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New Product Digest, Part 2

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Winding Technology is Patented
Black Clawson Machinery, Fulton, NY; 315/598-7121;
Company reports it has received domestic and patent allowance on new winding technology for high-speed slitting and winding of large-diameter rolls on small-diameter cores. The Advanced Technology SurfaStart (ATS) winds materials that can be surface-wound, including films, nonwovens, papers, paperboards, and composites. These materials can be wound to 62 in. dia at production widths to 220 in. and speeds to 2,500 fpm on 4-in.-O.D. cores or 4,000 fpm on 7-in.-O.D. cores.

Stacker Suited for Retrofit
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co., Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162;
The Series 200 stacker can be retrofitted on ruling, paper folding, embossing, sheeting, and other converting equipment where sheets are removed manually. Said to provide a well-jogged pile and eliminate the need for continuous operator attention at the collecting area. Includes an automatic feed-down table, an elevator brake motor, and an independent jogging system.

Check with Digital Microscope
Praxair Surface Technologies, Charlotte, NC; 704/921-5422;
Company distributes the ProScope digital USB microscope manufactured by Bodelin Technologies. Will check printed substrates, plate surfaces, and anilox rolls both on- and off-press. Captures single pictures as well as full motion videos when connected to a computer.

Extend Proofing Options
Latran Technologies, Bedford, MA; 781/482-1325;
New color technology software is said to extend the available range of accurate, seamless proofing of spot colors on company’s Prediction digital halftone proofing systems by retaining the exact screen angles, dot shapes, resolution, and lpi of the colors. Utilizes any combination of Prediction’s CMYK ink sheets, plus special colors, including red, green, blue, orange, white, and metallic gold and silver.

Strobe Light Power Upgrade
Unilux, Saddle Brook, NJ; 201/712-1266;
The Guardian surface inspection strobe lighting system replaces two models of company’s Lith-O-Light (LOL)-10. It has twice the power of the LOL-10 3600 and 50% more power than the LOL-10 6000. A cooling fan has been added to increase lamp life as well as a toggle switch to change between manual operation and automatic synchronization to line speed.

Measure Thickness Accurately
Lumetrics, West Henrietta, NY; 585/214-2455;
The DI 330 OptiGauge instrument employs optical technology to measure absolute thickness to the highest accuracy of ±0.1 micrometer. Company says virtually any translucent multilayer film or laminate can be analyzed in detail because the thickness of every layer is measured simultaneously.

Winder has Slitting Options
Catbridge Machinery, Parsippany, NJ; 973/808-0029;
Model 729 duplex winder is capable of rewinding rolls to 24 in. dia in widths of 30–120 in. Slitting options include razor, score, shear, burst, and hot knife. Can process both narrow and wide width materials in gap or true center/surface winding mode configurations.

Digital Printer is Redesigned
Nipson America, Elk Grove Village, IL; 847/357-9210;
The VaryPress 200 b/w digital printer is based on company’s magnetographic imaging and cold flash fusing processes. Built for continuous production and maximum uptime in demanding print environments, printer offers speeds to 230 fpm on a printable width of 18.45 in. (web width of 20.5 in.). Features redesigned printheads, an improved print drum construction, and a new toner formulation.

Inspect with Register System
TruColor Vision Systems, LaGrange, GA; 706/845-6970;
The TG 4000 Series Model automatic web inspection system now features TruRegister as an optional upgrade feature. This allows it to be used for automatic register presetting in CI presses. Supports jobs in up to 12 colors and positions to register marks automatically with continual auto tracking for web skew. Can begin calculations and corrections after one printed repeat.

Mark Defects with No Contact
Vacuumatic, Hicksville, NY; 800/683-6619;
Reel Tab Inserter System 2 uses a jet of air to mark webs, providing fault identification without web contact. Handles web speeds to 600 mpm. Potential problems are identified quickly with a "reason of fault code" printed on each mark. Compatible with manual and automatic systems.

