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Pyrometer Includes TV Camera
Mikron Infrared
, Oakland, NJ; 201/405-0900; mikroninfrared.com
Model MI-GA5-TV digital pyrometer is for noncontact temperature measurement between 482 and 5,432 deg F. Incorporates a TV camera module said to facilitate optical alignment and enable continuous observation via a remote video monitor of the measurement area. Available with laser targeting or thru-lens sighting with analog and digital outputs.

Slider Makes Bags Easy to Use
, Manteno, IL; 815/468-6500; zippak.com
The Quick-Zip Slider for LDPE bags is called an affordable alternative for applications such as frozen foods, vegetables, produce, poultry, snacks, potting soil, fertilizer, and bulk powders. Slider mechanism slides easily across the zipper for reliable opening and closing, company notes, and ease of navigation helps seniors and children use resealable bags and pouches easily. Company adds most LDPE bag machinery can be retrofitted to use this technology, eliminating the need for new equipment.

Camera Is Smart
DVT Corp.
, Duluth, GA; 770/814-7920; dvtsensors.com
The Legend 510 Smart-Image camera is said to supply all the power needed for machine inspections. Will operate with company's Windows-based Framework software, reported to be easy to use. Includes integrated ring lights, Ethernet compatibility, and 640×480-pixel resolution.

Packaging Software Upgraded
, Vandalia, OH; 937/454-1721; esko-graphics.com
PackEdge 3.0 packaging workflow solution is upgraded with new features including seamless connection to BackStage; integration of the new generation of trapping technology called ColorStitch; and a new, optional ShrinkSleeve module that can render the result in 3-D with instant feedback, reducing errors and costs.

Modular, Flexible Laminator
Windmoeller & Hoelscher Corp.
, Lincoln, RI; 401/333-2770; whcorp.com
The Varicoater LF solvent-free laminator for flexible packaging materials features speeds from 820-1,500 fpm. Model is said to offer fast set-up times as well as minimum waste during startup and production. Modular design allows the selection of either a three- or four-roll system. Temperature-controlled laminating roller and high contact pressure of the nip roller are said to produce very high clarity in finished laminate.

Measure Tension in Tight Spaces
Dover Flexo Electronics
, Rochester, NH;603/332-6150; dfe.com
The THN tension transducer is based on the robust dual-beam design of company's Model C transducer. This strain-gauge tension-measuring device is used in pairs that mount opposed in a machine web path. Has a low profile and user-friendly features, company adds, and is available in dead- and live-shaft versions.

Coater/Laminator Has Trolley System
Nordmeccanica N.A.
, Edgewood, NY; 631/242-9898; nordmeccanica.com
Available in both duplex and triplex versions, combi horizontal coater/laminator features interchangeable trolleys. Six trolleys are available to produce a full range of coating weights on a wide range of substrates, company notes. High-efficiency horizontal drying tunnel allows speeds to 500 mpm. Machine can be designed for stand-alone use or for use with in-line flexo or gravure printing.

Apply Pattern Coatings on Preprinted Web
, Germantown, WI; 262/253-3333; faustel.com
Model 31-VR coater can apply pattern coatings in register with a preprinted web via flexography. A variety of repeat lengths can be accommodated in this manner. In addition, overall coatings, including adhesives, can be applied using differential offset or direct gravure overall coating, and unit can be equipped with a wet-bond laminating station for any combination of film, foil, or paper laminations. Can be used with water-borne or 100%, radiation-curable adhesives and coatings.

Bag Machine Suited for Flowers
Mamata Machinery Pvt.
, Vatva, Ahmedabad, India; +91 79 5832023; mamata.com
With HP Teknik, company has developed with the Vega 800F machine for producing flower sleeves and bags, candy bags for supermarkets, and conical bags for other applications. Machine runs at a maximum mechanical speed of 120 strokes/min (240 bags/min). Unwinder features servo tension control, edge guide, and motorized roll lifting said to ensure uniform tension and accurate film path.

Coating Station Offers Options
, Sacramento, CA; 916/386-8500; conquipinc.com
The CSD-60-1200 slot die coating station features proprietary Micro-Adjuster precision die gap control system and low-maintenance operation, says company. Several options are available, including a super-precision backing roller, operator touchscreen, and more. Machine, which is capable of coating widths to 80 in. and speeds to 1,500 fpm, is available as a station or as part of a complete line.

