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Less Swell with UV Inks
INX Intl. Ink Co., Elk Grove Village, IL; 800/631-7956; 847/981-9399;
INXFlex 2000 UV flexo inks are suited to high-speed UV production in narrow web tag and label, folding carton, single-serve, and specialty applications. Said to avoid plate swell problems with digital plate or conventional technology and to be ideal for combination printing.

Low-Static Resin Resists Smears
Sony Chemicals Corp. of America, Mount Pleasant, PA; 888/569-7222;
TRX-76 specialty low-static resin formulation is designed for applications using paper and synthetic paper substrates. Can print on a variety of substrates, including coated paper, PE, PP, polyolefin, Kimdura, Valeron, Polyart, and Kromekote. Said to demonstrate excellent smear resistance at high temperatures and to have excellent resistance to smudges, scratches, and chemicals.

Taggant Stock Enhances Security Board
Rock-Tenn Co., Norcross, GA; 770/448-2193;
White label security board Series 2000 featuring covert taggants uses TechMark taggant stock from Appleton. Does not interfere with printing or require modifications to production setups. Said to offer an efficient and cost-effective way to ensure brand security. Implanted machine-readable codes reportedly offer enhanced capabilities for authentication, database links, and integration into a comprehensive security program.

Tape is Double-Coated
Lamart Corp., Clifton, NJ; 973/772-6262;
Polyester double-coated tape, designated 2101-60, is designed for foam lamination and bonding to irregular surfaces. High-performance tape also bonds well to low-energy substrates and offers good plasticizer migration resistance, company says.

UV Screen Ink is Overprintable
ANI Printing Inks, Plymouth, MN; 800/328-7838; 763/559-5911;
Combiwhite is described as a high-performance, easy-to-use, overprintable UV screen opaque white ink. Reportedly, it exhibits supreme whiteness and is excellent for all print technologies. Suited for printing both solids and text on a wide range of materials and offers excellent flow-out characteristics at high press speeds, company adds.

Coating has Anti-Static Uses
ADM Tronics, Northvale, NJ; 201/767-6040;
Conductive CLV25 water-based resin coating provides excellent adhesion to most substrates, company says, adding product has been used effectively as a coating for paper and films where anti-static properties are desired. Clear, electrically conductive resin is water-resistant, scuff-resistant, and flexible.

Film Suited for Finishing Cards
D&K Group, Elk Grove Village, IL; 800/632-2314;
SuperStick Printable Card Film (SPC) is said to be ideal for printing variable data on cards. SuperStick adhesive technology, a hybrid of thermal and p-s technologies, creates a mechanical bond with the substrate. When combined with the Double Kote PVC laminating system, designed for laminating thicker substrates, it becomes a total finishing solution for cards.

PC Films Show Off Graphics
Coburn Graphic Films, Lakewood, NJ; 732/367-5511;
Claritex PC films for digital, flexo, or screen printing use conventional solvent-based or UV inks. Films are said to be ideal for graphics applications such as overlays, nameplates, membrane switches, warning labels, and signage and to provide superior protection from UV light, chemical spillage, and abrasions for second-surface printed graphics. Company adds films can be die-cut, embossed, or thermoformed easily.

Modify Surface In-Line
Ciba Specialty Chemicals, High Point, NC; 336/801-2552;
Prime IT durable surface modification technology for plastics facilitates adhesion, printing, and coating. In-line systems allows treating and printing on the same machine. Products can be applied on a standard engraved flexo or gravure roll. Following carrier removal, substrate can be processed further without any additional surface treatment.

Splicing Tapes Have Many Benefits
Scapa North America, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000;
P-s splicing tapes are designed to deliver excellent performance on a wide variety of substrates including silicone-coated surfaces, paper, specialty films, and foils. Tapes feature high tack and fast-grabbing properties, high shear strength, and good chemical resistance. Called ideal for core starting, butt splicing, and overlap and flying splices.

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