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Dry with High Blowing Force
Exair Corp., Cincinnati, OH; 800/903-9247;
Super Air Nozzle clusters are said to provide very high blowing force suitable for long-distance, wide-area drying, cooling, and blowoff applications. Clusters use a series of company’s Super Air Nozzles for combined blowing power. Engineered nozzles are said to maximize entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise.

Display Real-Time Data
Norcross Corp., Newton, MA;617/969-7020;
The VISC1000 viscosity control system can monitor and control from one to three stations. Features a touchscreen interface that displays process parameters and trend data for each station. Displays set-point, actual viscosity, alarms, and automatic/manual mode for each station. Provides real-time data logging and allows viscosity parameter changes on the fly.

Clean, Treat Many Surfaces
Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070;
Dyna-A-Mite surface treater is said to provide a safe and effective means of cleaning surfaces and raising surface energy to promote the adhering and bonding of a wide variety of materials. Removes grease, oil, oxides, and silicone as a pretreatment. Can be used on both conductive and nonconductive surfaces.

Laminate with High Pressure
Davis-Standard, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010;
Company offers a high-pressure version of its KXP horizontal roll film coating laminating system for more complex applications. The upgraded system, available with three to four rolls, is designed for producing intricate layered structures used in medical products, lithium batteries, and other demanding multi- and monolayer film or thin-sheet applications. Features a high nip pressure option of 800 pli of force between the two primary rolls and includes a high-pressure lamination option for the auxiliary rubber roll with an operating pressure to 200 pli.

Dry with Two Types of Benefits
Faustel, Germantown, WI; 262/253-3333;
The Horizon hybrid drying system features air flotation-style nozzles that draw the web onto the surface of strategically placed web support rollers, reportedly providing the high heat-transfer coefficient typical of flotation drying systems. At the same time, system is said to offer the web control and stability of roll support dryers.

Custom Finishes for Rolls
Webex, Neenah, WI; 800/876-7109;
Fiber rolls feature an extra-thick outer epoxy layer to protect the roll’s strength layers of wound filaments while reportedly providing the ideal surface for custom roll treatments. Surface layer is made from a hardened gauze/epoxy winding formed to thicknesses of 0.0020–0.0050 in. as needed. “Sacrificial layer” allows roll to be machined with grooves or other surface modifications to exacting tolerances.

Die-Cutter Cuts Downtime
MarquipWardUnited, Phillips, WI; 715/ 339-2191;
The Continuous Run System (CRS) 2020 die-cutting system features a dual-die cylinder that provides the ability to execute short-run or continuous-run orders that are not dependent on costly setups, company says. System reportedly improves accuracy and efficiency and provides advanced graphics capabilities, while maintaining speeds to 10,000 feeds/hr. Also said to improve uptime on the machine, increase response times to market shifts, and eliminate warehousing and investments in inventory.

Quality Control For Flexo
Troika Systems, Highworth, Wilts, UK; +44 (0) 1793 766 355;
The FlexoCAM is a quality control instrument for evaluating the flexo plate, film and mask, and the printed sheet. Will measure relief height, dot percentage, and screen rulings and angles on the plate, either flat or on the cylinder. Film, mask, and printed sheets can be measured in similar detail.

Dryer Comes in Two Sizes
JV Imaging Systems, Northborough, MA; 774/827-9056;
The Mekrom HTD 500 dryer is available in two sizes: 36 x 48 in. and 52 x 80 in. Technology allows the plates to dry in 15-30 min.

New 3D Technology Offered
Human Eyes Technologies, Mineola, NY; 800/552-7344;
With 2D and 3D conversion technology, user does not have to separate a 2D picture into layers by tracing edges of objects. New technology is said to permit a more natural-looking, continuous 3D effect not tainted by layering. User marks a few areas of an image according to general placement (foreground, middleground, background), and a highly advanced algorithm intelligently calculates the depth parameters of entire image.

Boats Resist Corrosion
GE, Advanced Materials, Strongsville, OH; 440/878-5740;
VaporStar IMC (intermetallic composite) evaporation boats provide both corrosion resistance and high wettability. Longer boat life means fewer changeovers and more production time, company says, and ease of use and higher operating stability offer the potential for improving metallizing quality and yields.

Electric IR Heat Absorbs Easily
Glenro, Paterson, NJ; 888/453-6761;
Radplane Rapid Response Electric IR Heaters Series 80, 81, 82, and 85 emit IR heat across a broad band of medium and long wavelengths for easy absorption by most products for predrying, drying, curing, preheating, and process heating applications. No ceramic, quartz, or glass faces inhibit the IR heat or retain heat on shutdown. Heaters offer a high conversion efficiency of electrical power input to usable IR heat, saving power costs, says company.

New Control Technology
Black Clawson Converting Machinery-Egan, a div. of Davis-Standard, Fulton, NY; 315/598-7121;
Company offers the Integrator C, a direct replacement for its Egan CMR supervisory control unit. The new single-point control system provides the functionality of the CMR with additional features that include recipe management, historical data trending, and alarms. Also offers a new PLC drives interface, improved temperature controls, and enhanced gauge control based on the age of the existing gauge system.

Combination Dryer for Coatings
Radiant Energy Systems, Hawthorne, NJ; 800/486-7786;
Combination oven is for drying water-based food coating on polyester carrier films. Dryer section is completely insulated and has direct impingement nozzles, top and bottom, and IR heaters top and bottom. A 5-kW air heater is used to supply air temperatures of 220 deg F. Connected load for the IR heaters is 153 kW. Dryer has an effective drying length of 14 ft for a 25-in.-wide web.

New Options for Nip Rolls
Converter Accessory Corp., Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413;
Heating and cooling nip rolls now are offered as options for use in company’s precision air-loaded nip roll assemblies. These options are said to give converters an easy way to increase web temperature control and offer economical solutions to many web temperature issues.

One Die for Multiple Coatings
Extrusion Dies Industries, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201;
Multi-manifold dies for proximity coating of fluids onto web substrates allow converters to use a single die to apply two or more coatings simultaneously. Company says this leads to higher productivity and avoids the oxidation and contamination that coatings undergo between stages.

Zipper Helps Stop Leaks
Fresh-Lock, a Presto Products co., Appleton, WI; 800/265-0750;
Soft-Seal zipper material requires less heat and overall energy for improved seals at zipper crush area, company reports. Zippers can be used with existing equipment both in-line using f/f/s technology or with premade bags. Material offers a safeguard against leaks and is said to give a pleasing appearance to the package with its smooth seal and allows packagers to use bigger profile zippers.

Maintain Sheeter Accuracy
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
Accumulating festoon allows in-line sheeters to match the speed of down-line processes closely, maintaining accurate sheet length. System provides a closed loop tension control for the rollstand, accommodating immediate speed changes that would otherwise be impossible because of the weight of the unwinding roll.

Driers for Inkjet Printing
Honle UV America, Marlboro, MA; 508/229-7774;
UVAPrint product series of UV high-performance dryers has been developed for inkjet printers. High UV output makes it possible to achieve thorough drying at higher print speeds without EPS, company says.

Two Heads, One Motor
Graymills Corp., Chicago, IL;773/477-4100;
Dual-head peristaltic ink pump combines two removable heads powered by a single motor that reportedly allows quick press changeovers. Design also allows pump heads to be rotated quickly, without tools, to accommodate individual press configurations. Speed/direction control box is connected to pump with a cable and can be mounted in an operator-friendly location away from spills.

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