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Servomotor Ships Quickly

Cleveland Motion Controls, Cleveland, OH; 216/524-8800; www.cmccontrols.com

Company announces a quick-ship program for the MDM-5000 high-energy brushless servomotor, reducing product lead times from weeks to a few days. Said to offer the highest available torque density in a platform that is customized easily to fit any application. Offers multiple voltage capabilities and can be used with most manufacturers' amplifiers and controllers.

Shaft Collars Easy to Handle

Stafford Mfg. Corp., North Reading, MA; 800/695-5551; www.staffordmfg.com

Hinged shaft collars are suited for applications requiring frequent assembly and disassembly in tight spaces. Collars feature a triple-link hinge and a captive clamping screw to eliminate fumbling and lost screws. Said to provide the same holding power as standard two-piece collars.

Capture Trim and Repellitize

Precision AirConvey, Newark, DE; 302/ 999-8000; www.precisionairconvey.com

Due to a joint venture agreement, company now offers Plasmac repellitizing extruders in North America. Product enables plastic film processors to capture trim and roll scrap, convert it to pellets, and re-introduce it into the extrusion process. Throughputs are to 1,000 lb/hr with options for cutting, densifying, and automating the process.

Many Types of Taggants

Microtrace, Minneapolis, MN; 763/784-9725; www.microtracesolutions.com

Company offers multiple taggant technologies, including nanotechnology materials, in a single delivery format. In addition to the standard microtaggant, other types include energy-sensitive format; high-temperature format stable at 430 deg C for extended exposures; and bio-compatible format that meets ISO-10993 standards.

Accurate Heating/Cooling Roll

Tokuden, Norcross, GA; 770/449-3625; www.tokuden.com

Heating/cooling roll for coating, calendering, and laminating applications has mechanical accuracy of 1 µm. Jacket chambers contain a vacuum-sealed thermal medium that results in a uniform surface temperature of ±0.1 deg C when used in conjunction with company's heating/chilling units. Temperature sensor embedded just below roll surface allows immediate and precise detection of the roll surface temperature, company reports.

Gauge Thickness Digitally

Agr Intl., Butler, PA; 724/482-2163; www.agrintl.com

The MBT7200 and MBT7400 thickness gauges incorporate advanced digital signal processing along with other features to provide what is said to be high-accuracy thickness measurement. Portable devices feature two sensors and a variety of ball sizes to cover thickness ranges from 0-10 mm.

Mounting Tape Sets Up Fast

3M, St. Paul, MN; 800/257-0646; www.3m.com/flexo

EH-Series adhesive offering higher plate-side adhesion for flexo printing holds the edge on cylinder diameters as small as 2 in. Said to maintain tight contact between tape and plate. Setup is fast with smooth surfaces for cleaner print quality and high productivity, company says. Available in a choice of constructions for solids or halftones, or combination solids and dots.

Improve Core Gluing

Spraymation, Fort Lauderdale, FL; 800/327-4985; www.spraymation.com

High-volume, stainless slot coating application head replaces pot and roller in the direct application of cold liquid adhesive to paper core material for the core winding/bonding process for single- and double-ply cores. Produces a uniform ribbon of adhesive directly on the corestock. When core is wound, adhesive spreads out and forms a perfect bond with no squeeze-out.

Synthetic Paper Dries Quickly

Yupo Corp. America, Chesapeake, VA; 888/use-yupo; www.yupo.com

Accel premium synthetic paper allows a reduction of drying time up to 80% compared to previous offerings. Company says material demonstrates improved gloss and stiffness and is ultra-white, super smooth, durable, resistant to chemicals and stains, 100% waterproof, and recyclable.

Nanoparticles for Inkjet Printing

Xaar, Cambridge, UK; +44 (0) 1223 437225; xaar.co.uk

An off-the-shelf solution for silver nanoparticle inkjet printing for the electronics industry combines company's piezoelectric inkjet technology with iTi's XY Materials Deposition System and Cima NanoTech's proprietary nanomaterial ink technologies. Technology is said to save time and money over traditional methods.

Bond Very Thin Films

Stapla Ultrasonics Corp., Wilmington, MA; 978/658-9400; www.staplaultrasonics.com

Ultrasonic seam weld process is capable of bonding thermoplastic films less than 0.006 in. thick. Process can be run in a continuous mode at speeds to 50 fpm. Suited for splicing of rolls of material and forming thermoplastic tubes from thin-film flat stock. Can be adapted for metal films or foils.

Gearless Press in Smaller Version

Fischer & Krecke, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-9465; www.fischer-krecke.de

The Flexpress 6S is a smaller addition to the mid- and wide web Flexpress Series of gearless, sleeve-based, servo-driven CI flexo presses. Features a modular design, quick changeovers, and production speeds to 1,300 fpm. Between-color dyers reportedly ensure even airflow over the working widths with minimum frictional loss and easy access for maintenance.

Nylon Material Stops Noise

FLEXcon, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; www.flexcon.com

FLEXmark Flock Nylon is a p-s material for sound-dampening that is used in automotive manufacturing. Can be die-cut by fabricators into specific shapes and affixed by manufacturers between two plastic parts/components to silence friction-based squeaks and rattles. Material, which is coated with a 4.0-mil-thick, high-performance acrylic adhesive and backed with a 2.0-mil clear polyester release liner, is said to be “converting-friendly.”

