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Water-Based Inks for Many Uses
Van Son Liquid Inks, The Netherlands; +31 35 6884411;
Aqua Base Plus inks are a series of pigmented, water-based ink systems, each formulated for a specific application, including envelopes, labels, paper drink cups, flower wrapping paper, and multiwall bags. New additions include NK inks for printing napkins, paper towels, and other tissue stocks; and AP inks for on-site ink-dispensing systems. AP inks are basic concentrates which, in combination with specially prepared additives, can be adjusted for a wide range of applications.

Laminating Adhesive Benefits Reported
Ashland Specialty Polymers and Adhesives, Dublin OH; 614/790-3333;
Purelam A-9000/A-9010 solventless laminating adhesive provides aromatic amine extractables below 20 ppb and is compliant with recent European standards. Said to deliver excellent optical properties, a room-temperature working cure in less than 12 hrs, and easy cleanup. Also reportedly delivers excellent laminating performance in the packaging of moist and/or oily foods as well as dry food packaging.

Film for Medical Uses
Scapa North America, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000;
Bioflex Rx232V-60 is a soft, white PE foam, single- coated with a medical-grade acrylic PSA that carries a Drug Master File Number. Film is supplied on a 60# white kraft release liner. Acrylic adhesive is said to offer excellent quick stick and good adhesion yet remove cleanly from skin without trauma. Used in medical device manufacturing, ECG electrode fabrication, and for specialty bandage production.

Flame-Retardant Coating Offered
ADM Tronics Unlimited, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Santel Flame Guard flame-retardant coating has properties that greatly improve the reduction of charring and flame support of a coated surface, company reports. Water-based protective coating is said to provide high adhesion levels to a wide range of porous and nonporous surfaces, including PVC (vinyl), other films, paper, and board.

Board Ensures Brand Security
Rock-Tenn Co. , Norcross, GA; 678/291-7386;
Series 3000 white label security board is said to offer an efficient and cost-effective solution for ensuring brand security. Appleton TechMark readable threads, randomly embedded directly in the paper fiber or between layers, store encrypted data that can carry information and provide enhanced track-and-trace capabilities, adding greater visibility all along the supply chain.

Fountain Solution Cuts Waste
Day Intl. , Dayton, OH; 800/877-8187;
Pantheon Optima is a one-step, alcohol-free fountain solution for sheet-fed printing with continuous dampening systems. Marketed under the Varn brand, solution is said to provide greater latitude for ink/water balance, better ink laydown, reduced waste in startups and restarts, and reduced color variation. Also performs well on CTP plates and is compatible with UV, hybrid, and conventional inks, company says.

Inks Demonstrate Strength
Environmental Inks and Coatings, Morganton, NC; 800/368-4657;
The Econocure ink system is said to offer good print strength and show improved product and chemical resistance over conventional flexo inks. In many cases, there is no need for overprinting with protective coatings or film laminations. Has excellent adhesion to many paper and film substrates, company adds.

Mounting Tape Handles Easily
Rogers Corp. , Rogers, CT; 860/928-8926;
R/bak SA 3000 cushion mounting tape is aimed at the 0.020-in. thin tape market. Combines open-cell urethane cushion technology and specially developed acrylic adhesives in a product construction said to handle easily. Company says high print quality results from lower dot gain and higher solid ink densities. Performance properties contribute to consistent impressions over the entire press run and help eliminate problems on press, with fewer press adjustments.

Suede-Like Film for Promos
FLEXcon Co. , Spencer, MA; 508/885-8370;
The PLUSHPrint IJ Series comprises films for indoor promotional advertising opportunities in the digital imaging arena, specifically solvent and eco-solvent ink jet printing. The 4-mil, plush, white, flexible vinyl features a suede-like texture and feel. It is print-receptive, soft, and conformable and is said to yield excellent and consistent imaging for eye-catching graphics.

UV Coating Adds High-Gloss Surface
Uvitec Printing Ink, Lodi, NJ; 973/778-0737;
> Company says 21879-77 rotary screen effect UV coating cures to a raised, clear surface that has a high gloss finish and a smooth tactile feel. Designed to use with a 200-line mesh. Product is said to be durable enough to be used in high-contact situations, will cure at reasonably high speeds, and will provide a good amount of rub resistance. Called ideal for high-end folding cartons and prime labels.

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