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Slitter Reduces Wrinkles
Battenfeld Gloucester
, Gloucester, MA, USA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
Blown film lines now feature trimless edge slitter station with a lower blade that faces upward toward the inner shoe. Film “walks” down the blade, pulling tension on the film and reportedly making a better cut. Dimpled Teflon-coated surface allows film to float better with less air volume, company says, preventing a “pillowing” effect above the blade holder. This will reduce edge wrinkles and allow better layflat control.

Sensor Is Highly Accurate
Migatron Corp.
, Woodstock, IL, USA; 815/338-5800; migatron.com
High-accuracy analog ultrasonic sensor has a range of ±0.002 in. or 0.05% of range, whichever is greater, at 25 deg C. Features a built-in temperature target that monitors and compensates for air temperature 50x/sec. Compensates for changes in relative humidity, barometric pressure, and other factors that influence the speed of sound.

Image Plates with UV Light
, Vandalia, OH, USA; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
Espresso is a 4-up computer-to-UV-plate (CtUP) system capable of imaging conventional pre-sensitized plates with UV light. Company reports product delivers consistent productivity because of a proven, highly reliable mechanical design derived from its EskoScan scanners, an easy-to-use manual loading system, and an innovative, high-precision optical system.

Control Static to Prevent Fires
Ion Industrial
, Windsor Locks, CT, USA; 888/310-3334; ion.com/industrial
HL-Type Virtual AC static neutralizers are recommended for environments such as coating and printing operations where static buildup on webs in the atmosphere of flammable vapors presents a risk of electrostatic discharge that can cause fires. Designed to be rugged and reliable, products feature a solid-state power supply and a controller that supplies real-time operating data.

Buy Clutches, Brakes Online
Magnetic Power Systems (Magpowr), a Maxcess Intl. co.
, Fenton, MO, USA; 800/magpowr; magpowr.com
Perma-Tork permanent magnet clutches and brakes and Sofstep magnetic particle clutches and brakes are said to provide accurate, continuous tension and process control for web processing, packaging applications, material handling, and more. Both now are available on-line.

Digital Control Systems Offered
Andantex USA
, Wanamassa, NJ, USA; 732/493-2812; andantex.com
Company now offers DGT 2000 digital web tension controls and Amadeus digital registration controllers. Controllers are combined with Merobel magnetic particle brakes and clutches and company's differential phase shifters, respectively, to provide complete electromechanical tension and registration control systems. Both feature a user-friendly interface for operation and troubleshooting.

Two Nozzle Pasting Systems
, Bielefeld, Germany; +49 (0) 521 3048-0; kochsiek.de
A nozzle unit for paper/film and paper/paper sheet cross-pasting is available for the Model 61 tuber. A valve patch unit with a nozzle pasting application system for PE/tube is offered for the Model 66 bottomer. Both feature an integrated, patented cleaning system and allow for programmable pasting patterns.

Proof Digitally with Accuracy
, Dover, NH, USA; 888/228-9070; perfectproof.com
ProofMaster RIP software packages are multi-platform and are said to combine ease of use and flexibility with exceptional color accuracy. Certify Proof feature demonstrates to customers that each proof is certifiably accurate to ISO standards. Available in different sizes and price points.

Digital Press Offers Updates
, Hudson, NH, USA; 603/595-7000; presstek.com
With KBA, company announces the 46 Karat Plus digital offset press. Updated inking system controls ink settings automatically over the complete run, and a pre-pile device is said to allow uninterrupted operation and better efficiency on longer runs. Includes company's ProFire Excel imaging system.

Portable Headspace Analyzer
, Minneapolis, MN, USA; 763/493-6370; mocon.com
The Pac Check Model 325 hand-held oxygen and carbon dioxide analyzer measures controlled and/or modified atmospheres in food packages. Can be used in production, quality control, and R&D applications to verify residual percentages of O2 and/or CO2. Said to provide reliable and accurate measurement.

Monitor ESD Conveniently
SPI (Static Prevention Inc.) Westek
, Anaheim, CA, USA; 714/502-0970; spiwestek.com
The Ground Gard Traveler battery-operated constant ESD (electrostatic discharge) monitor utilizes company's single-conductor, impedance-detecting technology in a convenient, lightweight case. Features a patent-pending chirp alarm in addition to visual indicator for low-battery. Several models are available.

UV Technology Adds Efficiency
IST Metz
, Nürtingen, Germany; +49 (0) 70 226 00 2-0; ist-uv.com
The URS reflector technology (UV Reflector System) combines the advantages of both CMK and aluminum reflectors. Reflectors provide a functional dichroitic layer reflecting the UV light and absorbing the IR radiation. Technology offers the possibility to select the geometrical form freely. Thus, with the same electrical output, the exploited UV light on the substrate can be increased by 20%.

