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UV Coating has Many Uses
Water Ink Technologies, Lincolnton, NC; 800/426-4657;
UV-curable Prime ImageCoat is receptive to many forms of marking, imaging, printing, and decorating, including hot foil stamping and thermal transfer. This coating, part of company’s PharmFlex line, is called ideal for applying bar codes, sequential numbering, security features, small lot ID, and more. Finish is high gloss and is compatible with water-based and UV inks. Also said to have good resistance to household cleaners and petroleum-based products.

Curing Chamber is Reliable
Nordson Corp., Amherst, OH; 440/985-4385;
UV curing chamber is engineered to accept all of company’s CoolWave UV curing lamps. Said to provide high reliability and solid performance. Chamber is available as tabletop version or floor model and includes a UV-safe viewing window and adjustable lamp mounting. Also features safety interlocks, adjustable speed rotating turntable, and programmable timers.

Monitor UV Drying in Real Time
Prime UV Systems, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100;
Smart 2100 control platform monitors UV drying conditions in real-time sequence. Energy optimizer/air filtration system is said to ensure clean, filtered air to the curing chamber and to prolong life and intensity of the UV lamp system. Can be retrofitted to existing web presses or installed in new presses.

EB System Allows Development
Energy Sciences, Wilmington, MA; 978/694-9000;
The CHV (compact high voltage) EB system is designed to allow customers to develop higher-voltage applications without high voltage costs, manufacturer reports. Recommended for new material development, new application development, and small-scale production. Available in web widths from 18–66 in.

Marking System for UV Inks
Summit Science & Technology, Keysville, VA; 800/368-5204;
The MD-1000 microprocessor-based marking system is suited for UV inks on clear film. Redundant marking heads are said to provide 100% inspection reliability. Intelligent mark contains seven defect types, each with 100 subcategories (700 total). Built-in head-cleaning routines provide on-line maintenance.

Measure Curability and Consistency
UV Process Supply, Chicago, IL; 800/621-1296;
Company reports advances in the TFC-9000 thin-film calorimeter allow it to measure inks, coatings, and adhesives curability and ensure they are curing consistently, batch to batch. Unit now will indicate which wavelengths cure better by quantitatively evaluating the curing of polymers with UV LEDs. Works as a stand-alone measurement system or can be connected to a computer through a serial port.

UV Cure with Inert Atmosphere
GEW, Surrey, UK; +44 (0)1737 824500;
The hCP N2 inert atmosphere UV lamphead is optimized for curing silicon release coatings for food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical packaging applications, as well as self-adhesive label production. Photoinitiator concentration is reduced 10x, reportedly reducing odor and taint. Also said to reduce cooling air volume usage and eliminate the need to vent and remove ozone.

UV Inks Work at Room Temps
Jetrion, Ann Arbor, MI; 734/622-6650;
Low-HAPS (hazardous air pollutants) UV color inks are said to produce high image quality at room temperature. Reportedly, inks eliminate the need to heat the printheads of wide-format inkjet printers, provide a large color gamut, and offer fade resistance in outdoor use for up to 2 yrs.

UV Coating Creates Gloss
Craig Adhesives and Coatings, Newark, NJ; 866/561-9019;
Company offers a free trial program for its 1077M-3 UV coating for sheet-fed offset printing with hybrid inks. Said to print glossier, high quality products with less gloss back and consistent results on a wide variety of presses.

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