First Glance


All Dressed Up
A PVC shrink label from Seal-It is enhancing branding, providing tamper-evidence, and maximizing POP appeal on Stallone’s salad dressings. Inspired by scenes of Italian cities, the graphics are printed rotogravure by Seal-It in ten colors. The labels are used on glass bottles and offer a 360-deg image area with room for the graphics as well as nutrition facts, ingredients, a UPC code, and a brief summary of the company history. The label incorporates a tamper-evident seal with a horizontal perforation. When the perforation is broken, the seal is removed and the label remains on the bottle. Labels can be applied by automatic equipment or by hand.

Benefits Rise
AB Brasil reports 360MSB cellophane from Innovia Films is bringing all kinds of benefits to its Fleischmann yeast. Wrapping the yeast in the cellophane has reduced water loss by nearly 50%, improved product quality and shelf life, and reduced energy costs by lowering storage temperatures. The white cellophane is manufactured from renewable wood pulp and coated to provide a high barrier to moisture and gases. It provides a strong seal without the need for excessive pressure or heat, eliminating the risk of burning the yeast at the packaging stage.
Innovia Films—

Making Scents
Shania Twain contributed more than her image to Shania by Stetson, a new fragrance from Coty. The star was involved with the creative process from the beginning, says converter Diamond Packaging, ensuring the product reflected her personality and style. The 0.024 SBS paperboard is complemented by embossing and gold foil accents around the window and for the stars (which represent studs, connecting the package to the country-western image of Twain as well as to the Stetson brand). Cartons feature two hits of pink, special flexo gold ink (applied in-line on Diamond’s new Heidelberg offset press), and pearlized matte aqueous coating.
Heidelberg USA—

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