Clean Presses Efficiently
D.W. Renzmann
, Monzingen, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany; +49 (0) 6751-878-16; dw-renzmann.de
The Cleanflex washing machine is said to simplify cleaning at the press with type-tested airbrush registers. Compact machine is a “plug-in-and-wash” solution. Said to achieve high cleaning effectiveness by specifically arranged nozzles of a rotating jet nozzle cleaning system and can clean up to eight inking units simultaneously.

Reduce Compressed Air Use
Exair Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH, USA; 800/903-9247; exair.com
The 2-in. Super Air Nozzle uses company's patented technology to maximize entrained airflow and force while reducing compressed air use and noise. Flat airstream is said to be suited for blow-off, cooling, and drying applications. Offers a low noise level and allows user to control the airflow precisely.

Control Temps Economically
Eurotherm Controls
, Leesburg, VA, USA; 703/669-1324; eurotherm.com
The RFS Din Rail mount temperature controller is designed for panel mounting, so it has no integral display. Parameters are accessed via a Modbus RS-485 network. Said to be suited for temperature control in plastic extruders. Allows exact scalability without the wiring expense typically found in other Din Rail mount temperature controllers.

Benefits of Redesigned Drives
Danfoss Drives
, Loves Pk., IL, USA; 800/432-6367; namc.danfoss.com
Company announces a redesigned version of the VLT 4000 Series drives. The new units feature 110-250 kW/150-350 hp and reportedly have been optimized to provide increased reliability, higher performance, lower installation costs, and lower overall costs of ownership. Operating software is the same as that used for the rest of the VLT 4000 Series.

Ink Jet Printer Versatile, Rugged
ATD Inkjet Systems
, Leicestershire, UK; +44 (0)1858 461014; atduk.com
The IP 7000 Series ink jet printing system featuring Trident 768Jet printheads is capable of producing 4-in.-tall images. Prints variable information including high quality graphics, scannable bar codes, and alphanumeric text onto a variety of porous materials such as secondary packaging, paper overwraps, and industrial fabric. Printhead is sealed to protect against impact, shock, and vibration, and control system is housed in a rugged, stainless steel enclosure.

Integrate Machine Controls
Catbridge Machinery
, Parsippany, NJ, USA; 973/808-0029; catbridgemachinery.com
The CBM-1 advanced controls system integrates the full range of machine controls into a single networking package. Called price-competitive, the unit is said to maintain precise tension control, provide automatic knife positioning, and control many other machine functions.

Pump Has Protective Housing
Graymills Corp.
, Chicago, IL, USA; 773/477-4100; inkpumps.graymills.com
Splash-resistant peristaltic pump with protective housing has welded seams, a shielded rear air vent; bottom venting; and a sealed speed control and forward/reverse switch to keep fluids from entering the pump housing. Includes all features of company's standard peristaltic pumps and is reported ideal for UV and normal inks, coatings, and adhesives.

Capture High-Speed Events
, San Diego, CA, USA; 858/481-8182; redlake.com
The MotionXtra HG-LE is described as a high-performance value solution for capturing high-speed events on the production line. Available in color or monochrome, camera can record 1,500 fps at resolution of 752×752 (faster at reduced resolutions). A 5-microsecond electronic shutter is said to eliminate motion blur. Company reports product allows user to download outstanding digital images in seconds into a computer via Ethernet for slow-motion analysis.

UV Curing System Saves Money
Prime UV
, Carol Stream, IL, USA; 630/681-2100; primeuv.com
The Optimum Series Air-Cooled line of UV processors for high-speed curing on flexo, gravure, and offset printing presses is available in widths from 10-110 in. Features complete computer controls of all parameters of the UV curing process. Users are said to save floor space and cut capital and utility costs.

Die-Cut in Small Footprint
TTARP Industries
, Buffalo, NY, USA; 716/894-5613; ttarp.com
Compact 26×20-in. die-cutting press is suited for applications using low-density, nonmetallic materials, including plastic, foam, and paper. Available for manual or automatic operation, unit is said to offer the performance features of company's standard die-cutting systems in a lower-cost model with a smaller footprint. Standard features include drive pinch rollers, PLC-controlled indexing, adjustable cutting stroke and cutting pressure, and stops to determine accurate cutting depth.

Detect Web Edges Automatically
, Madison, WI, USA; 608/223-0625; accuweb.com
WideArray edge detectors automatically detect web edges passing anywhere through their 18.4-in.-wide range. When positioned on opposite sides of the web in a center guiding mode, detection range is doubled. Wider range allows operators to change the guide point or web width on the fly, speeding makeready time by eliminating manual adjustment or mechanical edge-sensing devices.

Foil Stamp on Convertible Press
Diversified Graphic Machinery
, Red Bank, NJ, USA; 732/933-4865; dgmna.com
The Iijima MJ 104 high-speed convertible foil stamping press is said to go from die-cutting and stripping to foil stamping and embossing in less than 30 min. Offers a sheet size capacity of 29 × 41 in. and 330 tons of pressure. Maximum running speed is 8,000 sph, and all operations are touchscreen controlled. Press is equipped with a nonstop MABEG feeder and will handle thin paper all the way to e-flute corrugated.

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