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Deaerator Controls Foam, Reduces Gasses
Black Clawson Converting Machinery
, Fulton, NY; 315/598-7121; blkclawson.com
The VdeG (Vacuum Degassing) CAS System can be designed to deliver between 1.5 and 8.5 gal/min of bubble-free fluid with reduced dissolved gasses at room pressure for gravity feed to the process. Comes as a complete assembly with 15-gal tank, pump motor drive, and deaerator mounted on a skid.

Tester Helps Cut Coating Problems
Capella Technology Inc.,
Pompton Plains, NJ; 973/248-1422
Stretch tester eliminates coated appearance problems such as pinholes, film split patterns, dilatent scratches, and lumpiness, mfr. reports. Also can formulate for curtain coating. Requires only 500 cc of coating and measures surface tension at 1 millisecond surface age. Will process viscosity measurements ranging from 200/sec to 10,000/sec shear rates.

Clean Anilox Rolls Quickly
Flexo Wash Inc.
, Louisville, KY; 502/297-8808; flexowash.com
The FW996 anilox roll cleaner cleans from one to six rollers at a time. Fully automatic cleaning process takes only 10 min and leaves anilox rollers clean and ready for immediate use, co. says. Uses environmentally friendly cleaning liquids, which are circulated in a closed-circuit system.

Workflow Solution for Packaging
Creo Inc.
, Burnaby, B.C., Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
The Brisque Pack CT/LW packaging workflow solution offers step-and-repeat options, drives proofing and plate-imaging devices, and includes specialized flexo screening and distortion capabilities.

Inspection Rewinder Offers Shear and Razor Cutting
Kor Engineering
, Oakville, Ont., Canada; 877/257-3001; korengineering.com
The PAC 51 FWD is described as a versatile, high-speed inspection rewinder for film and paper. It comes complete with removable shear slitting, razor slitting, rotary die-cutting modules, and duplex rewind. Integrated Vision System automates inspection.

Get into POP Markets
, Middleton, WI; 800/676-9665; nastar-inc.com
Line of temporary adhesive products, in conjunction with co.'s Embossed OverLam or double-sided tape, reportedly will allow the flexo printer to compete in ad specialty markets. Narrow web printer now can produce on-pack premiums, mouse pads, floor graphics, counter mats, pseudo magnets, and direct one-piece mailers, says co.

Measure Color Consistency Throughout Press Run
Eltromat Electronics
, Chesapeake, VA; 757/487-8844; eltro.com
AccuColour system measures in the image the consistency of color throughout press runs. Incorporates latest R,G,B camera technology for a unique, noncontact, on-press, precision color measurement method. This is said to result in less material waste and less required makeready time by identifying wrong ink colors/strength, printing defects, and operator errors.

Imaging System for Flexo Labels, Cartons
, Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
The CDI Spark XT images DuPont Cyrel and other brands of digital photopolymer plates in sizes to 48 × 35 in. It has two productivity options, either Optics (1.5 sq m/hr) or Optics 25 (2.5 sq m/hr).

Digital Press Economical for Short Runs
, Woburn, MA; 781/937-6461; hp.com
The double-speed ws4000 web-fed, digital press features in-line converting for labels. Said to be cost-effective for label runs of 20,000 or more. Press will print and convert more than 100,000 full-color, high-quality labels in one shift, co. says.

Anilox Roll Cleaner Updated
LBL Enterprises, Milwaukee, WI; 414/385-0401
Reformulated “quick clean” ceramic anilox roll cleaner now has a pH level between 6 and 9. Cleaning performance remains the same, co. says. Cleaner removes water-based inks, UV (ultraviolet) inks, or solvent inks and can be used in or out of press.

Laser-Imaged CTP System Speeds Platemaking
Anderson & Vreeland
, Bryan, OH; 866/282-7697; andersonvreeland.com
FlexoLaser reportedly is the first complete, laser-imaged CTP system for water-wash flexo plates. Specifically designed for narrow web applications, the system includes the PixFlow software workflow package, a laser imagesetter, and an in-line system for automatic processing of Cosmolight water-wash flexo plates. Available in a range of sizes, system also is compatible with solvent-wash plates used throughout the narrow web industry, co. says.

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