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Light Impressions, Surrey, UK; +44 (0)1372 386677; www.lightimpressions.com

HiMax OVD hologram is for the protection of products such as banknotes and high-level security documents. Can incorporate “Top Hat” grating structures, image areas offering high luminosity for maximum brightness in diffuse lighting conditions. Company can provide color-locked images — areas of the image that display an exact alignment of adjacent color pixels with no overlapping of colors or misalignment of borders, even at the highest levels of optical magnification.

Wine Labels Save Trees

Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America Div., Painesville, OH; 440/358-4943; www.fasson.com

Tree-Free facestock for wine labels is said to be eco-friendly. Made from a combination of bamboo pulp, ditch reed, and cotton linters, stock reportedly appears whiter and smoother than other pulp-free products and is said to provide a printed appearance ideal for wine. Matched with company's S100R adhesive, label can be removed by consumer or recycler after being immersed in water hotter than 100 deg F.

Brake has a Low Profile

Dover Flexo Electronics, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; www.dfe.com

Model 1D6D single-disk pneumatic brake for low-torque applications is designed for use in unwind tensioning on web processing machinery including bag machines and narrow web and label presses. Brake is said to mount easily and is capable of working in high- and low-speed unwind applications in a torque range from 1-800 lb-in. Low profile and compact 6-in. dia make brake ideal for mounting on shafts with installation space constraints, company says.

“Mini” UV Power Supply System

GEW, Surrey, UK; +44 (0) 1737 824500; www.gewuv.com

Company has added a 3.6-kW power supply to its range of UV curing systems. Designed to offer narrow web printers an alternative to the larger 9-kW version, the e-System mini electronic model is designed for presses with print widths to 10 in. Said to be ultra-compact, lightweight, and stackable, model features patented, fully focused reflector for high-intensity curing and VCP lamphead. Optional IR cassettes can be supplied for interchange when running conventional inks on in-line presses without having to re-web the press.

Inkjet Printer for Short Runs

Primera Technology, Plymouth, MN; 800/797-2772; www.primera.com

The LX810 color label printer prints full-color photos, graphics, text, and high quality bar codes for short runs of product and box labels. The inkjet-based model prints at 4,800 dpi resolution, and labels are said to be scratch- and smudge-resistant as well as virtually waterproof. Substrates include semi- and high-gloss materials that are highly water-resistant. Label sizes are from 0.75 in. wide and 0.75 in. long to 8 in. wide and 24 in. long. Company says printer is easy to set up and operate.

Dispense Ink with Accuracy

Stork Prints, Brummen, Netherlands; +31 485 599 296; www.stork.com

Colorsat Match gravimetric ink dispensing system is said to enable users of relatively low ink volumes to deliver spot-on color accuracy, keep waste to a minimum, and reduce ink formulation times. Has a dispensing range to 10 kg and the capacity to mix inks from 12-20 components. Suitable for dispensing UV-curing and water-based flexo, screen, and gravure inks with viscosity to 2,500 mPas (2,500 cP).

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