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Holding Co. Acquires Mark Andy

ST. LOUIS, MO — Mark Andy has been acquired by Morgenthaler Partners and Mark Andy management. Morgenthaler Partners is a financial business holding company based in Cleveland, OH, and Boston, MA. The transaction was completed on September 15.

Mark Andy CEO Paul Brauss says of the acquisition, “…Our strong position has attracted a solid financial supporter and partner. We look forward to continued growth supported by our new ownership.”

Led by Mark Andy management, the transition of ownership reportedly will be transparent to the industry and Mark Andy customers.

The management team structure in place now will continue, including Brauss as CEO; Mike Howard, VP finance & CFO; John Howard, VP engineering; Bill Thompson, VP manufacturing.; Greg Palm, VP sales and marketing; and Adam Baer, VP customer support.

Digital Print Study is Coming

BOSTON, MA — State Street Consultants and John M. Hamm and Assoc., Annapolis, MD, have conducted a new Print Industries Market Information and Research Organization (PRIMIR) study entitled Digital Printing Outlook in a Production Environment. The study is expected to be completed this fall.

Included will be detailed, quantitative data on the installed base and forecasts for future adoption of digital printing equipment and substrate usage. The analysis offers breakdowns by machine speed and technology as well as by market segment, with forecasts for 2006 and 2011.

The study also will feature qualitative analysis of trends in the adoption of digital printing, along with barriers and drivers for adoption and how these trends will impact the marketplace.

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RFID Acquisition Announced

CAMBRIDGE, UK — Domino Printing Sciences has acquired Enterprise Information Systems (EIS), Dallas, TX, a specialist in automatic identification and data capture systems.

Specializing in the deployment of RFID technology integration to provide traceability solutions throughout the supply chain, EIS will continue to operate from its base in Dallas under the EIS brand name as a Domino Company within the Integrated Solutions Group.

Simon King, director of the Integrated Solutions Group, says, “We fully support EIS's development and commercial strategies as well as its partnership with existing and complementary technology providers. It is our intention to build upon this best practice to the benefit of Domino's broader activities within both the US and the rest of the world.”

Opening up Opportunities

LODI, NJ — UVitec Printing Ink is partnering with Flexsolutions, Marlton, NJ, a distributor of printing plates and other products for the narrow web printing industry.

Flexsolutions, a privately owned company headed by William Mulligan, will focus mainly on introducing UVitec products to its customers and opening up new opportunities for both companies.

Andrew Dakos, president of UVitec, says, “With escalating prices of virtually all of the consumables used in the printing industry, customers are forced to look into new areas to both increase efficiency and bring costs down. …we see this partnership as our ‘response’ to the many changes that have affected our industry in the past year or two.”

Partnership Aids Environment

CROYDON, PA — Gilbreth Packaging reports a partnership with Plastic Suppliers, Columbus, OH, to develop corn-based polylactic acid (PLA) shrink labels as an alternative to oil-based films.

These shrink sleeves and tamper bands made from Earthfirst PLA are said to offer a plentiful, renewable, sustainable resource.

Adds Theresa Sykes, Gilbert's new product manager, “Because PLA is derived from a natural, renewable resource [corn], availability and pricing should be more predictable than [with] materials derived from oil.”

Sykes also says the labels and bands produced from Earthfirst PLA “perform as well or better than [those made from] currently available materials.”

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