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Coater Offers Accurate Weight Control
New Era Converting Machinery

, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848; neweraconverting.com
Line of clean room coating and laminating equipment has been expanded to include wide web, class 1000, multi-roll coaters with precision chilled iron coating rolls and bearings for accurate coat weight control. Laminators are available in a number of configurations including two- and three-roll pressure nips. All clean room designs are constructed entirely of stainless steel and electroless nickel-plated components.

General-Purpose AC Motor Is Flexible
Rockwell Automation
, Greenville, SC; 864/281-2171; reliance.com
The Reliance Calibre general-purpose AC motor is available in horsepower ratings ranging from 3-50. Product line is designed to provide a solution that is cost-effective, with quality performance on applications found in general industry. Available in a horizontal, foot-mounted configuration, with optional C Face designs available. Product is EPAct compliant and comes with a TEFC enclosure in 3,600-, 1,800-, or 1,200-rpm speeds. Offered in a variety of voltage ratings at 3 Phase, 60 Hz, or 50-Hz power systems.

UV/Ozone System Improves Product Yields
, Milpitas, CA; 408/263-4944; oainet.com
Line of surface processing equipment uses UV light and ozone to both clean and modify surfaces in order to enhance coating adhesion and to improve product yields. Mfr. says system has been used successfully for opto-electronic products as well as semiconductor LCD elements. Can be configured for production as a conveyor system or for research as a batch system. Also can be used in conjunction with conventional cleaning processes. The UV photo modification process, applicable to plastics, is a low-temperature process that also can be applied to uneven geometrics, as long as the surface can be treated with the special UV light, according to the mfr.

Dyne Pens Feature Chisel Tip
Jemmco LLC
, Mequon, WI; 262/512-9559
Accu-Flow dyne pens are said to offer a unique spring-loaded chisel tip, which releases material in controlled amounts to the pen tip, reducing evaporation and increasing testing consistency, according to the mfr. Pens are economically priced and available in even dyne levels from 30-70, co. reports.

Fluid Dispenser Has Small Head, Drip-Free Operation
, Ft. Lauderdale, FL; 954/484-9700; spraymation.com
The Electromatic XVI applicator head is designed specifically for areas where light weight and small size, coupled with high speed, trouble-free operation are important. Head is 70% smaller than the standard-sized head, co. reports. Intended for use with cold adhesives, coatings, silicones, marking inks, water, and lubricants in applications that include packaging, nonwoven products, and carton and paperboard manufacture. All wetted parts are stainless steel with only one moving part, co. says, and drip-free operation is ensured. Weighs 15 oz, operated at pressures to 2,000 psi, and typically fires above 1,800 cycles/min.

Magnetic Payoff Brake Is Ideal for Films
Magnetic Technologies
, Oxford, MA; 508/987-3303; magnetictech.com
Magnetic Payoff brake is said to be easy to mount and comes complete with shaft, adapter, and locking system to hold payoff material. Ideal for composite materials and films. Torque range is -12 in. lb. New calibration system makes units easier to read and adjust, co. notes.

Platesetter Provides High Run Lengths, Better Printing
Basys Print GmbH
, Boizenburg, Germany; +49 38847 99 132; basysprint.de
UV-Setter will process Agfa's Zenith N550 offset plates for higher productivity and improved printing. High run lengths can be achieved with even low exposure, the co. reports. It adds that exposure and print tests performed together confirmed these results. Provides an average increase in throughput of 40%.

Ion Air Jet Eliminates Static Electricity and Dust
Exair Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-3322; 800/903-9247; exair.com
Ion Air Jet is designed to deliver a concentrated flow of ionized air to cover a precise spot on a product without disturbing other areas. It provides fast static decay rates and cleaning capability, mfr. reports, and is effective at distances to 15 ft. Said to induce surrounding airflow at a ratio of 5:1, minimizing compressed air use and maximizing ionized airflow. Compact size allows mounting in confined or tight space, co. notes.

Combo Presses Made for Flexibility
RDP-Marathon Inc.
, Laval (Montreal) QC, Canada; 450/687-7262; rdpmarathon.com
LF-200 Series litho/flexo combination press line, available in 20 in. (508 mm) and 26 in. (660 mm) widths, is engineered to optimize combination technology, co. says. Platform presses provide interchangable web offset technology and can print a wide range of substrates, including IML (in-mold labels); foil; paper; carton; and p-s stock. Available in configurations to ten standard printing units, the LF-200 can be equipped with Stork rotary screen technology and specialty finishing stations (hot foil stamping, die-cutting, embossing, and in-line imaging). In addition, co. offers LG-200 combo-press series (litho/flexo/gravure web presses), which reportedly is designed for printers targeting the high-end label and packaging markets.

