DieTool System Uses Rotary Machining Process
Gerber Innovation
, Manchester, CT; 860/643-1515
The Profile die tool production system features the industry's first rotary machining process for manufacturing flat steel rule die-boards and other die-cutting tools, co. reports. Said to provide unparalleled precision and versatility, integrated system is capable of producing every type of die-cutting tool on one machine. Addresses drawbacks of existing die-tool fabrication, including labor and skill requirements of manual methods, as well as cost, complexity, and environmental concerns of laser systems. Uses a unique kerf shape and two-layer board strategy to create a durable steel rule die with exceptional verticality, mfr. notes.

Inspection Table Designed for Large Formats
J.E. Doyle Co.
, Richfield, OH; 330/659-2330; 800/445-3856
LandSco sheet inspection table is designed to enable printers to view the full surface of a 28×40-in. sheet for quality control. Enables operator to look for surface defects, spray powder coverage, or dull slitter or sheeter knives. Illuminates the surface with a controlled beam of light that is shining parallel to the surface being inspected.

Virtual Proofing Is Accurate, Consistent
Imation, Oakdale, MN; 651/704-4000;
Matchprint Virtual Proofing combines mfr.'s color technology with RealTimeImage's full-resolution, image-streaming collaboration tools. Enables accurate, consistent monitor-to-monitor proofing, says co. Said to render accurate CMYK color to an RGB display, providing an accurate color proof that is consistent with final color output.

Modular Embossing Section Improves Grain Retention
New Era Converting Machinery
, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848;
Modular embossing section achieves maximum process flexibility by varying both the horizontal and vertical position of the embossing nip, says mfr. Higher line speeds and improved grain retention are said to result from this new design. Co. adds operators can make adjustments to unit quickly and easily and without tools.

Duplex Proofing System Utilizes Six Colors
Agfa Corp.
, Wilmington, MA; 978/658-0200;
SherpaMatic 43-in. duplex digital proofing system prints at 720 × 720 dpi resolution. Unit also is equipped with faster resolution of 360 × 360 dpi. Built-in alignment mechanism automatically turns paper over in exact alignment for precise, unattended two-sided proofing. Co. reports system prints with error-diffused screening and uses six colors, CMYK plus a light magenta and a light cyan, to achieve a wider color gamut.

Production System Simplifies Workflows
Global Graphics Software
, Waltham, MA; 781/392-1600;
MaxWorkFlow open architecture visual workflow system allows customized print production workflows to be created based on industry standard file formats. ProductionReady Server is designed to simplify creating and implementing cross-media publishing workflows in printing environments, enabling production professionals on a LAN to design and implement automatic, server-based workflows using drag-and-drop design tools.

Software Schedules Print Jobs Automatically
printCafe Systems
, Pittsburgh, PA; 412/456-1141;
PrintFlow scheduling software automatically considers the specifications of each job on a scheduling board and identifies the optimal schedule to print each job, according to mfr. Designed to allow printers to schedule, synchronize, and optimize jobs within a cost center, as well as throughout the manufacturing operation, so the entire printing process becomes fully coordinated from inception to delivery.

Digital Packaging Press for Labels and Cartons
Man Roland Druckmaschinen AG
, Offenbach, Germany; +49 69-8305-0;
DICOpack digital press features unlimited printing length and print widths from 307-473 mm. Prints variety of stocks, including paper, foils, labels, and cartons, and outputs 3,900 sph. Co. says machine's full digitalization reduces costly makeready times and allows users to print lowest number of copies (even personalized) in a highly profitable fashion.

Platesetting and Proofing All in One
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700;
Spectrum digital halftone proofing option for the Lotem 800 Quantum platesetter (using Imation Matchprint digital halftone proofing media) is now in beta release. Co. says combining proofing and plating on the same device is the most cost-effective means to provide the flexibility and capacity to meet all of a printer's production needs. Minimal footprint saves on floor space. Platesetter features fully automated loading and unloading with multiple cassette configurations, in-line punching, and slip-sheet removal. Produces up to 56 proof pages unattended as well as industry's largest halftone proofs, according to mfr.

Die-Cutter Embosses, Debosses, and MoreContech, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449;
UltraPress performs a variety of tasks, including embossing, debossing, thermal die-cuts, hot and cold steel-rule die-cuts, and steel-rule kiss cuts. Co. says versatile equipment can handle everything from large graphics to intricate membrane switches. Available in sizes from 20 × 28 in. to 60 × 144 in. and can be used as a free-standing unit or retrofitted into an in-line system.

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