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Laminator has New Features
Nordmeccanica, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-9898;
The Triplex Combi three-ply laminator now features added drying efficiency, electronics upgrades, and improved operator interface. Features an interchangeable coating head technology that allows it to run with any combination of solvent-based, water-based, or solvent-free adhesives.

Resins Suited for Security
Microtrace, Minneapolis, MN; 763/784-9725;
Plastic resins for security needs provide ID, authentication, and security solutions. Compounded plastic resins are created with microtaggant identification particles embedded throughout to act as a virtual fingerprint. The resin is supplied in master batch quantities for letdown at predetermined rates or as a fully compounded resin for immediate processing.

Digital UV Print System Offered
DuPont Color Communication, Wilmington, DE; 302/999-2250;
The Cromaprint 22UV digital printing system comprises an 82-in.-wide UV cure combination flatbed/roll-to-roll production print engine; next-generation, patent-pending, extended-gamut UV-curable ink technology; and company’s new Cromanet CS (color server), which provides RIP, spectral color management, and production workflow tools. Said to offer print job flexibility for many substrates.

Adhesive for Many Combos
ADM Tronics, Northvale, NJ; 201/ 767-6040;
Unex Tri-Mode aqueous adhesive is formulated for greater adhesion to low-surface-energy films. Said to be well suited for lamination combinations of PE/paper, polyester/paper, paper/paper, and paper/foil. Reportedly results in a high degree of wetting and high bond strengths and has proven effective in difficult-to-bond films such as nylon and HDPE.

UV-Curable Resin is Flexible
Drew Industrial, a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical, Covington, KY; 859/815-3333;
Drewrad 150 UV-curable resin provides flexible curing times without the use of photoinitiators. Said to have very low levels of extractable compounds upon UV cure and to provide excellent performance in demanding food packaging applications. Also reportedly offers cure-rate improvements that result in higher line speeds.

Save Solvent Costs
NexGen Enviro Systems, Lindenhurst, NY; 800/842-1630;
Model 90Digit “set-and-forget” system reportedly separates virtually all recoverable solvents economically while it ends haul-away waste costs.System has a 24-gal tank and fits in a 36x43-in. floor space.

Butt Splicer is Automatic
CTC Intl., West Caldwell, NJ; 973/228-2300;
Model C-TAB-62-10 Turretmaster automatic butt splicer is suited for splicing a variety of materials, including filmstocks, tag, label, board, and more. Allows rolls as large as 62 in. dia to be processed easily, company says, and slide-out splice tape applicators allow for in-aisle splice tape preparation. Does not require the use of tape trimmers.

Shaft Collars can be Modified
Stafford Mfg. Corp., North Reading, MA; 800/695-5551;
Line of threaded shaft collars can be modified with special O.D. and face treatments for use as bearing lock nuts, stroke limiters, and in a wide range of position adjustment applications. Collars can be supplied in one- and two-piece designs machined from aluminum, steel, and stainless steel.

Mounting Tape is Acid-Free
Adchem Corp., Riverhead, NY; 631/727-6000;
AdMount Graphic Mounting (GM) adhesive tape systems, designed for wide-format graphics, feature an acid-free, pH-neutral acrylic adhesive. A moisture-resistant, 74# liner provides a smooth finish on the exposed side of the tape, creating a durable permanent bond said to outperform and outlast water-based acrylics.

Laminator is Compact
Soma Engineering, Czech Republic; +42 0 465 350 811;
The Lamiflex E solvent-free laminator features a new, compact design said to be cost-effective and to benefit the environment. It utilizes a two-stand concept compared to three in the original design, and the footprint has been shortened by 67 in. Operating to 1,150 fpm, laminator can process a wide range of substrates.

Detection Design For Sheeter
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
A low-roll-diameter detection design aids operator by slowing a sheeter to a stop automatically when a preset roll diameter is reached at the rollstand. Operator can monitor other aspects of the sheeting process while line is able to stop before a roll expires completely. This protects the sheeter from damage caused by a flailing tail running through the cutter and the associated downtime of rethreading a sheeter rather than splicing the leading edge of the new roll to the end of the old web.

Coat, Laminate Many Materials
Ghezzi & Annoni, Milan, Italy; +39 02-994416.1;
The Master 500 coater/laminator for the production of jumbo rolls of self-adhesive materials reportedly can adhesive-laminate every type of material. Uses hot melt adhesives and features working widths from 1,000–2,150 mm. Working speed is to 55 mpm.

Coated Papers for HP Presses
Finch, Pruyn & Co., Glens Falls, NY; 800/833-9983;
Fine ID premium uncoated digital printing paper is approved for use on HP Indigo digital presses. Offers attributes inherent in company’s premium uncoated text and cover papers plus a proprietary (non-Sapphire) surface treatment said to allow for immediate, superior adhesion of HP Indigo inks.

Cold Foils in 12 Shades
Amagic Foils, Irvine, CA; 215/872-3982;
KOLDfoil cold foils are offered in 12 different shades of silver, gold, blue, red, green, and violet. Available for the cure-tru or conventional cold foil printing process, foils are in stock for immediate delivery.

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