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Change Blades with No Tools
Novaflex Inc.
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-9900; novaflex-inc.com
“C” clamp design of enclosed chamber doctor blade is said to provide uniform clamping on blades across entire width without ripples to blades. Blades of any thickness can be used, and system requires no tools to change blades. Managed ink flow through the chamber reduces pressure inside to reduce leakage, co. says. Automatic on-press wash-up system is available.

Gears Added to Line
Murray Bros. Mfg. Co.
, Hickory Hills, IL; 708/430-8111; murraybrosmfg.com
Co. reports it now offers precision-machined spur and helical gears to complement its line of plate cylinders and roll cores for mid- and wide web flexographic printers.

Offset Technology with Sleeve Benefits
Drent Goebel
, Eerbeek, The Netherlands; +31 (0) 313 671 911; drent-goebel.com
VSOP (variable sleeve offset printing) technology is said to allow user to change sleeve sizes easily without having to change the unit completely. Only two lightweight sleeves need to be changed when switching repeat lengths. Units are fully equipped printing towers that can be set continuously to any repeat length between 15 and 30 in. (381 to 762 mm).

UV Drying Performance Is Fast and Thorough
Nordson Corp.
, Amherst, OH; 440/985-4592; nordson.com
The MonoCure UV ink jet drying system features a new lamphead said to combine unique primary and secondary UV reflector design for fast, thorough curing with innovative heat-reduction technology. The result is high UV output providing superior performance of new wide-format presses on the most challenging heat-sensitive substrates, the mfr. reports.

Software Enhancements Reported
Enfocus Software Inc.
, San Mateo, CA; 650/358-1210; enfocus.com
PitStop Professional 6.0 for PDF editing, preflight, auto-correction, and certification has been enhanced to include a series of benefits. In addition to new Mac OS X, Adobe Acrobat 6, and Adobe PDF 1.5 compatibility, system now features built-in Pantone Color Support, Smart Profile comparison, and integrated support for the recently released CertifiedPDF.net.

File Delivery Can Be Secure
Wam!Net Inc.
, Eagan, MN; 651/256-5100; 800/585-3666; wamnet.com
Direct! IP (Internet Provisioned) service utilizes customer premise equipment to provide the convenience of secure file delivery directly to local area network while allowing user the flexibility to manage his/her own local network circuit. Reportedly ideal for distribution of moderately large content volumes or content that is time-sensitive or confidential.

Bottomer Runs Many Sizes with Speed
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp.
, Lincoln, RI; 401/333-2770; whcorp.com
The AD 8320 valve bottomer, which co. calls “the fastest bottomer worldwide,” is designed to produce small to medium sacks from 11 lb for packaging powdered products, to large sizes measuring to 23½ in. wide by 45½ in. long. Bottom width ranges from 2¾ in. to just under 7 in.; sack length 9.84 in. to 45.67 in.; and width from 7 in. to just over 23.62 in.

Coated Blade Works Well on Metallic Inks
Edward Graphics
, Niagara Falls, NY; 905/791-8228; egs.com
The Xcalibur X-99 long-life coated blade is recommended for metallic pigmented inks, including titanium white and long print runs. DuroChem engineered coating process unites a proprietary coating chemically, with the metal component molecules to form what is said to be a unique, wear-resistant shield on the surface of a steel doctor blade. Blade also is said to be effective in autowash systems, allowing multiple print runs to be processed without changing blades.

Enclosed Doctor Blade Assembly Enhances Presses
, Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202; bell-mark.com
Co. offers enclosed doctor blade assembly to enhance its line of flexo printers. Systems are available from 4-80 in. wide and accommodate operational speeds to 1,000 fpm. Allows operation without slinging or cell starvation and eliminates foaming with water-based inks, co. reports.

Software Is Versatile in Application
Dalim Software GmbH
, Kehl, Germany; +49 7851 919655; dalim.com
MiSTRAL electronic submission interface and print production management system provides broad, JDF-based application, co. notes. Software implements co.'s FiCELLE technology and broadens the application not only to prepress operations but to printing and content creation as well. System tracks, administers, assemblies, corrects, and approves material.

Produce Package Mockups Easily
Intelicoat Technologies
, South Hadley, MA; 413/536-7800; intelicoat.com
Magic X-Vinyl is a cast vinyl product for the production of soft-package mockups. Said to provide brand marketers, consumer goods package designers, and printers with an easy, inexpensive way to produce package prototypes for test marketing and presentations. Images are printed directly on the media using a wide-format ink jet printer, then the media is converted to finished-looking package prototypes.

