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Rossini's Diamond Anniversary

RESCALDINA, ITALY — Rossini SpA celebrated 75 years in business during Drupa 2004. Three generations of family entrepreneurs joined guests at a dinner, during which chairman Felice Rossini talked about memories but added, “At the same time we express our expectations for the future of the company…seeing the work now being done by my daughter, Guila, and my son-in-law Marco, a manager with sound international experience.”

Rossini, known today as a producer of pressure rollers for rotogravure printing and sleeves for flexo printing, has opened a plant in L'Aquila and a production unit in Atlanta, GA. Recently, it acquired the Spanish company Macsa, which produces printing rollers in Barcelona.

Converted Tickets Pass Security Test

Last July's Democratic National Convention in Boston, MA, obviously faced extremely tight security challenges. In order to limit admission to authorized individuals, organizers turned to converter Globe Ticket, Warminster, PA, and Proma Technologies to produce all admission passes for the event.

After a custom 2D/3D holographic design was created, Proma produced HoloSecure holographic paper and sent it to Globe for printing on a six-color, 16-in. Mark Andy press with four colors on one side and two on the reverse. The rolls then went through another operation for numbering. An additional layer of authentication was added to the substrate in the form of a proprietary covert security taggant supplied by Stardust Technologies. Each pass could be inserted into a customized IR detection device that verified instantaneously based on the presence or absence of the taggant.

The security system for the convention required many different categories of passes be printed with elaborate color coding, necessitating more than 100 plate changes. Security personnel were present throughout the print process, and all waste was secured and not allowed to leave the plant until the convention was over.

Supplier Information:

Proma Technologies — PFFC-ASAP 430.

Mark Andy — PFFC-ASAP 431.

Stardust Technologies — PFFC-ASAP 432.

Management Buyout at Galileo

ALPHARETTA, GA — CEO Pietro Profumo has led a management buyout of Galileo Vacuum Systems, Prato, Italy, from former majority shareholder Fata Group. Fata will maintain a minority position in the company.

Galileo reports this was motivated by the diverging strategic focus of the two companies: Fata is moving away from its traditional industrial base in the aluminum sector, and Galileo's growing markets in flexible packaging require a more decisive and specific strategy.

Galileo's activities will continue in the Prato plant, with the support of its international operations in Atlanta, GA; Shanghai, PRC; and Moscow, Russia.

Fast Track to Market

RINGWOOD, IL — Rohm & Haas Co. demonstrated its commitment to flexible packaging converters on September 28 at an open house by showing off the newest additions to its Ringwood Midwest Pilot Coater Ctr.

In the spotlight was a new duplex Comexi CL solventless laminator with Siemen's controls accommodating substrates to 54 in. wide (laminating width of 52 in.) and capable of attaining speeds to 1,200 fpm to enable customers to simulate actual production environments. This facilitates product development for customers desiring to bring new products to market quickly, says Rohm and Haas general manager Mark Douglas of adhesives and sealants North America.

Complementing the Comexi solventless laminator are two Enercon 5-kW corona treaters for the primary and secondary webs and Liquid Control blending and dispensing equipment. Co-located at the facility is an Egan triplex coater with two modular coating stations and a three-zone oven that's especially suited for retort and condiment package development. Accommodating substrates to 24 in. wide with maximum O.D. of 30 in. at speeds to 600 fpm, this pilot coater is for high-performance adhesive sealant coating, including solventless, solvent, and water-based. A Comexi CS duplex slitter/rewinder completes the center's equipment offerings.

Douglas sees moderate growth in new technologies and cold seal applications — even with the cost of raw materials rising — for the core business of Rohm and Haas's customers in the Midwest utilizing the Ringwood facility.

From a global perspective, more robust growth is anticipated in India and China, where the cost of raw materials is comparable and, surprisingly, sometimes even higher. Rohm and Haas defines its challenge as satisfying converter needs by improving their productivity while it meets end-users' needs with products that can be differentiated on store shelves.

ANI a New Name in Inks

PLYMOUTH, MN — A new name is now in place officially at the former Akzo Nobel Printing Inks group. Now known as ANI Printing Inks, this change is the result of a management buyout back in February of 2002. The group was allowed to use the name Akzo Nobel for three years.

ANI reports that, in addition to the name change, it is dedicating itself to a new focus on organization and customer service.

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