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LABELEXPO new product digest

Synthetic Media is Durable

Applied Extrusion Technologies, New Castle, DE; 800/688-2044; www.aetfilms.com

SynCarta synthetic media for durable and water-resistant tags and labels reportedly offers photo quality printing. Versatile media is available in configurations to match flexo, offset, indigo, and inkjet printing processes. Said to offer excellent ink adhesion and printer-friendly performance. Visit booth 1030.

Enhanced Inspection

Fife Corp., Oklahoma City, OK; 800/639-3433; www.fife.com

Enhancements to the InPrint video web inspection system are said to help operators identify printing errors quickly while the press is running. Updates include an increased field of view; reduced glare when viewing reflective materials; and additional software features for advanced color comparison. Visit booth 829.

Workflow is Upgraded

RIPit Computer Corp., Citrus Hts., CA; 888/947-4748; www.ripit.com

OpenRIP Flexo 5.0 is said to deliver a new level of workflow automation with a wide range of features and performance enhancements designed to increase prepress production and accuracy. Company says this version makes it easy to handle complex digital files and output to multiple devices. Visit booth 6326.

Control Tension With Dancer

MAGPOWR, Oklahoma City, OK; 800/624-7697; www.magpowr.com

An updated Spyder tension control system now has dancer control capability. Includes a simple LCD readout and user-friendly keypad. Simple tuning, adjustable taper tension, and security lockout provide precise control over web tension without constant attention or special training, company reports. Visit booth 829.

Gain Control Over Printing

Stork Prints, Boxmeer, The Netherlands; +31 (0) 485 59 92 96; www.storkprints.com

The Helios 6010 is called a single solution for narrow web flexo, rotary screen, and letterpress printing. Said to allow small and middle-sized printing companies to gain total control over the printing process with maximum flexibility. Visit booth 529.

UV-Cure a Variety Of Materials

GEW, Surrey, UK; +44 (0) 1737 824 500; www.gewuv.com

The ISO-cure concept of UV curing features a fully water-cooled reflector profile for processing a variety of substrates on presses in the mid- and wide web range from 18-57 in. Includes the energy-saving, e-brick electronic power supply and new lamp reflector design with an all-electric shutter operation for maximum performance and cure efficiency. Available options include an inert gas atmosphere curing system; UV monitoring on-line or through a docking station with hand-held monitor; and a dedicated refrigeration system. Visit booth 3505.

Booklet Specifies Foils

Western Decorating Technologies, Riverside, CA; 951/687-8800; www.westerndecorating.com

Company offers the Foil Specifier, a booklet that provides colors as well as descriptions and substrates with which foils can be used. Includes both matte and gloss. Visit booth 6039.

Batch-Cut Cores

Appleton Mfg. Div., Neenah, WI; 800/531-2002; www.appletonmfg.com

The A301 automatic core cutter is designed for users who want to batch-cut cores. Automatic core advance-to-target frees operator for cut core handling. Cutter benefits are said to include easy and quiet operation, less downtime, expandability, and energy savings. Visit booth 3901.

System Powers Treaters

Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; www.enerconind.com

A new Compak 2000 surface treating power supply features an advanced graphic display interface. System reportedly simplifies installation and operation by integrating many functions such as watt density control and station diagnostics with standard operations into a single operator interface. New interface also offers data logging and supports multiple languages. Visit booth 403.

Press Adds Productivity System

Mark Andy, Chesterfield, MO; 636/532-4433; www.markandy.com

Company reports the 2200 press is renovated and updated to cover a range of option packages. The adaptation of the RedHawk productivity system from Operon Systems allows a converter to maximize throughput by monitoring all production processes to drive productivity on any level of the machine. Visit booth 319.

Shafts Save Time

Tidland Corp., Camas, WA; 800/426-1000; www.tidland.com

Equalizer differential shafts offer features to eliminate dust or reduce set-up time. Model D4 offers precise control of tension as low as 0.15 PLI, allowing converters to run ultra-thin films. Two-row, 12-ball, torque-activated design ensures equalized tension across any combination of roll widths. Visit booth 829.

Strong, Stable Films

Green Bay Packaging, Green Bay, WI; 920/337-1798; www.gbp.com

FlexiClear and FlexiWhite p-s BOPP label films provide stiffness and conformability, says company. Help maintain print registration and allow high-speed die-cutting and stripping. Films are topcoated for superior ink adhesion and can be converted using offset, screen, letterpress, and flexo. Visit booth 911.

