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New Line of Slitters
Arpeco, div. of Precision Automation Co., Cherry Hill, NJ; 905/564-5150;
Together with Scantech Automation, company is offering a family of inspection, slitting, and rewinding equipment. This includes an 18-in.-wide Printrack finishing machine featuring unwind and rewind motor-drive technology.

Corn-Based Film Suited for Shrink Sleeves
Cargill Dow, Minnetonka, MN; 952/742-0400;
NatureWorks PLA corn-based film is said to offer excellent shrink properties and good toughness for shrink sleeve labels. Lower-temperature shrink initiation means shrink performance is more predictable, fast label application is possible, and food products are exposed to less heat during packaging, company adds.

Doctor Blade Chamber Precise
Printco Industries, Pulaski, WI; 920/865-7775;
The Trulyte doctor blade chamber features carbon fiber technology. Said to be precise, corrosion-resistant, very light, and easy to handle. It is interchangeable with existing company chambers and is available in widths to 138 in.

PE Film Conforms, Lasts
FLEXcon Co., Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200;
OptiFLEX CONFORMmax PE34153 (clear) an PE34453 (white) comprise a new series of PE films for semi-squeeze and rigid containers in personal care, food, and other primary label applications. Engineered to provide users with a high-performance, cost-competitive alternative, films are said to provide superior conformability, maximum label and graphic coverage, and exceptional long-term performance without lifting, tunneling, or flagging.

Hot Stamping Cylinders Golden
Bunting Magnetics Co., Newton, KA; 316/284-2020; 800/835-2526;
The Gold Series magnetic rotary hot stamping cylinders combine fast on-press setups with rapid heat transfer. Said to provide high quality, waste-reducing foil transfer performance. Cylinders are made from solid brass to be heat-tolerant and have been engineered to provide the right amount of heat transfer for foil stamping, company adds.

Convey Materials Continuously
AirTrim, Springfield, OH; 937/324-2272;
The patent-pending Chopping Diverter is a solution to pneumatically conveying material to different duct lines without stopping the machine or interrupting production. Provides continuous, pneumatic conveying of material to designated receptacles.

Identify Errors, Defects Easily
Global Vision North America, Montreal, Canada; 514/624-4422;
The Scan-TVS is a scanner-based proofreading solution for inspection of labels, cartons, inserts, and leaflets. It is available in a compact A3 or A4 desktop configuration or in a free-standing, wide-format roll scanner that can accommodate almost any size press sheet. Designed to operate with the TVS PRO software engine, full-image inspection system reportedly ensures all errors and defects are identifiable easily.

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