Generator Permits Alcohol-Free Printing
Pomeroy Pressroom Products
, Coleford, U.K.; +44-01594-837474; pomeroy.co.uk
The Liberator is a microprocessor-controlled, multi-frequency generator designed for alcohol-free web and sheet-fed printing. Unit is said to employ state-of-the-art electronics to produce comparable, and in many applications, better results than are achievable by adding alcohol to fountain solutions. Works by emitting radio and audio waves into dampening solutions via a series of antennae, which are placed in circulating tanks or damper trays. Additional benefits include reducing water scale and mineral deposits, thus ensuring the water system remains clean for longer periods, co. says. Also helps cut down the concentration of ink applied and thereby improves the brightness of printed colors. System reportedly enables printers to comply with legistlation to control and reduce VOC emissions.

Register Controls Provide Optimum Corrections
Nireco America Corp.
, Port Jervis, NY; 845/856-4053; nireco-web.com
MR3000 register control system is designed to control length register errors on gravure rotary printing presses. With the touch of a button, high-performance fiber optic scanners are said to detect and automatically recognize register marks and control circumferential print register with extreme precision. Provides optimum corrections at production speeds and controls up to 13 printing units running any web type including film, aluminum, foil, and paper. If an extremely large error occurs, or a registration mark is missing entirely, the fail safe function of the software prevents making unduly large changes that would actually cause greater misregistration, mfr. reports.

External Bladder Air Shafts Are Lightweight
Nim-Cor Inc.
, Nashua, NH; 888/4-NIM-COR; nimcor.com
Lightweight external bladder air shafts designed for standard-duty unwind and rewind applications are said to be ideal for the converting, printing, and narrow web markets. Offer low maintenance, high-performance air shaft solutions. Bladders can be replaced in 15 min, reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. Grips the core at multiple locations with a specially engineered polymer lug, eliminating core distortion and core slippage. Shafts are said to be easy to handle and lift, decreasing risks to the user.

Web Service Optimizes Rollstock Inventory
Greycon Inc.
, Birmingham, AL; 205/870-1310; greycon.com
Roll Stock Optimizer (RSO) is a Web-based service that allows converters to determine what size and quantity of rolls to stock in order to meet a particular demand profile. RSO is useful in sheeting, printing, and extrusion where rollstock is used to meet a variety of end-user sizes. Application is said to reduce waste and production costs and offers a cut-and-paste interface with popular spreadsheets and word processors.

Boltless Die Boosts Productivity
Extrusion Dies Inc. (EDI)
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
Flat-die clamping system is said to replace laborious tasks required for die cleanouts and color changes with a mechanized process that clamps and releases the die halves in less than 1 min. Operator flips a switch to start an unclamping or reclamping process. This patent-pending boltless die system enables extrusion processors and web converters that do frequent “split-and-cleans” to increase machine uptime and employ manpower more productively, mfr. reports.

Ink, Flush System Is Computer-Controlled
Graymills Corp.
, Chicago, IL; 773/477-4100
The IF-NW system, based on the co.'s PPS peristaltic pump, reportedly reduces downtime during job changes in the pressroom. Said to automatically supply ink and flush the printdeck via a PLC. System consists of a single-control station housing a PLC with graphic interface from which the press operator can control all print stations at once or individually as needed. Ink and flush containers are said to be readily accessible and offer quick changeover.

Viscosity Control System Is Precise
ADI Intl.
, Matthews, NC; 704/845-1540; arcdoyle.com
Opti-color viscosity control system is for corrugated sheet-fed printing presses that use vacuum transfer sections. Systems control the deviation of the ink within a 1½10 of a second. The correct amount of water and pH is automatically added. These systems are said to be maintenance-free and self-cleaning.

Press Is Modular for Flexibility
Gallus Inc.
, Philadelphia, PA; 215/677-9600; gallus.org
The EM 410 Series has a modular design that allows users to specify up to 100 different units. Available in three web widths — 260, 410, and 51O mm — series combines water-based and UV flexo with rotary screen printing, hot foil stamping, reverse side printing, and many finishing techniques.

Inking System Aids Cleanup
Exflexo Products
, Topeka, KS; 877/393-5396; exflexo.com
Quick-change inking system for the Mark Andy 830 Series press features cleanup outside press; accepts disposable ink trays; and changes aniloxes in seconds, mfr. says. Said to offer better print quality and to improve short-run job productivity.

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