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Synthetic Substrate is Tough
Neenah Paper, Alpharetta, GA; 678/566-6500;
Kimdura UV synthetic substrate for the p-s label market is said to offer outstanding resistance to sun or UV light and is recommended for harsher applications to extend durability. Also said to offer high edge-tear resistance and print fidelity.

Eco-Friendly Film Gives Value
Avery Dennison, Fasson Roll North America Div., Painesville, OH; 440/358-4943;
Company offers p-s products incorporating EarthFirst PLA film manufactured by Plastic Suppliers utilizing NatureWorks PLA resin, a corn-based bioplymer that is annually renewable and completely compostable. Product is described as an environmentally friendly alternative for labeling applications requiring high performance and value. Film is said to offer a high-gloss, scratch-resistant surface; good layflat and rigidity; and ease of die-cutting. FDA-compliant for direct food contact, film offers flavor retention properties, heat-sealability, and aroma barrier.

Inkjet Printer Offers Variety
Imaje Group, Kennesaw, GA; 770/421-7700;
The 9000 Series newly redesigned line of inkjet printers will print on most substrates with marking speeds of 5.5 m/sec. Has the ability to create 1–8 lines of text, as well as logos, and offers a wide variety of choices in bar codes, datamatrix, and inks for specific coding and colors. Company reports printer is user-friendly with a redesigned user interface, printhead, and cabinet. Printhead includes an automatic cleaning system and automatic head adjustment.

Inspect Print with Proven Method
Tectonic Intl., Merthyr Tydfil, UK; +44(0) 1685 722225;
The K2colour print inspection system uses robust color monitoring algorithms developed for company’s Jaguar inspection system. Algorithms are based on industry-standard CIE L*a*b* color space model said to provide a reliable method of decoupling the intensity from the color data and allowing color drift to be monitored precisely relative to that of a previously defined template. Reportedly provides crisp, high-resolution picture quality. Proprietary embedded system design allows additional software upgrades as needed, and scalable technology supports multiple cameras and displays.

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