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Nip System for Two-Drum Slitters
Reel Technical Services
, Bristol, Avon, England; +44 (0) 1761 452230;
Programmable rider roll nip/relief system for two-drum slitters is said to improve finished reel quality through accurate and repeatable control of rewind nip and rider roll relief. Company says system can be retrofitted easily onto two-drum slitter/rewinders that currently have manual nip control.

Clutch/Brake Models Have New Design
Force Control Industries
, Fairfield, OH; 800/869-3244;
Topped by a new 500-brake-hp design, Posidyne clutch/brakes comes in 11 basic models, up to 600+ cycles/min, 1.5-500 brake hp, with up to 10x longer service life. Each basic model size is available with five control logic options, four cooling system choices, and eight different mounting configurations.

Profile Nip in Real Time
Sensor Products
, East Hanover, NJ; 973/560-4826;
D-Nip real-time nip profiling system allows user to test nip widths while rollers are in rotation, speeding up the calibration and maintenance processes. System is said to be accurate enough to measure time duration of compression at the nip point. D-Nip is temporarily affixed to one of the roll surfaces physically. Each revolution of the rolls produces one nip reading that is transmitted via RF signal to a host laptop computer, where data is displayed quickly in a graphical format.

Conveyor Aids Small-Format UV Process
Prime UV
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-2100;
Conveyor system is said to install easily in-line with AB Dick and other small-format, sheet-fed presses. Transports sheets through UV unit for the immediate, total cure of inks and high-gloss coatings. With this, company says, small-format printers and converters can UV print or coat on all substrates including coated stock, plastic film, and foil. Said to fold and wrap immediately with no ink offsetting.

Brake Upgrade Brings Benefits
Dover Flexo Electronics
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150; dfe.com
The Universal actuator assembly upgrade features the pneumatic braking mechanism used in company's heavy-duty, dual-disk brakes. Upgrade offers quick-change release locks to change friction pads in seconds without tools; zero-maintenance piston design; and patented anti-squeal friction pads.

Handle Rolls with Self-Contained System
Converter Accessory Corp.
, Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413; handleyourweb.com
The Rol-handlR Model PH-1 handles rolls to 1,000 lb in a wide range of widths and diameters. Self-contained, floor-based, movable system is available in mechanical or battery-powered electrical configurations. System does not require overhead equipment, fork truck, or any other handling equipment.

Printer Economically Delivers Variable Data
Domino UK
, Cambridge, UK; +44 1954 782551; domino-uk.com
“Domino-ON-Demand” variable data printing solution comprises estimating, prepress, proofing, and printing modules. Said to be well-suited to web applications. Printhead is held down by positive pressure and includes a built-in height-adjustment capability. Width has been reduced to l00 mm. Internal database software can be networked with up to 16 printheads.

Convert Waste into Bricks
Precision AirConvey
, Newark; 302/999-8000; precisionairconvey.com
Briquetting system converts trim, loose scrap, and other flexible plastic waste into bricks suitable for reprocessing or easy disposal. Compresses film, foil, polycoated paper, and other clean or dirty materials into manageable, 5x5-in., rigid bricks without adding heat to the material. The briquetting system may be adjusted to produce bricks from 8-30 in. for easy handling, stacking, and palletizing at rates to 350 lb/hr.

Invisible Ink Enhances Security
Hewlett-Packard Co.
, Palo Alto, CA; 650/857-1501; hp.com
Based on Electroink technology, an invisible security ink is said to increase protection of consumers and businesses on a wide variety of printed materials, pharmaceutical products, and luxury goods. The ink can be seen only under a UV lamp where it fluoresces to a bright red color. The security ink can be printed via HP Indigo 1000, s2000, and ws2000 presses.

Press Offers Rotary Die-Cutting
Heidelberg USA
, Kennesaw, GA; 770/419-6500; 888/472-9655; us.heidelberg.com
The 20-in. Speedmaster SM 52-D press features in-line rotary die-cutting in one pass; high automated printing units for fast, easy changeovers; and a short-path inking mode that shortens reaction time of the inking unit, especially when running light-coverage forms, says manufacturer. Maintains the same maximum press speed as original Speedmaster SM 52.

Drives Provide Flexibility
, New Berlin, WI; 262/785-8542; abb-drives.com
The ACS550 AC drive line features a horsepower range of 1-550 and multiple modes of motor control for flexibility. Design is said to combine simplicity, convenience, fieldbus connectivity, harmonic mitigation, and programmability. Company says startup is simple with built-in software available in 16 languages.

Software Steps Up Layout Productivity
, Burnaby, BC, Canada; 604/451-2700; creo.com
Pandora 2.5 software version of company's PDF-based step-and-repeat packaging layout solution has features created to increase productivity. Users are said to experience increased efficiency and improved accuracy when pacing marks with the new enhancements to the SmartMarks feature.

