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Acetate Films Resist High Temperatures
Hutchison Miller Sales Co. Inc.
, Doylestown, PA; 215/345-1824; fax: 215/348-4604
Clairfoil acetate films offer temperature resistance up to 425 deg F without distortion, co. says. Reportedly offer an alternative to other films while maintaining the characteristics of standard diacetate at a reasonable cost. Co. also provides a flame-retardant acetate film that will burn if exposed to an external flame and self-extinguish on removal.

Combination Press Adds Speed
Nilpeter Inc.
, Davie, FL; 954/385-8835; nilpeter.com
The FA-4200 16-in. combination platform press allows flexo, screen, hot foil, cold foil, and die-cutting units to be located anywhere on the press, in any order. Said to allow extremely fast reconfigurations from job to job. Handles a range of materials from 1-mil film to 18-pt board.

Do-It-Yourself Program Offered
Avery Dennison/Fasson Roll North America
, Painesville, OH; 440/358-4936; averydennison.com
Co. offers a new service called Mix & Match Online, a do-it-yourself custom product program that provides more than 26,000 combinations for p-s applications. It uses a wide variety of facestocks and web width combinations, including inverted facestock. Adhesive capabilities include pattern gums, permanents, removables, and heavy and light coat weights.

Convey Waste Matrix Adhesive Economically
AirTrim Inc.
, Springfield, OH; ph: 937/324-2272; airtrim.com
The Matrix Twister is said to reduce adhesive and increase mass concentration, providing high reliability in pneumatically conveying waste matrix adhesive. Reported to eliminate shutdown of the press to remove waste rolls and to have a short payback time.

Count Accurately with Rewind/Inspection Unit
Web Techniques
, Fenton, MO; 636/343-0806; 800/327-9777
WT-25 Series rewind/inspection machines incorporate a bi-directional counting system for accurate counting during editing. Models are available with strobe lights for high-speed visual inspection and photoelectric counting systems for exact label counts.

Dry Flexo Plates Speed Up Process
DuPont Cyrel
, Wilmington, DE; 302/999-2065; dupont.com/cyrel
Cyrel FAST dry flexo platemaking system reportedly reduces plate production time by 75% through a dry thermal plate processor that eliminates conventional chemical solvent or aqueous washout. A high quality flexo plate that normally takes up to 3 hr to produce using solvents now can be completed in less than 1 hr, according to co. Plates are compatible with standard solvent- and water-based flexo printing inks.

Anilox Roll Cleaner Includes Reclaim System
Absolutely Micro*Clean
, Rancho Cordova, CA; 916/635-4337
Model 72A anilox cleaning system is for mid-webs that can handle rolls to 60 in. total length and 8 in. dia. Off-press system is computer controlled and cleans the roll in an enclosed blast chamber. Includes a reclaim system to remove waste, clean the media, and allow the plastic media to be reused. Cleans screens to 1,200 line.

Butt Splicer Offers Easy Preparation
Keene Technology Inc. (KTI)
, South Beloit, IL; 815/624-8989
The JG Series automatic butt splicer features an extremely small footprint, one-piece cantilever design, and zero gap splicing. Eliminates the need to stop the process line to change rolls, mfr. says. The Zero-Gap butt splice unit reportedly allows for easy splice preparation. During the splice cycle, the primary tape is applied to the top side of the web automatically, and the second-side tape applicator (if used) applies tape to the back side of the web.

Dryer Allows Easy Access
C.A. Litzler Co. Inc.
, Cleveland, OH; 216/267-8020; calitzler.com
Compact Split-Hood Perfect Float flotation dryer has fans and burners built into the dryer box to eliminate external duct work. Gives total access to the dryer for web-up, maintenance, and cleaning while using minimal floor space.