Treat with Best of Two Worlds
Enercon Industries Corp., Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070;
The Universal-Roll station is a "hybrid" said to provide the benefits of bare-roll stations while delivering higher surface energy levels. Features an air flow and exhaust system that results in an ozone-safe work area; high-efficiency rectangular ceramic electrodes for increased dwell times; and a proprietary roll coating that reduces web wrinkling and inhibits oxidation of the treater roll.

Press Provides Precision Printing
Comexi America, Feeding Hills, MA; 413/789-3800;
The FW 1508 flexo press is based on the concept of the gearless machine and features automatic CNC positioning of printing units. Rapid sleeve-change system uses shafts assembled on a cantilever system and double guide-rail, said to keep the whole block rigid and ensure maximum precision during high-speed printing. VirtualMaster and Direct Direct Drive systems allow central drum to be synchronized with plate and anilox cylinders.

Stand-Alone Unit Repelletizes
Macchi North America, Guelph, ON, Canada; 519/823-9400;
The Recotrin is a "beside-the-winder" trim repelletizing system for blown film extrusion. The stand-alone unit will put back into a granule form up to 90 lbs/hr of HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, or mLLPE and blends of trim feed and transfer the finished pellet back into a hopper for refeed or into a separate container.

Substrates, Inks, Adhesives, Polymers

New Taggant Solutions Offered
Microtrace, Minneapolis, MN; 760/784-9725; microtracesolutions.com
Company reports enhancements to its Microtaggant identification particle technology as well as the availability of several ready-to-use solutions for brand protection. Solutions include compounded plastic resins, films, adhesives, shrink sleeves, and tamper-evident security labels. Company says it can provide multiple taggant technologies, including nanotechnology materials, in a single delivery format.

BOPP Films in Many Varieties
OPP Film, Lima, Peru; +511 430-3011;
Company offers BOPP with qualities said to make it ideal for packed food preservation and accurate machine processing. Offerings include coextruded formulations and a variety of presentations, from white cavitated to high-barrier metallized films. Also provides design variations for high- and extra-high-speed packaging, flower wrapping, and laminations.

Multilayer OPP Film for Barrier
ExxonMobil Chemical Films Business, Macedon, NY; 800/334-7987;
Metallyte X-28 UBW-ES multilayer, cavitated, white OPP film is designed to replace foil and a sealant web by combining the properties of each into one film. It is metallized on one side with a proprietary sealant layer on the other. Said to provide improved barrier to flex cracking over foil as well as high barrier to gases, flavors, moisture, and light. Features an enhanced sealant for leak-free seals and to allow sealing through contamination of dry food and mix particles.

Narrow Web New Products
Machinery, Accessories, Services, Materials Inspect Seams for Shrink Sleeves
Stanford Products, Salem, IL; 618/548-2600;
The Model DM10/16 Doctor Machine Inspector complements company’s Seam-machine for producing shrink sleeves. Offers control and inspection capabilities with patent-pending oscillation technology and seam inspection options ranging from manual to automatic. Speeds are to 1,000 fpm; standard web widths are from 10–16 in. (other widths available as options).

Inspect Labels for Defects
AB Graphic Intl., Anaheim, CA; 714/385-1791;
Flytec 100 label inspection rewinder with image recognition and ink jet printing is suited for pharmaceutical use. The camera inspection rewinder used with an Imaje S7 ink jet printer for underside printing permits label numbering to proceed simultaneously with inspection and control in one operation.

Verify Labels at Full Speeds
PC Industries, Gurnee, IL; 847/336-3300;
The Viper Printing Vision System offers label printers the ability to inspect 100% of their web for printing defects. Can detect defects such as missing punctuation, broken characters, and register and color variation on printing presses and inspection rewinders at full web speeds. Also provides label counting and full reporting and documentation.

Add Quality Assurance
Advanced Vision Technology, Atlanta, GA; 770/541-9781;
The WorkFlow Link add-on feature, used with company’s PrintVision system on-press, transfers print quality information from the press to the rewinder for automatic defective material removal and effective quality assurance workflow. Integrates PrintFlow and PrintFlow Manager and enables increased control over waste removal from a printed roll while reducing the time of preparing a finished roll.

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