Prepress Classes Offered 24/7
, Bloomington, IN; 812/355-3030; 800/355-6429; staffingtools.com
The Prepress Training Solution offers prepress-specific on-line courses available 24/7 and geared to teach students how to create and output files that are error-free every time. Courses are automatically personalized and modified continually, based on employee progress. Programs include Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Enfocus PitStop Professional, Creo Preps, and soon will add Mac OS X fundamentals.

Flexo Press Offers Servo Technology
Fischer & Krecke
, Bielefeld, Germany; +49 521 3048-0; fischer-krecke.de
The Flexpress 96 S gearless, eight-color flexo press has a width of 2,500 mm and is equipped with servo drives. Covers print lengths to 1,800 mm, and co. adds print lengths to 3,500 mm are possible with suitable print designs in operating mode “frequent print.”

Upgrade to Chambered Doctor Blade System
Retroflex Inc.
, Wrightstown, WI; 920/532-4850; retroflex.com
Co. offers chambered blade system retrofits and reports it can upgrade virtually every make and model of press and/or coater. Designs are said to maximize wet time, save fluid, and increase machine uptime. Co. adds cavities can be removed and interchanged quickly within each machine, without tools.

Die-Cutting System Gives High Throughput
, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/394-5700; spartanics.com
The M500 is a 30-in.-wide, optically registered die-cutting system said to allow printers and converters to get the greatest throughput for wallet-sized or smaller pieces in 72-up or 96-up sheets. Offers ±0.1 mm or better registration precision in X, Y, and Theta axes for large and small die-cut pieces. Systems reregister at each press stroke, at production rates to 165 strokes/min.

Doctor Blade Holders Cut Waste
Allison Systems Corp.
, Riverside, NJ; 856/461-9111; allisonblades.com
Advanced doctor blade holder designs are said to enhance productivity, print quality, and safety in gravure printing. Holders, including the wedge-lock blade holder pictured, reportedly eliminate slow, costly doctor blade changes, backer blades, and printed waste due to blade wrinkles often caused by blade holder clamping screws.

System Die-Cuts 9,000 Sheets per Hour
Heidelberg USA
, Kennesaw, GA; 770/419-6500; us.heidelberg.com
The Dymatrix 105 CS die-cutting system features dual overhead cam upper platen drive and advanced feed-to-delivery station sheet transport, eliminating vertical movement of the cutting bed. Capable of producing 9,000 finished sheets/hr, system reportedly offers stable and accurate die-cutting and embossing.

Semi-Automatic Platesetter Offered
, Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
A semi-automatic version of the Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI) Advance platesetter is available. The new system features a trolley and lift system that raises the flexo plate to a plate-loading table for easy mounting on the drum. Said to allow easy operation and can accommodate both plates and sleeves, while assuring a high level of imaging quality and productivity.

Take Control of Layout, Fonts
Printable Technologies Inc.
, Solana Beach, CA; 858/847-6600; 800/220-1727; printable.com
PrintFusion3 variable-data technology features advanced end-user interfaces that allow control over layout, font selection, images, and more. Offers advanced output options such as PPML, VDX, VPS, and support for OPI workflows. Product results from partnership with Datalogics.

Digital Proofing Adds Prepress Efficiencies
Kodak Polychrome Graphics
, Norwalk, CT; 877/574-7274; kpgraphics.com
The Graphics Matchprint Virtual Proofing System enables a pure digital workflow and is said to reduce time and bring other production efficiencies to the prepress cycle. Users can transport, view, and approve proofs for color or electronically mark and return them for correction within minutes. System comprises high-end, customized CRT monitors, proprietary color management technologies, and a suite of Web-based image viewing and collaboration tools. Reportedly features a simple-to-use interface.

Ink Jet Printer Quality Addition
Domino UK Ltd.
, Cambridge, U.K.; +44 1954 782551; domino-printing.com
The Bitjet 212 ink jet printer is said to have an easily integrated, self-diagnostic print engine designed to be driven directly from an external PC, LAN protocol, or other co. controller. Provides high-definition quality to the full 54-mm band height at 120 dpi.

Digital Plate Capping Technique Now Available
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, BC, Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
DigiCap digital plate capping is a specialized flexo technology available in co.'s Prinergy Powerpack. Co. says it simulates digitally what it describes as the slow, costly traditional technique of plate capping in which the plate surface is slightly textured to improve ink coverage. In the digital process, a pattern of small reverse dots is applied in the plate surface, reportedly minimizing visual artifacts, and in some cases reducing dot gain while increasing solid ink densities.

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