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Coating Solves Sticky Problems
, Fairburn, GA; 770/969-9191; impreglon.us
XTC15BB coating is called a solution for film producers dealing with sticking problems on their oriented rolls. Coating is very tough and smooth and contains a slight nodularity tat traps air and acts as a cushion for improving nonstick properties. Low cure temperature is said to be ideal for coating rolls (especially aluminum) that need to maintain tolerances and avoid heat stress.

WOGR Paper Ships Quickly
Contract Converting
, Greenville, WI; 800/734-0990; contractconverting.com
Company now stocks a 50# water-, oil-, and grease-resistant (WOGR) paper in its Roll Express program, which ships products in 24 hr. This FDA-compliant sheet features built-in performance that complements its Sheffield Smoothness of 145, which is said to be excellent for flexo printing. Caliper of 4 mils makes product ideal for folding coupons, company adds.

Splicing Tape Can Take the Heat
Scapa North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000; scapatapesna.com
A heavy-duty, p-s splicing tape designated 512 is suited for use on silicone and other surfaces. Comprises a polyester film single-coated with a silicone adhesive said to deliver excellent tack. Product reportedly makes a good flying splice and will withstand prolonged exposure to temperatures as high as 350 deg F (to 400 deg F for shorter periods).

Envelope Adhesives Work with Old, New Machines
National Adhesives, div. of National Starch & Chemical Company
, Monroe NJ; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Envelope adhesives, including dextrin, resin, and hot melt, are said to be fully compatile with the latest high-speed technology, as well as with older equipment. Adhesives are designed for remoistenable front seal, rotary stencil seam, extrusion seam, p-s seal, window, self-seal, and specialty applications.

Board a Treat for Ice Cream
International Paper, Bleach Board Business
, Memphis, TN; 877/922-5547; internationalpaper.com
Fortress ice cream board, developed for 1/2-gal, brick-style packages, is said to give products advanced package performance as well as total recyclability. The 24-pt board is highly sized to maximize ice cream holdout during filling process. Said to provide superior print quality with reduced mottle, reduced texture, and consistent ink lay and to offer precise scoring and die-cutting.

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