Change Colors with New Products
Davis Liquid Crystals Inc.
, San Leandro, CA; 510/351-2295; 800/677-5575
Co. specializes in color-changing materials and products that transform with temperature, UV light, or pressure. New materials include ChromaZone, a thermochromic (heat-sensitive) pigment; SolarZone, a photochromic pigment, and Vinyl Flex, a "mood film" on a polyester substrate.

Flexo Presses Have Screen Capabilities
Gallus Inc.
, Philadelphia, PA; 215/677-9600; gallus.org
The Arsoma EM 280 flexo press is fitted with screen capability and a quick-change platform. Reportedly offers improved ink coverage on film substrates, particularly transparent films for "no-label-look" labels. The Screeny plates take only 30 min to produce. The Gallus RCS 330 press combines flexo and screen units and uses the latest computer control with servo motors for one-touch setting.

Flexo System Is for Tube Winding
Bell-Mark Corp.
, Pine Brook, NJ; 973/882-0202; bell-mark.com
The "S" wrap design flexographic system is for printing in- or off-line with spiral tube winding machinery. The unit is designed to accept material widths to 7 in. and is capable of operational speeds to 250 fpm. It is equipped with idler rolls and a rubber-covered impression cylinder. The positive paper threading and geared plate cylinder are said to eliminate the need for electrical connections and motors. System is also available with an enclosed doctor blade, ceramic laser anilox roll, and compact peristaltic ink pump that allows printing speeds to 600 fpm.

Genius Defect Prevents Defects and Manages Print
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
Genius Defect Prevention and Print Management System integrates defect detection, 100% inspection of the repeat, and automatic inspection of color, bar codes, registration, OCR, etc., into one system. Analyzes ten images/sec. Algorithms automatically detect streaking, haze, register error, and spots as small as one pixel. Color management uses all three RGB channels.

Gravure Press Suitable for Short-Run Jobs
W.R. Chesnut Engineering Inc.
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/227-6995; 800/746-7878; chesnuteng.com
The 16-in. Supra 1600 gravure press reportedly is designed to produce high quality, short-run jobs of 200,000 sq ft or less cost-effectively. Combines features of co.'s Model 150 press line with computerized controls, job memory, and automatic setup. Format offers a wide selection of inks, including water-based, metallic, and fluorescent. Said to offer excellent vignettes.

Hot Melt PSA Provides Stability
National Starch & Chemical Co.
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Duro-Tak 34-416A hot melt, p-s adhesive reportedly offers high loop tack, excellent resistance to peel and shear, and no edge ooze or bleed-through after 1 wk at 120 deg F. Said to be stable, showing minimal viscosity change after 24 hr at 325 deg F. Approved for indirect food contact (CFR 175.105) and called suitable for application temperatures down to 35 deg F.

Label Finishing System Is Versatile
Newfoil Machines (USA) Ltd.
, North Attleboro, MA; 508/643-2222; newfoilmachines.co.uk
The 500 TTC Series label finishing press is said to be compatible with any form of roll-to-roll label printing, including flexo, offset, silk screen, or thermal transfer. Uses what co. calls inexpensive flatbed rule die-cutters. In-line slitters and a sheeter are available.

Label Rewinder Has Quick-Loading Feature
Labelmate LLC, Henderson, NV; 702/435-8535
Model CAT-2-Chuck label rewinder, including the "Quick-Chuck" quick-loading core chuck, is designed for 24/7 continuous-duty volume label production. Uses co.'s Constant Adjustable Torque (CAT) technology that is said to require no speed adjustments. Rolls can be mounted or removed in seconds. Accommodates roll diameters to 12 in. and roll widths to 6.6 in. Uniform tension on the label take-up reel at speeds to 30 in./sec is achieved without using tensioning arms, belts, or clutches, reports mfr.

