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Slitter/Sheeter Offers Shaftless Unwind
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
Roll-fed slitter/sheeter system processes difficult material weighing to 8,000 lb. System uses a shaftless unwind said to allow fast roll changing. Operator only has to load the roll, adjust sheet length and slit width, and unload the stacks of finished material.

Potentiometer Offers LED Display for Accuracy
Electro-Sensors Inc.
, Minnetonka, MN; 952/930-0100; 800/328-6170
The Accu-Dial multi-function potentiometer features an integrated four-digit LED display said to assure greater accuracy from operator to operator by providing visual confirmation of setpoints. Replaces conventional machine potentiometers in control applications such as AC/DC variable-speed motor drives, temperature control, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and more.

Doctor Blade Delivers Long Life
Flexo Concepts
, Hingham, MA; 781/749-4644; 888/78-BLADE; flexoconcepts.com
Co. reports the commercial release of DuraPoint, the newest addition to its TruPoint brand of plastic blades. Engineered as a replacement for UHMW plastic doctor blades, it is said to outperform UHMW in blade life and graphic reproduction.

Formats Are ISO-Certified
One Vision
, Regensburg, Germany; +49 (0) 9 41/7 80 04-4 54; onevision.com
Improved version of Speedflow Suite 1.0 provides the facility to process and output PDF/X-1a:2001 and PDF/X-3 in the modules Speedflow Check and Speedflow Edit. The ISO-certified PDF/X formats are said to represent a significant setup toward standardized data exchange in the printing industry. Enables users to insert and exchange data in PDF/X formats with an even greater degree of security and reliability, co. notes.

Sheeter Offered in Two Configurations
Valmet Converting
, Bedford, U.K.; +44 123 4852553; valmetconverting.com
The TSKS sheeter features a web width of 65 in. (1,650 mm) and a maximum speed of 1,120 fpm (350 mpm). Board version features shaftless unwinds with diameter to 84 in. (2,000 mm); automatic splicing; and zero reject skid change at running speeds to 480 fpm (150 mpm). The paper version will include delivery features to aid high-speed delivery of a wide range of coated and uncoated papers, without surface marking, co. reports.

Software Compatible with Several Platforms
Concepts in Computing Inc.
, South Beloit, IL; 815/624-7765; c-in-c.com
Enhancements have been made to the EcnoCR industrial optical character recognition software, making it compatible with several new environments and processors. Performs ID, matching, sorting, tracking, and verification of products as they move through various lab, manufacturing, or material-handling processes. Typical applications include automatic reading of serial numbers or ID codes that are machine-marked on printed circuit boards/substrates/wafers, packaged goods, and much more.

End Seals Now in 25 Materials
Harper Corp. of America, HarperScientific Div.
, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-3371; harperimage.com
Co. now offers 25 different materials in its Duroseals end-seal line for enclosed doctor blade systems. Said to reduce ink costs and provide maximum sealing, while reducing doctor blade wear.

Drive Expands Options
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Hoffman Estates, IL; 847/645-4073; boschrexroth.com
The 500 Series variable-frequency drive with Sercos interface meets class A standards for compatibility. Drive functions include speed control, torque, and speed regulation. Output ratings from 1.5-650 kW make units suitable for all co.'s system solutions and allow decentralized drive structures with servo drives and frequency converters.

Packaging Software Has Internet Capabilities
Dalim Software GmbH
, Kehl, Germany; +49 7851 91960; dalim.com
FiCelle is a system for the display, tracking, and administration of packaging production over the Internet. It is said to allow all those involved in the process to have access to real-time information — from anywhere in the world — with one common, fully customizable interface. The system takes production status information from a database and publishes it over a secure Web site in graphical user form that varies depending upon the user log-in. Its JDBC compliance allows data to be fed easily into accounting and MIS systems if required, co. notes.

Monitor Static Charge Buildup
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
, Glenside, PA; 215/887-2196; electrotechsystems.com
Model 621 single-channel static level monitoring system is designed to warn of excessive static charge buildup in manufacturing and handling processes. Autoranging monitoring system will switch measurement ranges automatically between 500 to 5,000 v (X1) and 5kV to 50kV (X10) at 2 in. A low-range version is available.

Dual Rotary Knife Module can be Retrofit
Webex Inc.
, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666; webexinc.com
The DirEXCut dual rotary knife module is designed for use in folio sheeting operations. Features dead-shafted knife cylinders mounted in a cartridge configuration that can be retrofitted into an existing fixed-bed sheeter.

Sensor Offered in Many Combinations
, Ekrath, Germany; +49 (0) 211/92591-0; haehne.de
The ZAK force sensor is suited for tension and compression force measurement as well as web tension measurement. Various mounting styles and shaft variations offer solutions for many applications.

