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BOPP Film Offered as Paper Replacement
ExxonMobil Chemical, Macedon, NY; 800/334-7987;
Label-Lyte 85 LP-200M BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film is designed to replace metallized paper in water-based, cold-glue, and stack patch labeling applications. Said to be the first film of its kind to run on most existing paper labeling equipment without modifications to machinery or adhesive. Co. says product brings the marketing and mfg. benefits of film to beer, wine, spirits, food, and household chemical marketers. Said to provide excellent converting performance, including printing, sheeting, guillotine cutting, and label transfer on magazine-fed labelers and Krones Topmatic labeling equipment.

Copolymers Improve Product Packaging
DuPont, Wilmington, DE; 302/992-6678;
Elvaloy AC ethylene copolymers are a new family of universal polymer modifiers for polyolefins, polyesters, and engineering plastics. Said to offer many different options for increasing the impact strength of packaging resins or making blend components compatible. In most cases, co. says, small additions are sufficient to achieve the desired effect, so the basic properties of the main polymer virtually remain unchanged.

Two Products Have Easy-Open Features
P P Payne, Nottingham, U.K.; +44 (0) 115 975 9000;
VaktapePlus is an enhanced version of co.'s tear tape for the easy opening of hermetically sealed fresh products such as cheese, fish, and cooked meats. Rippa-tape80 is described as a strong, versatile tape designed for the easy opening of document mailers and fiberboard cartons such as detergent boxes.

Release Agent Is Water Based
Hitac Adhesives & Coatings Inc., Venice, CA; 310/578-5783;

Water-based release agent RA-12 is described as an economical, second-generation urethane (patents pending) for PSA tapes. It is solventless, containing no NMP, and is effective for providing moderate release with high-tack and high-adhesion adhesives based on block copolymers, such as those used in PP-backed packaging tapes, filament tapes, and diaper tapes. Also said to be effective with natural rubber and SBR-based adhesives used in masking tapes, solvent-based acrylic, and selected water-based acrylic adhesives.

Film Packaging Suited for Tough Products
KNF Clean Room Products Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY; 631/777-2532;
Ultraclean Film packaging is offered in a variety of materials for a wide range of industries. Kenylon brand nylon products are said to be strong, tough, and abrasive-resistant and to be an ideal choice for clean packaging applications, especially for products with sharp or protruding parts. Films are moisture-permeable and resistant to flex crack, tears, and punctures.

High-Gloss Varnish Is Hot-Stampable
Rad-Cure Corp., Fairfield, NJ; 973/808-1002;
Rad-Kote 860EM is co.'s most recent addition to its line of UV hot-stampable varnishes. Recommended for use on folding cartons, labels, greeting cards, postcards, decals, and more. Product is glueable and cures rapidly to a smooth, high-gloss coating with a clean, bright appearance, co. reports. Also said to show good flexibility and resistance to cracking and rub, scuffs, and abrasions.

Blister Card Packaging Board Offers Many Benefits
International Paper, Memphis, TN; 888/815-4837;
Everest Seal-Pak is a patented, extrusion-coated paperboard designed for fold-over, heat-seal blister card applications. Seals to all blister materials typically used in the industry, including PVC, PVDC, PETG, and Aclar. Said to provide superior printability, runnability, and processability, as well as increased throughput during the converting operation.

Starch Suited for Corrugated Converters
National Starch and Chemical Co., Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992;
Corralon starch was developed for corrugated board producers that want to manufacture high quality product while minimizing costs, co. reports. Combination of high performance from high amylose hybrid starch and low cost is said to make starch a possible replacement for corn starch and simple modified corn starch used as carriers.

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