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Printable Films for HP Indigo
Regal Graphics
, Kansas City, MO, USA; 800/627-3425; regalgraphics.com
Extreva media is developed for use in all HP Indigo presses. Reported to offer an improved shelf life, a dual-layer coating system, and the ability to order specific quantities. The line will include GE Lexan films, rigid vinyl, PETG, and a selection of other popular media.

Resin Leads to Strength
, Greenfield, MA, USA; 413/772-2564; argotecinc.com
Aliphatic TPU PU resin is suited for extrusion into film and sheet for use as a bonding adhesive between layers of glass, PC, or other dissimilar substrates. Company says the created composite is used in applications in which extremely high strength and impact resistance is required. Can be produced in UV-resistant polyester and polyether grades.

Layer Adds Barrier to Films
, Summit, NJ, USA; 800/526-4960; ticona.com
FlexoHybar CO barrier films from Flexopack (Koropi, Greece) use a Topas cyclic olefin copolymer layer to gain high modulus, transparency, and improved moisture barrier, says company. This layer eliminates the need to build stiffness by laminating oriented films to the barrier-coex film, reducing production steps and saving money. Topas also is said to provide excellent resistance to abuse and punctures.

Coating Offers Crack Resistance
Sumitomo Chemical
, Tokyo, Japan; 310/545-2508; sumitomo-chem.co.ja/english
Sevix coating can be applied to BOPP, BON, or PE film. Said to provide high clarity without metals or halogens and to show superior crack resistance.

BOPP Films Can Replace PVDC
Toray Plastics
, North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511; toraytpa.com
Torayfan CB-S 70G and 80G heat-sealable and Torayfan CB-P 10G nonsealable, clear barrier BOPP films are noncoated and have moisture transmission rates equal to PVDC-coated films, company says. Also reported to be nonyellowing, microwavable, and environmentally friendly; and to have 10% higher puncture resistance, 30% higher stiffness, and improved oil resistance.

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