Slitters, Cutters Guarantee Quality
Calemard & Decoup+
, Roche la Molière, France; +33 477 900 034
Slitters are designed for widths down to 6 mm, using various systems such as crush, shear, and razor blades, singly or in combination. Individual friction shaft, turret winder, and spooling technology are said to ensure perfect quality. Ultrasonic cutting and sealing systems are modular and flexible.

Software Allows Automatic Electronic Order Placement
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/554-1500; kiwiplan.com
Sheet Maintenance System (SMS) automatically displays all jobs for which board has not yet been ordered, creates a file, and sends the order electronically to the chosen supplier. Also communicates to co.'s full plant scheduling system that the board has been ordered and tracks board's supplier source. Interface works with corrugator scheduling systems other than the co.'s.

Flexo Press Offers Fast Changeovers
Uteco SpA
, Verona, Italy; +39 (0) 45 617 4555; uteco.com
The Amethyst 8C-CI flexo press reportedly is ergonomically designed for top quality, easy-to-manage production, and rapid job changes. On-board sleeve-change system, for both printing plate cylinders and ceramic anilox sleeves, allows for easy, fast changeovers, co. says. Machine will accept printing sleeve mandrels of different diameters.

Packaging Software for Adobe Illustrator Users
, Gent, Belgium; esko-graphics.com
DeskPack for Adobe Illustrator extends the abilities of packaging developers to maintain a firm grip on the design, communication, and production process. Centers on Adobe Illustrator clients, adding a series of powerful plug-ins to extend Illustrator's functionality, and plug-and-play server box hosting the trapping application. All operations are a fully controlled from within the familiar Illustrator desktop environment. Server ensures the Illustrator stations are freed up for more interactive tasks while complex manipulations continue in the background.

Static Bar Is Rugged and Economic
Ion Systems Industrial
, Windsor Locks, CT; 860/292-6847; ion.com
The 8001KD static control bar offers an economic solution to achieving long-range neutralization with co.'s patented Virtual AC technology. Bar features a rugged, fiber-reinforced polymer body; a slim design said to be ideal for tight or restricted installations; and versatile mounting brackets. Up to three bars can be connected to a single, high-voltage power supply using co.'s Universal V.AC power strip.

Fulfillment System Offers New Efficiencies
Cadre Technologies Inc.
, Denver, CO; 303/217-7056; cadretech.com
Cadence fulfillment software is a single-fulfillment system that consolidates critical logistics activities such as warehouse management, order entry, transportation management, and activity billing. Said to offer new capabilities and efficiencies for fulfillment operations that have previously relied on multiple interfaced systems.

Analyzer Has New Design
Land Instruments
, Newtown, PA; 800/523-8989; landinstruments.net
FGAII analyzer retains TÜV and Advanced Dual Sensor Technology of the original FGA Series but has a new design and wider capabilities, including more gas measurements, greater flexibility, and higher accuracy. Can be supplied with automatic or manual calibration facilities and has integral gas valves, full flow control, empty gas bottle detection, and performs 3-pt linearity audit required by EPA.

Control Metallic Inks, Coatings
ADI Intl.
, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540; arcdoyle.com
MCS-700-DCS system conditions metallic inks and coatings. Offered by Opti-Color, Hockeln, Germany, system controls gold, silver, and bronze inks, which are kept cool and mixed by a special stirrer.

Easy Graphic Format Added
Tailored Solutions
, Milwaukee, WI; 414/774-9997; tailored.com
Co. adds powerful tool, Executive Trends, to its Litho Traxx software to provide executives with key information, viewable in an easy graphical format necessary to make quick decisions. Provides finger-tip, up-to-the-moment graphs on estimates produced, jobs entered, corresponding sales values, and gross profit.

Print Management Technology Is Multi-Functional
PrintCafe Software
, Pittsburgh, PA; 412/456-1141; printcafe.com
PSI Flexo combines co.'s Windows-based print-management technology with tools built from the ground up for flexography, co. reports. Software capabilities include estimating; job planning; data collection/job costing; purchasing; inventory; job shipping; customer invoicing; accounts receivable; and accounts payable.

Import/Convert Bitmap Files
, Wilmington, MA; 978/658-0200; 800/227-2780; agfa.com
Co. reports new file-import and conversion functionality for its Apogee workflow software. New components allow Apogee to import legacy files and convert them to high-resolution PDF files. Apogee Power Importer generates screened PDF or PostScript files using co.'s ABS technology. Integrated color management enables color-accurate softproofs of the converted files, says co.

Speed Production in Slitting
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Suffolk, U.K.; +44 1473 0912; ashe.co.uk
The ADS differential shaft for co.'s Emerald, Sapphire, and Solitaire range of slitting machines reportedly allows converters to speed production by slitting and finishing more rolls with varying widths, saving time and money.

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