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Anchor Plugs Do Heavy Duty
Badger Plug
, Greenville, WI, USA; 920/757-7300; badgerplug.net
New line of heavy-duty metal anchor plugs holds cores and spool ends securely with locking anchors, even in heavy product spooling applications, company says. A variety of sizes are available to 12 in. dia.

Folder/Gluer Has New Features
American International achinery
, Oak Creek, WI, USA; 414/764-3223; aim-inc.net
The Signature Elite high-speed folder/gluer is said to offer speeds to 550 mpm; easier operation with less tooling required; increased versatility for a wider variety of cartons; a third axis option that can be used to fold front and back of simplex-style trays; and a belted, six-corner folding unit to prevent scuffing by using a belt to fold carton.

Convey Trim on One Line or Many
JTW International
, Lawrenceville, GA, USA; 678/442-0633;
Trim/scrap conveying equipment includes off-the-shelf models for quick installation; optional mobile units; single- and multiple-trim pickups; and complete system engineering for single extrusion/converting lines or plant-wide applications.

Improve Surface Adhesion
Optical Associates
, San Jose, CA, USA; 408/232-0600; oainet.com
UV-Ozone dry surface treatment technology uses UV light and ozone to both clean and modify the molecular surface of solids. Result is said to be higher yields, improved adhesion, and higher quality products.

Measure Viscosity Easily
Kernco Instruments Co
, El Paso, TX, USA; 915/852-3375; kerncoinstr.com
Models 36A10 and 36A11 viscosity testers are suited for products such as adhesives, inks, and more. Said to be simple to use and to allow user quick and accurate measurements using only one hand.

Plug-Ins Streamline Prepress
, Vandalia, OH, USA; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
ArtiosCAD Mac and PC plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator are said to ensure the streamlined integration of CAD with graphic design files in the prepress workflow. Users can open or place native ArtiosCAD files into Adobe Illustrator without any file conversion. After opening an ArtiosCAD design, the ArtiosCAD structure and properties are kept and placed in a separate working layer.

Winder Enhanced for Speed
, Pawcatuck, CT, USA; 860/599-1010, davis-standard.com
Model 2300 winder has been upgraded to include a new chucking mechanism that permits 120-in. finished roll widths at production speeds to 1,500 fpm. Does not require a center shaft support. Winder is said to be an economical, high-speed alternative to using two side-by-side winders for achieving the same results.

Sleeve System Aids Flexibility
RDP Marathon
, Montreal, QC, Canada; 450/687-7262; rdpmarathon.com
SOLID (Sleeve Offset Lithographic Independent Drive) technology is for packaging printers requiring a wide range of sizes and print on a broad range of substrates. Can run at maximum speed of 1,500 fpm and is offered in web widths of 26.5 and 38.5 in. in infinitely variable repeat sizes from 24-36 in. Solid-metal mandrel design is said to provide high degree of rigidity, resulting in superior print quality.

Custom Predry Nonwovens
, Paterson, NJ, USA; 973/279-5900ยด; glenro.com
Gas IR predryers for nonwovens finishing lines are custom-engineered to each customer's web width and desired line speed. Predryers feature company's Radplant rapid-response gas IR heaters. Insulated, adjustable reflectors at the entrance and exit minimize ambient air infiltration, improving energy efficiency, company reports.

Rewind, Perforate Nonwovens
Elsner Engineering Works
, Hanover, PA, USA; 717/637-5991; elsnereng.com
The ENR Series automatic nonwoven wipes perforator rewinder allows users to unwind, perforate, slit, and rewind a set count of nonwoven product sheets per roll automatically. Two models are available: The 760 is 30 in. wide and the 1000 is 42 in. wide. Web width range is from 12-40 in., and maximum rewind diameter is 10 in.

Triple Nonwoven Productivity
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI, USA; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Sheeter converts rolls of nonwoven materials and filtration papers into finished sheet sizes. Equipped with multiple rollstands, precision accuracy, and exact counting and marking of reams, sheeter is said to triple the productivity of operations using conventional converting methods.

Chuck Is Advanced
, Wharton, NJ, USA; 973/328-1850; convertech.com
Pneumatic/mechanic high-torque chuck incorporates advanced technological capabilities, including hardened jaws that concentrically expand; spring return cams; and centering cones for easy insertion. Chuck is manufactured to fit spindle in any diameter, size, and configuration.

Measure MVTR, OTR
, Minneapolis, MN, USA; 763/493-6370; mocon.com
The Permatran-W Model 700 and Ox-Tran Model 702 (pictured) testing systems measure MVTR and OTR on a variety of flexible packaging structures, including flat films, laminates, and coextrusion. They feature company's Coulox coulometric-type sensor for oxygen and modulated IR for water vapor.

