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White PE Needs No Topcoat
GE Plastics, Pittsfield, MA; 413/448-6926;
A white grade of Ultem PE film is pigmented for high opacity to ensure bar code labels can be read correctly. Film provides a print contrast ratio of 98% out of 100. Saves the time and expense of applying an opaque topcoat; offers flame retardance; and reportedly provides higher temperature resistance and better dimensional stability than polyvinyl fluoride films.

Hot Melt Products for PET Liners
Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America Div., Painesville, OH; 440/358-4943;
Hot melt products for high-performing PET liners are available in a variety of facestocks/adhesive combinations, including 60# Semi-Gloss Elite facestock with a blue-white shade and smooth print surface and C2500 optimized hot melt adhesive. Said to allow converters to purchase previously unavailable constructions at cost-effective price levels.

Label Papers Suited for Breweries
Stora Enso, Stevens Pt., WI; 715/345-8060;
Paper grade for self-adhesive labeling applications used by breweries is designed for optimal performance in high-speed bottle labeling operations. Company reports product offers a cost-effective, sustainable packaging alternative to film, with exceptional performance, for the one-way bottle segment.

UV System Starts, Stops Instantly
Research Inc., Eden Prairie, MN; 952/941-3300;
The Model 3000 Instant Start UV Curing System is shutter-less and is said to offer true instant on/instant off capability. Compact (4x4-in.) processor profile reportedly makes it ideal for narrow web flexo UV coatings, varnishes, inks, adhesives, or silicon release applications in which space is at a premium. Available in widths to 18 in. and power outputs of 400 or 600 watts/in.

Inkjet Printing at Rewind Speeds
Jetrion, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/641-3062;
The 3025SA narrow web label rewinder with an integrated UV inkjet printing system is an extension of company’s 3000 Series. Utilizes the flagship 3025 inkjet printing system to provide what is said to be a cost-effective, off-line UV inkjet printing solution with the flexibility to print high quality bar codes, text, numbers, and graphics at label rewinder speeds on a wide range of label, tag, ticket, and card substrates.

Link to Customer Warehouse
Tailored Solutions, Milwaukee, WI; 414/774-9997;
A new module of Label Traxx print business management software for the flexographic narrow web label industry enables customers of printers selling stock items to link directly to printers’ warehouses, where software automatically prints picking slip and shipping documentation when customer enters an order. Reportedly, module can handle hundreds of orders/day seamlessly and generates an error log so problems can be viewed quickly.

RFID Label Material Offered
3M Converter Markets, St. Paul, MN; 800/422-8116;
Specialty label materials for passive RFID labels digitally store information such as identity, activity, location, and history. When activated by a reader, the label “broadcasts” to the reader so data can be downloaded into a computer for processing, analysis, and storage.

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