Get Maximum Heat Capacity with Brake
Nexen Group
, Vadnais Hts., MN; 651/484-5900; nexengroup.com
The BTBA tension control brake features a three-part system to ensure maximum heat capacity. An integral fan works with finned rotor to cool the brake, while open-designed guard allows heat to dissipate away from machine quickly. Cross-drilled holes in the rotor increase air flow, adding a critical element to heat dissipation, says company.

Slitter Suited for Low Volumes
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
The MagnaSlitter is described as ideal for low-volume slitting of a wide range of materials, including vinyls, mylars, reflectives, application tapes, nonwovens, and more. A positive-locking chuck system and steel alloy blade ensure a clean, accurate slit, says company, adding convenient end-loading design allows for quick, easy roll changes. Options are available.

Reduce Downtime with Control System
, Buffalo, NY; 716/876-9951; mokon.com
The Duratherm NPS negative pressure temperature control system temporarily fixes cooling circuit leaks to allow production to continue through the end of the run, reducing repair delays and increasing efficiency. Compact design incorporates a venture jet pump and reservoir to control temperatures accurately to 180 deg by pulling rather than pushing water through the process. Product can provide positive pressure when no leaks are present or negative pressure to stop a leak.

Brakes, Clutches Offer Smooth Operation
Placid Industries
, Lake Placid, NY; 518/523-2422; 866/523-2423; placidindustries.com
Magnetic particle brakes and clutches are said to produce smooth, infinitely adjustable slip torque. Brakes are used for payout tensioning and load simulation. Clutches are used for rewind tensioning and torque limiting. Torque is varied by controlling input current. Sizes are available to 300 lb-ft.

Presses Print to Six Colors
KBA North America
, Williston, VT; 802/878-9400; kba-northamerica.com
The Rapida 205 and 185 super-large-format presses are available in up to six printing units. The 205's sheet measures 59¼ × 80¾ in. with speeds to 9,000 sheets/hr. The 185 sheet measures 51 × 72¾ in. with speeds to 11,000 sheets/hr. Both print on a variety of substrates, including paper, board, and corrugated. Shaftless AC four-drive feeder transports the pile in one smooth, continuous movement, company says.

Convert a Lift into a Roll Clamp
Easy Lift Equipment
, Newark, DE; 302/737-7000; 800/233-1800; easylifteqpt.com
The self-contained RCR20 roll clamp rotator attaches to any ITA class II carriage found on most lift trucks and portable stackers for handling rolls to 2,000 lb and 41 in. dia. Said to offer quick and easy two-bolt installation with no electrical or hydraulic connections required to the lift. Clamp rotates 360 deg while gripping rolls from pallets or off the floor for placement onto converting machines.

Hauloff Optimizes Quality
Battenfeld Gloucester
, Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
Horizontal, oscillating hauloff with enhanced performance features is said to improve soft film processing. Reportedly, H-nip can randomize even the most minor die, air ring, and tower film gauge effects, assuring wound rolls will be flat and of optimum converter quality. There is no film contact on the turning bars, minimizing tendency to form stretch wrinkles.

Gearmotor Line Has Options
Baldor Electric Co.
, Fort Smith, AR; 479/646-4711; baldor.com
Inverter duty gearmotors are designed for use with adjustable speed controls. Line is rated at ⅜ hp, 230 v, 60 Hz, three-phase. Operating range of 10-90 Hz features a broad range of ratios in both right angle and parallel shaft configurations. Both styles are lubricated for life and require no maintenance, company notes.

Expanded Range for Novoflex
Windmoeller & Hoelscher
, Lincoln, RI; 401/333-2770; 800/854-8702; whcorp.com
The Novoflex CM and CL flexo presses feature wider printing widths and longer repeat lengths. The CM is offered with a maximum repeat length of 49¼ (eight colors) or 34¼ (ten colors). The CL is available with ten colors. Printing widths for both range between 40 and 87 in., and both presses feature a maximum operating speed of 1,300 fpm as standard and an optional speed of 2,000 fpm.

Pneumatic Clutches Regulate Torque
The Montalvo Corp.
., Gorham, ME; 207/856-2501; montalvo.com
The C-Series pneumatic clutches are recommended for critical winding applications needing light to medium torque control. When combined with company's closed-loop tension control system, C-Series clutch and friction modules are said to allow for precise torque regulation. Available in a full range of sizes.

RIP Product Is Fast, Accurate
Screen (USA)
, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/870-7400; screenusa.com
The HQ-510 RIP Version 6.0 incorporates performance enhancements such as native PDF 1.4 compatibility, specialized color management, and robust in-RIP trapping. Said to deliver fast, accurate rendering. Includes a powerful set of processing tools.

Clutches Come in Two Models
Mach III Clutch
, Ludlow, KY; 866/291-0849; machiii.com
Thru-mounted pneumatic tension control clutches are offered in two design options to maximize heat dissipation: Pilot Input models for applications in which the shaft is driven when the clutch is engaged; and Shaft Input models for applications in which a pilot-mounted sprocket or pulley is driven when the clutch is engaged.