Maintain Nonwoven Integrity
E-Beam Services
, Cranbury, NJ, USA,; 877/413-2326; e-beamservices.com
Company offers what is described as an environmentally responsible, nonchemical process for the bio-reduction and sterilization of nonwovens. Said to permit manufacturers of wet and dry nonwoven sanitary products to assure and preserve product integrity without the use of alcohol or other stabilizing chemical additives.

Keep Extrusion Line Moving
Extrusion Dies Industries
, Chippewa Falls, WI, USA; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
The FastGap system features the single-point adjustment mechanism that eliminates the need to reset the flexible-lip bolts or install an alternate lower lip with each change in product thickness. Company reports the patented Toggle FastGap system now also eliminates the need to lubricate system, further reducing downtime.

Load Cells Bring Accuracy
Cleveland Motion Controls
, Cleveland, OH, USA; 216/524-8800; 800/321-8072; cmccontrols.com
The Ultra Line family of load cells is said to provide a higher signal output for better signal resolution over a wide range of tensions, resulting in more accurate web tension control for processing a wide variety of materials. New transducer design is stable, even at low tensions, and maintains exact measurements regardless of ambient temperature changes, company adds.

Eliminate Static without Power
TAKK Industries
, Cincinnati, OH, USA; 513/353-4315; 800/792-8255; takk.com
Line of passive static electricity elimination products includes anti-static cord, new brass fiber brush, anti-static tinsel, copper tinsel bar, and nylon and stainless steel fiber brushes. No power is needed to operate or maintain any of the products. All are said to provide low-cost alternatives to electronic bar and blower products.

Treat 2D and 3D Materials
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI, USA; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
The Dyne-A-Mite HP air plasma surface treater generates an aggressive blown arc discharge said to be ideal for high line speeds and demanding applications. Treatment eliminates the need for a chemical priming and etching process. Treats 3D objects, areas of 2D plastics, and other materials without requiring a grounding element.

Litho Plate System Economical
MH Enterprises
, Deerfield, IL, USA; 847/945-2875
A patent-applied-for technique is said to offer a low-cost printing method that eliminates the need for a fountain solution. Suited for web- or sheet-fed litho printing, method features a plastic material that can be adhered to an imaged metal plate or a thin plastic carrier sheet that can be used in lieu of a printing plate. Low-cost, off-the-shelf materials are put together in the prepress department of the printing plant, resulting in what is said to be a large savings over traditional methods. Patent application is being offered to interested users in exchange for a no-fee confidentiality agreement.

Blades Score High in Tests
Specialty Blades
, Staunton, VA, USA; 800/252-3371; enduriumblades.com
Company announces new field test results for Endurium industrial razor blades. Reportedly, results show blades outlast carbon steel blades nearly 13:1, while maintaining superior quality cuts. Results may vary based on line speeds, film gauge, composition, and coatings, company notes, but adds blades significantly outlast conventional blades, reduce costs, and improve safety. With a hardness rating of Rc62, blades are designed mainly for high-performance applications.

Prepress Workflow Tool Offered
, Santa Ana, CA, USA; 949/756-5100; markzware.com
Latest version of FlightCheck Workflow, designated 3.1, is available with Apple Macintosh OS X support. Described as an essential tool for all prepress operations, product reportedly will create an automatic task management process that looks inside a native application to sort, filter, categorize, and route each file, based on its elements, to the appropriate prepress path.

Shaft Puller Handles Easily
Advanced Manipulator Specialists
, Hoffman, MN, USA; 320/986-2194; advancedmanipulator.com
The Ulti-Balance/100 shaft puller, featuring Sens A Load technology, enables the pneumatic-electronic manipulator/balancer to raise or lower 1-100 lb with 3-5 lb of pressure by the operator. Will handle shafts to 350 lb and features quick-clamp mechanism for easy handling.

Align Nips with Impression Paper
Sensor Products
, East Hanover, NJ, USA; 973/560-4826; sensorprod.com
EZ-Nip impression paper is a thin, color-changing, pressure-activated paper that determines the actual working, static nip width between two mating rolls. Paper immediately changes color upon application of pressure, enabling user to analyze/measure the nip “footprint” both visually or, for more intense scrutiny, with a ruler or micrometer. Measurement allows adjustment to roll pressures to achieve proper nip alignment.

Gearboxes Meet User Specs
Andantex USA
, Wanamassa, NJ, USA; 800/713-6170; andantex.com
ANGLgear bevel gearboxes transmit rotary motion to right angles. Built for lifetime service, products are available from stock in many metric or inch-sized shaft diameters and mounting surfaces. Can be modified to user specifications.

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