Label Stock Designed for Omnius Press
FLEXcon Co. Inc., Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; flexcon.com
DigiPRO[TM] 31040 p-s label stock is designed specifically for Indigo's Omnius roll form digital offset color press. Stock is said to offer excellent ink receptivity for sharp, vibrant colors and scratch resistance for image durability. The 3.0-mil, white, print-receptive PP film is coated with V-344, a high-shear, high-peel, aggressive permanent adhesive that reportedly resists cold flow and ooze. Product is backed with a 50#, bleached kraft liner for roll-to-roll converting.

Measure Weight/Thickness On-Line
NDC Infrared Engineering
, Irwindale, CA; ph: 626/939-3810; ndcinfrared.com
Model 5200TC and Model 8000 Series systems are used for on-line measurement of coating weight or thickness. Said to be ideal for the label converting business as they provide the ability to synchronize for same-spot measurement with multiple sensor/scanners.

Plates Are Friendly to Environment
MacDermid Graphic Arts
, Atlanta, GA; 404/696-4565; macdermid.com
Co. offers what is called a line of fast-processing, environmentally friendly water-wash printing plates, including Flexceed and Flex-Light Splash products that can be processed in less than 1 hr. Said to accommodate virtually any substrate or ink system.

Remove or Reposition Adhesive
Green Bay Packaging
, Green Bay, WI; 920/337-1800; greenbaypackaging.com
Microsphere is described as a repositionable, reusable adhesive with enhanced tack. Unique balance of adhesion and removability results from individual spheres of adhesive rather than a continuous layer of polymer. Proprietary formulation handles variable information printing on corrugated boxes, plastics, glass, and more.

Silicone Base Paper Is White and Smooth
Cham-Tenero Paper Mills Inc.,
Fabrikstrasse, Switzerland; +41 417853333
Hi-Fi Silco Print 740 two-sided, clay-coated silicone base paper (80 g/m superscript 2) is said to be suited to all normal siliconizing systems. It is highly white and has a very smooth reverse side, co. reports. Suitable for all printing processes, including offset (up to three colors), flexo, and letterpress.

Tensile Tester Is Precision Instrument
, Mentor, OH; 440/352-0218; cheminstruments.com

The TT-1500 tensile tester is described as an economical, precision testing instrument for the tape, label, and converting industries. It can perform unwind, tensile, elongation, tack, lap shear, quickstick, and peel tests. Uses a PC-based data acquisition system, which includes a color screen.

Transducer Prevents Process Defects
Dover Flexo Electronics
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
Model NW narrow web transducer measures process tension on webs from 7-14 in. wide. A cantilevered idler roll with built-in dual-beam strain-gauge sensors, the transducer is available in a variety of load ratings and mounting styles. Said to supply an accurate tension signal from its position in the web path of a single-frame label press or web machine to an indicator, controller, PLC, or computer. Features include single-bolt mounting or four-bolt flange mounting; load ratings from 12-100 lb (55-450N); and positive overload protection.

Treat with Automatic Speed Control
Pillar Technologies
, Hartland, WI; ph: 262/367-3060; pillartech.com
Newly designed, unitized narrow web corona treater and power supply combination has a built-in, removable electrode magazine with hands-free, high-voltage connection for simple cleaning and maintenance, co. says. Available for applications from 7-26 in. Mounts directly onto existing presses. Integrated power supply ranges from 0.5-2.5 kW/side.

Unit Adds Power to Narrow Web Applications
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
The Compak 2000 Power Supply, available in 1-3 kW, may be used on new or existing narrow web corona treating systems, including co.'s TL Max treater. Compak 2000 offers what is described as convenient plug-in connections for ease of installation, a compact size, and state-of-the-art power conversion. Housed in a NEMA 1 enclosure, unit is available with remote control, watt density control, and PLC control.

UV Dryer Maintains Intensity
Prime UV Systems
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100; primeuv.com
The Diamond Series compact UV drying system is reported to eliminate significant heat buildup while maintaining the highest UV intensity. Co. adds that system features the most intense UV lamp system (3,420 mw/cm2) and has a water-cooled system that will accommodate nearly all heat-sensitive materials.

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