Installable Sensing Technology
Avtron Manufacturing
, Independence, OH; 216/642-4234; avtron.com
M85 Thin-Line encoders/tachometers incorporate company's Wide-Gap sensor technology, said to simplify installation by eliminating alignment procedures. Products also incorporate Edge-Guard sensor technology, which protects critical sensor elements from accidental contact with the rotor as well as from contamination. Narrow profile allows products to be installed in places conventional products cannot fit.

Adjustable Controllers
Migatron Corp.
, Woodstock, IL; 815/338-5800; 888/644-2876; migatron.com
Company offers two new adjustable controllers: The SPC-704 has four set points and the SPC-701 has one set point. The set points are independently adjustable, each having a form C relay output. Controllers can be used with any sensor or device that produces 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, or 2-10V analog output.

Strip for Easy-Open Packages
, Manteno, IL; 815/468-6500; zippak.com
EZ Open Strip is said to be a faster way for food service staff to open single-use packages, without using knives, scissors, or other sharp objects. Tear-off strip features an encapsulated perforation that allows the opening of a package in one quick motion. Reported ideal for LDPE packages.

Power Supply Units Bring Precision Control
Magnetic Power Systems (Magpowr)
, Fenton, MO; 800/624-7697; magpowr.com/ps
The PS-24 and PS-90 power supply units offer advanced design features said to provide precision control in unwind, rewind, or intermediate tension control applications. Reverse current feature minimizes drag torque, allowing for use of the full torque range of magnetic particle clutches and brakes. Products can be used alone as manual control or with automatic tension controls to maintain tension throughout the entire roll build.

Strong and Peelable Lidding
Toray Plastics (America)
, North Kingstown, RI; 401/294-4511; torayfilms.com
LumiLid heat-seal lidding products are said to provide a strong but peelable seal with superior adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including typically hard-to-seal products. Manufacturer says films are designed to provide flexible seal strength and are ideal for cap lining as well as dairy, refrigerated/frozen entrees, pharmaceuticals, dry and wet snacks, dessert/fruit cups, and industrial-sized applications.

Coated Films Are Resealable
FLEXcon Co.
, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; flexcon.com
Designed for resealable pouch label applications, optiFLEX RESEAL resealable PP films are said to be ideal for use in personal care, household and chemical, and food applications. Films are coated with a new removable acrylic PSA that reportedly has excellent product resistance and remains cleanly removable from most flexible packaging substrates and plastic containers.

Produce Stays Fresh in Film
Applied Extrusion Technologies
, New Castle, DE; 302/326-5500; aetfilms.com
HOTR-2 film for fresh-cut produce packaging is available in 55- and 70-ga versions. Offers OTR rates of 175-325 cc/100 in.2/24 hr in laminations to PE. Breathability performance is based on proprietary polymer chemistry to achieve permeability. Reportedly provides superior optical properties to support crisp, high-impact graphics and consistent slip properties for optimum performance across packaging equipment.

Three PC Films Give Flexibility
Bayer Polymers
, Pittsburgh, PA;412/777-2000; bayerus.com
Company offers three new grades of Makrofol PC film: DE7-2 CG (controlled gloss) for a consistent first surface gloss finish from lot to lot; DPF 5037 gloss/gloss film with low optical retardation value; and DE VLG 7-1 (very low gloss) with a proprietary velvet first surface and a gloss second surface.

Film Suited for Medical Products
Scapa North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000; scapatapesna.com
Bioflex 235 is a breathable, medical-grade, thermoplastic copolyester extruded film for wound dressing and surgical drape and gown fabrication. Said to provide good barrier properties and can be laminated to a variety of substrates. Product, which is available in thicknesses of 1-3 mil, is supplied on a casting sheet.

Coating Resists Slip
Wikoff Color Corp.
, Fort Mill, SC;803/548-2210; wikoff.com
SCW-1980 special-requirement nonskid Aquakote coating exhibits resistance to slip. Company reports slide angles of 25-30 deg have been obtained, depending on substrate. Contains optical brightener.

Decorative Papers Add Intensity
Hazen Paper Co.
, Holyoke, MA;413/538-8204; hazen.com
Line of Brilliance specialty cover papers includes a variety of foil, film-laminate, and metallized transfer paper boards, all said to add high-intensity effects to printed materials. All products in the line are coated with Ultracure acrylic featuring a high dyne level that reportedly ensures excellent results using conventional offset inks, UV inks, and flexo, gravure, or silk screen printing.

Adhesive Cures by UV or EB
Rad-Cure Corp.
, Fairfield, NJ;973/808-1002; radcure.com
Rad-Kote KX6003B UV-light-curable laminating adhesive is designed to bond PE film to corrugated boxes. Can be applied by roll coater, flexo, or any suitable coating method. Reportedly offers excellent bond strength coupled with no odor and very low shrinkage. Adhesive is nonfoaming under high shear rate and can be EB cured.

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