Upgrades for Label Press

Gallus, Philadelphia, PA; 215/677-9600; www.gallus.org

Upgrades to the EM 280 label press include servo drive technology for high substrate flexibility; chambered doctor blade systems; and a hot-foil saving and hologram insetting device. Visit booth 5901.

Charging Generator is Small

MKS, Ion Industrial, Windsor Locks, CT; 888/310-3334; www.ion.com.industrial

The 7020 charging generator weighs just over 2 lbs, small enough to mount on a robot arm. Solid state generators offer choice of constant current or constant voltage operation. Charging bars fit easily on the end-of-arm tool. Visit booth 6120.

Get Enhanced Color

Artwork Systems, Bristol, PA; 215/826-4500; www.artwork-systems.com

Nexus 8.3 workflow solution supports export of native PDF files for Adobe Illustrator and implements a new JDF-based step-and-repeat mechanism for PDF files. Said to offer enhanced color mapping and broader functionality. Visit booth 5213.

Bright Digital Paper

Stora Enso, Stevens Point, WI; 715/345-8060; www.storaenso.com

OptiLabel Digital label paper is certified for use on the HP Indigo ws4050 press. Paper is offered in 58.5# basis weight and is said to feature a smooth, semi-gloss finish, premium brightness, and an enhanced blue-white shade. Visit booth 5613.

Low-Heat UV Curing

Prime UV Systems, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100; www.primeuv.com

The S-2100 MiniScan 3C incorporates high-efficient, low-heat UV curing technology with company's 2100 control platform. Said to provide the highest speed cool cure and to install easily on all new and existing narrow web label presses and converting lines. Offers on-screen diagnostics and remote diagnostic capabilities. Visit booth 3701.

Embossing Guide Offered

Trinity Graphic USA, Sarasota, FL; 941/355-2636; www.trinitygraphic.com

Company offers a photopolymer embossing pattern selection guide. This will enable printers to choose specific embossing patterns that apply a surface pattern onto a label normally used on wine labels. Visit booth 1557.

Flexo Press is Intelligent

Comco, Milford, OH; 513/248-1600; www.markandy.com

The C2 Series flexo press offers the I-Drive (Intelligent Drive System), which brings together servo technology and advanced controls for precision print management and simplified operations, says company. Running speeds are more than 1,000 fpm. Also features a smooth operating sleeve system and “plug-n-play” technology. Visit booth 319.

Doctor Blades Replace Steel

Flexo Concepts, Plymouth, MA; 508/830-9506; www.flexoconcepts.com

TruPoint Ultraflex doctor blades are engineered from thin-weave fiberglass composite material said to provide the same level of stiffness as steel while increasing blade life to 4x. Designed as an alternative to steel for applications in the narrow web and offset tower coating markets. Visit booth 1346.

Software is Revamped

Tailored Solutions, Milwaukee, WI; 414/774-9997; www.tailored.com

Version 5.0 of Label Traxx software incorporates the latest version of the 4th Dimension database on which the program is based. Includes a totally revamped user interface, enhanced order entry workflow, and enhanced connectivity to various digital printing presses. Runs native under Macintosh OS X and Microsoft XP Pro operating systems. Visit booth 6023.

Waterless Press has Options

Codimag, Bondoufle Cedex, France; +33 1 60 86 40 75; www.codimag.fr

The Viva 340 waterless press combines offset technology with hot stamping and screen printing. Press is based on intermittent-feed drive system, and printers can manage any repeat lengths without changing cylinders, company says. Visit booth 3325.

Zone Coating Added

Rayven, St. Paul, MN; 800/878-3776; www.rayven.com

Company expanded its line to include custom zone coating using a precise slot die coating system to apply coatings or PSAs in zones (stripes) down the web. Applications for this configuration include labels, adhesive edge tags, and tapes with uncoated edges. Visit booth 2036.

Track Materials and More

DiMS!, Lisle, IL; 630/649-7454; www.dims.net

Software designated 700 features extended functionality of company's Today workflow page. Advanced Production Tracking tool provides complete tracking of all production materials, and its tight integration with scheduling enables real-time visibility of job status, time usage, and inventory. Visit booth 3535.

Proof for Defects

PC Industries, Gurnee, IL; 847/336-3300; www.pcindustries.com

The Viper off-line scanner PDF proofing system and the RX Series digital print detection systems are said to be affordable and to provide 100% print defect detection when installed on presses or inspection rewinders. Features include 21CFR Part11 compliance; audit trail documentation; 2D bar code reading; OCV sequential number checking; and color monitoring. Visit booth 1411.

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