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Compounds Suited for Medical
Cyro Industries
, Rockaway, NJ, USA; 800/631-5384; cyro.com
Cyrolite and XT polymer acrylic-based, multipolymer compounds are both transparent and impact-modified and are suited for applications requiring gamma irradiation, exceptional impact strength, and low melt flow rates. Cyrex acrylic-PC alloy compounds are opaque and reportedly offer good heat and chemical resistance. Compounds are designed to be useful for medical applications such as IV adaptors, filter housings, check valves, cassettes, blood handling components, catheter accessories, and more.

Filaments Add to Print Definition
BBA Fiberweb
, Nashville, TN, USA; 615/847-7000; bbafiberweb.com
Resolution is made of trilobal-shaped PE filaments said to provide increased surface area for better print definition. Company adds product is strong, durable, noncreasing, and water-resistant, and can be sewn, punched, glued, converted, or rolled and retain its original shape.

Film Protects Flat Screens
Novacel, c/o French Technology Press Office
, Chicago, IL, USA; 312/327-5260; consulfrance-chicago.org
Film designated 9010 is designed for the protection of plastic sheets and foils used for the manufacture of flat screens. Transparent coextruded film is 100 microns thick and features a polyolefin base to protect flat screens against scratches and dirt during assembly, handling, storage, and transport.

Fountain Solutions Are Noncorrosive
Prisco (Printers' Service)
, Newark, NJ, USA; 212/962-6565; prisco.com
Three new non-corrosive fountain solutions are designed to work without alcohol. Questar CTP CR-1S one-step buffered formula for sheet-fed printing is designed for maximum image area production of CTP plates. Webfount 225E is ideal for high-speed heatset presses with continuous dampening systems. Webfount 115E is designed for coldset web printing and heatset presses with brush dampening.

Ink Jet Printer Aids Environment
, Brookfield, CT, USA; 203/740-9333; trident-itw.com
BreezeMark UV ink jet printing solution consists of BreezeMark UV Ink and an UltraJet II or 768Jet Printhead, reportedly featuring low-energy curing and print to 4 in. tall. Ink is called an environmentally friendly alternative to MEK or aggressive solvent-based inks and said to be ideal for printing on heat-sensitive materials.

Scented Inks Enhance Brands
Flint Ink
, Ann Arbor, MI, USA; 734/622-6000; flintink.com
Rub'nSmell scented, colorless inks reportedly drive sales at the point of purchase. They are said to be ideal for packaging and labeling applications, as well as promotional applications such as direct mailers and printed advertisements.

Treatment Improves Ink Adhesion
Klöckner Pentaplast of America
, Gordonsville, VA, USA; 540/832-3600; kpfilms.com
Dynox surface treatment — available on Pentaclear and Pentaprint vinyl films — is said to provide superior ink adhesion with UV ink systems in print and folding carton uses. Reportedly, films eliminate the need for a primer coat prior to the printing process or a varnish topcoat for scratch protection.

Polymer Scrubbing Power
Vinamul Polymers
, Bridgewater, NJ, USA; 908/685-5422; vinamulpolymers.com
Nacrylic ABX-30 acrylic polymer adds abrasive properties to nearly every type of scrubbing wipe, company says, including spunlaced, airlaid, and needlepunched.

Solventless Silicone PSA
Dow Corning Corp.
, Midland, MI; 989/496-6000; dowcorning.com
Adhesive designated 2013 is said to combine the tack and adhesion properties expected from a silicone PSA with the high-temperature performance many PSA applications require. Gives tape and label manufacturers the performance advantages of solvent-based silicone PSAs without the solvent, says company.

Low-Odor, High-Performance Resins
, Dublin, OH, USA; 800/526-105; ashland.com
Additional classes of FlexCure self-initiating resins are available. With exposure to typical commercial UV energy dosages, optimum cure can be achieved with little or no photoinitiator, company says. Benefits are said to include low odor, reduced amount of harmful monomers, and improved depth of cure.

Gloss Papers Enhance Direct Mail
International Paper
, Memphis, TN, USA; 901/419-7909; internationalpaper.com
Postmark C1S and C2S Gloss Envelope Papers reportedly make graphics stand out. C1S is said to feature excellent bulk and stiffness for improved convertibility and an uncoated surface suitable for four-color printing.

Promote with Vinyl
, Stow, OH, USA; 330/689-2290; mactac.com
IMAGin JT5427P 3.3-mil, white vinyl is designed for medium-term indoor or outdoor advertising and promotional applications. Unprinted, the film's outdoor durability is said to be two years. Available in a roll size of 60 × 328 in.

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