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Sheeter Option Available
Pemco, Sheboygan, WI; 920/339-2600;
The SHM gripper option offers simultaneous multiple stack removal. Integrating E.C.H. Will’s technology, option handles materials from tissue to light cardstock and can be used on new machines or modified for existing SHM sheeters. Aimed at companies sheeting short-run, large- and small-format stacks requiring fast turnaround, option features include 1-pt stack length adjustment, servo control, and flexible size range.

Sensors Getting Smarter
NDC Infrared Engineering, Irwindale, CA; 626/939-3809;
Company reports every sensor and scanning frame now comes with its own built-in intelligence (TDI/Total Distributed Intelligence) for higher speed and greater measurement accuracy. Intelligence is achieved by a small processing engine called a D-Bric, which is powerful enough to run an entire gauging system on its own.

Bowed Rolls Aid Paper Sheeting
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
Company can incorporate bowed rolls in the carrier system of its paper sheeters to smooth out wrinkles by inducing a spreading or widening action on the moving webs. Said to be especially valuable when running multiple lightweight webs, when a fixed bowed roll is placed before each decurl unit. The roll is designed for the application, with the amount of bow determined by the caliper range and material being sheeted.

Record and Resolve Defects
Erhardt + Leimer, Spartanburg, SC; 864/486-3000;
The Roll:Scheduler:1 allows operator or QC person to see every defect recorded on a printed roll before it is on the finishing machine. Simple mouse click can override, stopping for a defect, an entire class of defects, or an entire area of the web. Scheduler accurately positions remaining defects for resolution by operator.

Resilient Tape for Plates
Tesa Tape, Charlotte, NC; 800/426-2181;
Tape designated 52123 is for mounting printing plates to cylinders and sleeves in digital fine-screen printing. Tape is backed by a newly designed PE foam constructed with a “closed cell” configuration, enabling it to maintain resilience and print quality through long print runs. Reportedly enables printing of the finest dots and allows screen printing with 48 lines/cm or more.

Several Models of Sheeter Offered
Kmec, Barcelona, Spain; 856/671-0403;
The Dreamcut line of sheeters features single, twin (shown), and Maxi models. Efficiency options include cutting to print register and automatic skid discharge. The CS small-format sheeter can sheet finished labels, or strips of labels, directly from the preprinted roll and deliver them in stacks for further processing.

Remove Dried Inks from Rolls
HarperScientific, Charlotte, NC; 866/588-8686;
A new formula for CeramClean II anilox roll cleaner is said to offer more cleaning power, increased fluidity, and slower drying, which provides more scrubbing time per application. Company reports product removes water and dried UV- and solvent-based inks from anilox roll cells without damaging cell structure; removes tough stains on roll face; and cleans gravure and chrome cylinders safely and thoroughly. PFFC-ASAP 461

Sheet Paper and Board
MarquipWardUnited, Green Bay, WI; 920/491-6862;
The SheetWizard sheeter is described as efficient, flexible, and competitively priced. The 65-in. sheeter is designed to run both paper and board and has the ability to provide both short and long cuts from 11–80 in. Utilizes company’s dual rotary knife technology.

Sheeting is Easy
Pinnacle Converting Equipment, Charlotte, NC; 704/376-3855;
The E-Z sheeter is said to be economical, productive, simple, and safe. Automatic operation is available for widths of 38–200 in. Features include drop-in unwind shafts; simple tension controls; and score or shear cross-cut and razor, score, or shear slitting. Standard accuracy is ±1/32 in. over 36-in. feed. Optional upgrades are available.

Pallet Streamlines Operations
Jeco Plastic Products, Plainfield, IN; 317/839-4943;
The Dual Entry Pallet can be approached by a forklift operator from any side, so it does not have to be turned between the printing press and the laminator in continuous feed operations. This feature streamlines operations, saves time, and reduces handling damage.

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