Laminate is Clear, Resistant

ITW Richmond Technology, Houston, TX; 713/996-4260; www.richmond-technology.com

Compos-a-vac 40 (CAV-40) film laminate combines clear transparency for visibility of protected contents with low MVTR. Material is 3.2 mil thick. Reported features include high clarity; high resistance to puncture and tear; good sealability; and an outer layer that displays printed graphics well. Well suited for transport and/or storage of sensitive products.

Restore Anilox Cell Volume

Max Daetwyler Corp., Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; www.daetwyler.com

MDC1 ultrasonic ink dissolver/cleaner is for use on anilox rollers, gravure cylinders, presses, ink pans, and other press parts. Will remove camouflage and restore maximum cell volume. Handles water- and solvent-based inks, UV inks, varnishes, and other coatings.

Get Profibus Connectivity

Biode, Westbrook, ME; 207/856-6977; www.biode.com

In-line, real-time viscosity and temperature measurements can be acquired by Profibus control systems using ViscProfi connectivity modules. Offered in two versions: One supports up to four ViSmart viscosity sensors, and one supports eight. Designed for challenging operating environments.

Powering UV Lamps

Honle UV America, Marlboro, MA; 508/229-7774; www.honleuv.com

Electronic Power Supply (EPS) for UV lamps is available from 2-7.2 kW when used as a single unit and to 12 kW when used in a cascade combination of two units. Said to be ideal for doped lamps with an arc length to 500 mm and mercury lamps to 680 mm.

Chuck Offers Safety Features

Converter Accessory Corp., Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413; www.handleyourweb.com

The ShaftLock safe operation shaft holder for unwind and rewind rolls has been upgraded for heavier duty and more durability. Safety chuck has no pinch points, offering a high level of worker safety. Opens only in the up position and allows a safe, easy unload operation. Available in several models to handle loads and roll weights to 5,000 lbs.

Metallic Ink Easy to Use

Eckart America, Painesville, OH; 800/556-1111; www.eckart.net

Rotostar Aqua FP 06 water-based metallic ink combines what company says is state-of-the-art pigment technology with proprietary resin chemistry and defoaming additives. Combination is said to offer a high level of brilliance, opacity, and ease of use.

Material Handling Software

FKI Logistex North America, St. Louis, MO; 877/935.4564; www.fkilogistex.com

Boss PC-based material handling control system software features multiple processor capabilities and support for a variety of I/O platforms. Combines productivity monitoring tools, machine control, data collection, system diagnostics, and a built-in networked graphical Human Machine Interface.

Splicing System is Flexible

Martin Automatic, Rockford, IL; 815/654-4800; www.martinauto.com

The MAS Series splicing system can be configured with many different splicing and roll loading features. Features in-aisle roll loading; in-aisle splice preparation; automatic roll centering; motorized sidelay; and more. Many options offered.

Printhead Controller Offered

Matthews Marking Products, Pittsburgh, PA; 412/665-2500; www.matthewsmarking.com

The SX32 inkjet printhead controller for company's drop-on-demand (DOD) technology printheads may be used with a wide range of enhanced valve or traditional DOD printheads to produce high quality graphics, logos, and date codes from 0.09-5 in. high on porous and nonporous substrates.

Save Money on Ink

Nireco America Corp., Port Jervis, NY; 877/729-6657; www.nirecoam.com

The ICM 1000 on-line color monitoring system is said to allow press operators to reduce ink viscosity and ensure color is correct through entire run. A built-in color camera monitors web constantly. Operator is notified automatically if color exceeds set limits, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Easy Testing with Software

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Middleboro, MA; 800/628-8139; www.brookfieldengineering.com

Rheocalc 3.0 software is for use with DV-II+Pro viscometers and DV-III Ultra rheometers. Software features Test Wizards said to allow users to set up their ideal testing program easily and quickly. Tests include time to stop, time to torque, ramp, temperature profile, curing, and Thix index.

Software Aids Bagmaking

Plastisoft Corp., Toronto, ON, Canada; 416/667-9292; www.plastisoft.com

An in-line processing environment designed to provide full automation to bagmaking is now part of Tori-Flex software. Allows operator to post in-line jobs and schedule other machines as attachments. Eliminates the need to move rolls of film between machines physically; treats multiple machines in each chain as one.

Inkjet Printer for Large Formats

Durst Image Technology, Rochester, NY; 585/486-0340; www.durstus.com

The Rhopac large-format, flatbed UV inkjet printer features company's Quadro Array printhead technology and is equipped with auto-adjust left- and right-side board guides for the reliable transport of corrugated sheets and other package materials. Includes an in-line board cleaning unit, an auto-sheet loading and unloading unit, and a special vacuum and cover system.

Drive has 4 Operation Modes

AC Technology, a member of the Lenze Group, Uxbridge, MA; 800/217-9100; www.actech.com

The SMVector Drive is suited for material handling/conveying systems, among others. Features four modes of operation; high starting torque; auto-tuning; advanced low-speed control; and dynamic speed regulation. Allows customer to program multiple drives in seconds.

