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Nine-Layer Die has Stability

Battenfeld Gloucester Engineering Co., Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; www.bge.battenfeld.com

The nine-layer Optiflow LP (low profile) die keeps the polymer residence time as short as possible, which combines layers without interfacial instabilities occurring. Company says improved spiral design and seal technology ensure no layer-to-layer contamination, and modified spiral lengths add greater processing flexibility.

Blown Film Line has Power

Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; www.davis-standard.com

Seven-layer blown film system is equipped with advanced extruder, die, air ring, winder, and control technology. Includes seven “Super-Cooled” MAC extruders with an air volume system more powerful than previous models. Connecting the extruders is a 14-in., seven-layer Lo Pro coextrusion die with efficient flow channels, heating, and IBC features.

Die Reduces Melt Volumes

Windmoeller & Hoelscher, Lincoln, RI; 800/854-8702; www.whcorp.com

The Maxicone nine-layer die was designed to minimize both melt volumes and melt residence times. Achieves this through an optimally matched design of the three function areas of a die: melt pre-distribution; uniform melt distribution across the circumference through spiral mandrel distributors; and confluence of the individual melt flows.

Microlayer Technology Offered

Extrusion Dies Industries, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; www.extrusiondies.com

Company offers a flat-die system using “layer multiple” technology developed by and licensed from Dow Chemical Co. System is said to produce films and coatings with an order-of-magnitude greater number of layers than conventional coextrusions, yielding microlayer structures that improve moisture and gas barrier, encapsulate gels and “un-melts,” and enable the economical use of high-cost materials.

Control Extrusion Dies

NDC Infrared Engineering, Irwindale, CA; 626/939-3809; www.ndcinfrared.com

Electronics package controls auto-profile capable extrusion dies. Provides full backward software compatibility with company's previous APC control cabinets, so profile control upgrades can be made to any legacy company system easily. Uses standard Opto-22 electronics with no special modifications.

Coex Die is Streamlined

Brampton Engineering, Brampton, ON, Canada; 905/793-3000; www.be-ca.com

The nine-layer SCD-3 makes it possible to coextrude seven to ten layers of blown film. Streamlined coextrusion die is a stackable, modular system that processes each layer of film at its own ideal temperature. Die passage on the face of the die plate is streamlined to ensure molten polymer does not hang up and/or degrade.

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