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What's New at Labelexpo Americas

UV Curing System Has New Features
AAA Press Intl., Arlington Hts., IL; 847/818-1100; aaapress.com
Newest LIGHTouch UV curing systems include the 3×5-in., rear-loading unit with 27-step programmable power supply and integrated UV-intensity monitoring system. Booth 1247 at Labelexpo.

Defoaming System Removes Bubbles, Dissolved Air
Black Clawson Converting Machinery, Fulton, NY; 315/598-7121; blkclawson.com
Vacuum defoaming CAS system removes air bubbles and dissolved air from any fluid that can be pumped. Includes skid-mounted tank; HydraCell pump; variable-speed drive; pressure relief valve; and more. Booth 1525 at Labelexpo.

Neutralize Static at High Speeds
Simco Industrial Static Control, Hatfield, PA; 215/822-6401; simco-static.com
The Blue Bar HL static bar neutralizes static charges on webs at speeds to 2,500 fpm at 1 in. and can be mounted up to 6 in. from web at slower speeds. Said to be the most powerful shockless static bar UL/CUL listed for use in Class (Div. 1 and 2, Group D), Class II (Div. 1 and 2, Group G), and Class III (Div. 1 and 2) hazardous locations. Visit Booth 1223 at Labelexpo.

Clear Air with Catalytic Reaction
Corotec Corp., Farmington, CT; 860/678-0038; corotec.com
Nozone system is said to clear the air simply and efficiently with negative pressure flow, solving the problem of ozone leaks at poor connections. Features an all-aluminum, upright canister design that employs a true catalytic reaction to destroy ozone molecules without degrading or depleting the catalyst, co. reports. System requires only a single, off-the-shelf blower at the outlet side. Booth 3805 at Labelexpo.

Detect Defects with High Sensitivity
Nireco America Corp., Port Jervis, NY; 845/856-4053; nireco-web.com
The BCON 2000 100% print inspection system examines 100% of web surfaces at production speeds, 100% of the time, mfr. reports. Automatically detects and reports defects on webs to 78 in. (2,000 mm) wide. Said to have a high level of sensitivity and precision due to a patented 3CCD camera system and co.'s specially designed software and hardware that captures and analyzes each of the primary colors. Booth 1400 at Labelexpo.

Flexo Press Line Has Range of Widths
Nilpeter Inc., Davie, FL; 954/385-8835; nilpeter.com
The FB line of flexo presses comprises the FB 2500 (10¾ in.), the FB 3300 (13¾ in.), and the FB 4200 (16¾ in.). Capable of multiprocess printing on a variety of substrates from film to carton stock, line is designed and manufactured to run at speeds to 750 fpm. Features quick-change, slide-out print stations; a unique ink system; and high-capacity dryers. Booth 3105 at Labelexpo.

Corona Treat in Tight Configurations
Pillar Technologies, Hartland, WI; 888/745-5276; pillartech.com
Unitized narrow web corona treater and power supply combination is designed to fit into tight press configurations. Features choice of built-in or detachable P6000 power supply. Units come in top-, two-, and bottom-side treat configurations. Offering removable electrodes with hands-free, high-voltage connection, machines are designed for applications from 7.5-26 in. Booth 1221 at Labelexpo.

UV Cure Heat-Sensitive Materials
Prime UV Systems Inc., Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100; primeuv.com
The MiniScan 3C UV system can be customized to cure any substrate. Compactly designed to fit in the smallest print station, system is said to be cool enough for heat-sensitive materials. Booth 3701 at Labelexpo.

Die-Cutting System Helps Add Customers
Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KS; 800/835-2526; buntingmagnetics.com
The Cerface Converting System for retrofit on existing narrow web presses comprises a die-cutting station custom built for each individual press; a set of Cerface magnetic cylinders; and a set of flexible die-cutting plates. Said to allow printers to expand their customer base by producing low-volume runs (quantities to 1.5 million) of custom die-cut labels, direct mail, and folding carton products. Booth 5503 at Labelexpo.

Take UV Curing Measurements in Three Bandwidths
EIT Instrument Markets, Sterling, VA; 703/707-9067; eitinc.com
The PALM (Production Ambient light Measurement) Probe allows user to take measurements in difficult-to-reach areas of UV curing system by inserting probe directly into the system. Will measure a dynamic range from 100 microwatts/cm2 to 10 watts/cm2 in one of three different bandwidths (UVA, UVB, and UVV). Booth 3138 at Labelexpo.

Transparent IR Blocking Films Offered
CPFilms, Martinsville, VA; 276/627-3332; 888/273-4567; cpfilms.com
New range of IR blocking films is designed for applications in which transparency is needed but IR light must be blocked. Films block 80%-98% of IR (infrared) light in the 800-1,100 nm wavelength while allowing 40%-50% transmission of visible light. Booth 2039 at Labelexpo.

Measure Color Consistency On-Press
Eltromat Electronics, Chesapeake, VA; 757/487-8849; eltro.com
AccuColour system measures the consistency of color throughout press runs. Incorporates latest RGB camera technology for what is described as a unique, noncontact, on-press, precision color measurement method. Result is said to be less material waste and less makeready time. Booth 5907 at Labelexpo.

Converting System Has Increased Sealing Speeds
Delta Industrial, Minneapolis, MN; 763/755-7744; deltaind.com
The Crusader Converter 2003 web converting system has been updated with many features, including a seal bed with increased sealing speeds and a flexo printer with a telescoping cartridge said to allow for easy changeover of rollers, ink pans, and doctor blades. Other enhancements reportedly extend tooling life. Booth 3811 at Labelexpo.

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