Module Aids Microscope

Asylum Research, Santa Barbara, CA; 805/696-6466; www.asylumresearch.com

The NanoIndenter module for use with company's MFP-3D Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) drives the nano-indenting tip perpendicular to the sample. Tip displacement and force are measured with the MFP-3D AFM's optical detector and the patent-pending NPS Nanopositioning sensors. This is said to allow repeatable imaging, quantitative feature measurement, reliable and accurate imaging offsets, quantitative force curves, and precise positioning for manipulation and lithography.

Accessory for Static Control

Simco Industrial Static Control, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401; www.simco-static.com

The Junction Box is for use with the Blue Bar HL and PerforMAX 3 HL static neutralization systems. Provides an intermediate connection point for hazardous location installations. Allows quick disconnect capability for equipment service or replacement without having to remove the entire electrical wire/conduit installation.

Measure, Control Web Gauge

EGS Gauging, Wilmington, MA; 978/663-2300; www.egsgauging.com

EPlus! is company's latest version of its E Measurement and Control Platform for the continuous web gauging market. Now includes economical autoprofile control and roll coating control. Offers the latest standards-based electronics and networking features.

System Aids Cut Quality

Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; www.maxsonautomatic.com

Doctor board system is said to improve cut quality and increase speed on stationary bed knife rotary cutters. Guides the web through the cutting point of the sheeter. The board positioned before the knife is adjustable, permitting the approach angle of the web to be varied. This eliminates “beading” along the cut edge of low-density board, improving quality on conventional sheeters.

PE Additive Adds Clarity

Milliken Chemical, Spartanburg, SC; 864/503-2200; www.millikenchemical.com

Company says Hyperform HPN-20E additive provides unique nucleation of PE, improving its clarity while retaining or enhancing its physical properties, increasing processing throughput, and reducing costs. Designed for extrusion applications, additive reportedly can be used to nucleate LLDPE resins and create a more efficient, easily handled alternative to blended LDPE and LLDPE.

Dry, Crystallize PET Resin

Novatec, Baltimore, MD; 410/789-4811; www.novatec.com

An IR system for PET resin combines drying and crystallizing in one continuous operation, reportedly helping reduce the cost and complexity of preparing virgin resin and regrind for production. Said to offer greater productivity and versatility as well as lower maintenance.

Treater Sleeves Last Long

Jemmco, Mequon, WI; 262/512-9559; www.jemmco.com

Silicone treater sleeves are formulated to provide excellent electrical, thermal, and chemical resistance. Company says long-lasting, high quality corona treater roll coverings are easy to install in-plant and do not require any spare roller cores.

Coatings are Tough

Tekra Corp., New Berlin, WI; 262/797-3214; www.tekra.com

Terrapin G Nano-Hardcoats are said to offer surface durability while retaining substrate flexibility and optical clarity. Also improve abrasion resistance, company adds. Qualities are achieved through nanotechnology. Terrapin G in polyester is offered in web widths to 60 in. and in PC in web widths to 48 in. Both are available in many thicknesses.

Coated Liner Aids Print Speeds

M-Real USA, Norwalk, CT; 203/229 7480; www.m-real.com

Kemiart Ultra coated white top kraft-liner reportedly offers a combination of upgraded graphics quality in flexo postprint and high productivity in all stages of printing and converting processes. Surface allows for a shorter ink drying time than conventional coated liners, company says, so it can handle higher ink volumes and higher printing speeds. User will not have to modify printing inks when moving to this product from an uncoated substrate.

Folding Cartons with Options

BHS Printing Machinery, Hampstead, MD; 410/374-8333; www.bhs-print.com

The Flexline Intro press for folding cartons offers many options said to raise print quality and make changeovers fast. Included are gravure cassettes that enable quick and easy change from flexo to gravure; screen printing decks that can be integrated quickly into the press permanently or can be movable between printing units; hot foil/cold foil; lamination/coating modules; and web platen and rotary die-cutters.

Lab Units are Custom Designed

Retroflex, Wrightstown, WI; 920/532-4850; www.retroflex.com

Custom-designed lab coaters/printers are offered in a variety of configurations. Can be small, cantilevered-type units or wide web systems. Machines can include temperature-controlled doctoring chambers and rolls, drying systems, unwinds, and rewinds.

Hot Melt Units are Flexible

Valco Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH; 513/874-6550; www.shure-glue.com

D-Series hot melt units feature a positive displacement, motor-driven gear pump that offers a continuous, pulse-free output. Can be used with spray, ribbon coating, direct contact, and high-speed jetting adhesive dispensing guns. System performance is said to be optimized by solid-state controls, accurate RTD temperature sensors, and thermostatic temperature control.

Slitter has Safety Features

MGE Worldwide, Essex, UK; +44 (0) 1206 842244; www.mgeworldwide.com

The Alpha III slitter/rewinder, part of company's Webcon range, is designed to rewind materials quickly and consistently at speeds to 800 mpm. Offers many configuration options and includes features for operator safety. Web tension can be set accurately.

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