44 (0)1 462 678 111
A 60 thou' (1.5-mm) plate mounting tape, developed for printers that mount 67-mm printing plates, is designated 52060. Tape is said to minimize dot gain and provide high print quality when combination screened images and solid areas must be printed alongside each other. Reportedly has good handling and drape; adhesive allows repositioning as well as strength during printing to minimize edge lifting.

Bag Machine Runs Tubestock
Ro•An Industries Corp., Middle Village, NY; 718/821-1115; roan.com
Polystar Model PSB9056 Poly Eagle is a bottom seal bag machine that runs tubestock. Machine features a 5-hp AC variable-speed drive motor and AC variable-speed capstan motor. Draw rollers are driven by an industrial indexing servo system. Sealing is done with a nichrome wire sealing system with standby heat feature. Machine offers choice of double or single seals, and cutoff is accomplished by a flying knife system.

Turret Winder Has Variable-Speed AC Motor
Parkinson Technologies
, Woonsocket, RI; 401/762-2100
Two-position turret winder features manual cutover; variable-speed AC indexing motor; two 7.5-hp motors (spindle); and A/B micro logix 1000 PLC. Offers web widths of 40-52 in. and maximum line speed of 125 fpm. Caster-mounted unit has taper tension control; digital footage counter; and lightweight mandrels with air chucks.

Die Station Unit Allows Multiple Use
Telstar Engineering
, Burnsville, MN; 952/890-9440; telstareng.com
Servo-driven Interprint Die Station attachs to carriage of MA4150 rail system to allow for easy job sequencing, mfr. reports. Web travels to and from unit without skipping a print station. Tooling interchanges with the parent machine allowing for multiple use as a die station, laminator, score unit, or hot stamp system. Auto register is available as an option.

Compact Flexo Press Changes Over Easily
Valmet Rotomec SpA, Flexo Div.
, villa di Serio, Italy; +39 (0)35 659 1011; valmetconverting.com
The Flexo EG 400 Series printing press has a compact design said to allow it to facilitate rapid job changeovers through easy access to all eight printing decks. Features include all-digital AC vector drive motors; running speeds to 350 mpm; fully automatic wash-up system with low and efficient use of solvents; and a high-efficiency dryer system. Co. reports reduced machine downtime, increased productivity, and profitability with greatly improved print quality.

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