Rod Coater Adds Quality Control
R.D. Specialties
, Webster, NY; rdspecialties.com
The SureFlow 2000 rod coater is said to be affordable, simple, and flexible, while adding quality control and easy cleanup. Coating thickness or coat weight is adjusted easily. Coater is compact and offers the ability to apply and meter multiple coatings side by side on the same web at the same time. Coating pan can be covered, reducing evaporation of the coating and possible contamination, and operators can monitor the coated surface easily before it enters the dryer.

Supply Cool Air to Bag Machines
, Hopkins, MN; 952/933-2559; xchanger.com
The C-150 heat exchanger will supply a constant flow of 50-deg-F air to plastic bag converting machines. Unit has a discharge plenum with eight 2-in. nozzles for connecting hoses that transfer cooled air to the machines. Blower and heat exchanger assembly are skid-mounted so they can be moved to a new station easily.

Wet-on-Wet Coating Added
New Era Converting Machinery
, Hawthorne, NJ; 201/670-4848; neweraconverting.com
Company has added wet-on-wet slot die coating technology to its range of specialty coating equipment, which includes a broad range of roll-coating configurations as well as slot-die application of 100% solids coatings, aqueous- and solvent-based solutions, and hot melt adhesives. The dual-die, wet-on-wet slot die technique reportedly has been applied successfully to the production of sophisticated web-based products.

Create Bags with Attachment
The Hudson-Sharp Machine Co.
, Green Bay, WI; 920/494-4571; hudsonsharp.com
Attachment allows the production of oval-shaped, handle-style bags on company's wicketers and flat belt machines. Attachment features a pneumatic handle-cutting assembly for simple oval cutouts. It is rack-mounted and easily positionable, company says, with a 1×3.5-in. standard cutout size. A perforation-style cut pattern can be specified, and a servo version is available.

IR Thermometer Offers High-End Features
Extech Instruments Corp.
, Waltham, MA; 781/890-7440; extech.com
Model 42510 wide-range IR thermometer measures from -58 to 1,000 deg F (-50 to 538 deg C) with 0.1-deg resolution. Built-in laser pointer pinpoints area to be measured. Offers an 8.1 distance-to-target ratio company says normally is available only in higher priced thermometers. Features include a backlit LCD, Automatic Data Hold to freeze the display, and an over-range indicator.

Control Processes with Data Exchange System
KBA North America, Sheet-Fed Div.
, Williston, VT; 802/878-9400; kba-northamerica.com
The Logotronic Professional System is an integrated computerized data exchange system for both sheet-fed and web printers. Said to provide complete control over the manufacturing process, including job implementation, machine parameter setting, data and job tracking, and reporting of production results. It can be retrofitted to any of company's 41-in. Rapida 105 presses and all larger-format sizes, including the new 81-in. Rapida 205.

IR Unit Guides Web with Precision
, Madison, WI; 608/223-0625; accuweb.com
Digital IR edge detector is designed for use with light nonwovens, mesh, and paper. IR sensors monitor lateral web position and ambient conditions continually. Unit automatically compensates for passline variations and web flutter as well as interference from dust and other contaminants. Said to assure precision guiding and eliminate the need for continuous maintenance and manual calibration.

Screen Coat with Hot Melt
Stork Prints
, The Netherlands; +31 (0) 485 599329; stork-prints.com
Hot melt screen coating unit is suited for dot coating, printing, and lamination. High-speed (150-200 mpm) water-based screen/printing coating is said to make this technology suitable for paper, film, and nonwoven coating. Technology also can be used for wet-in-wet coating/printing integrated into existing lines.

Control Temperature with Heat Vacuum Applicator
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
The AppliPhase HVA heat vacuum applicator reportedly provides total temperature control, assuring correct bonding of flexible backlight signage transfers, reflective sheeting, Panaflex signs, backlit awnings, premask application tapes, and more. Company notes applicator has been evaluated by 3M and meets or exceeds all of 3M's criteria for applying engineer- and high-intensity-grade reflective sheeting. Operators can set the control unit for temperature and length of exposure to ensure correct bonding.

Inspect as You Rewind
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Center-shaft inspection slitter/rewinder allows converters to inspect material as it rewinds, eliminating separate inspection step. Back-illuminated area lets operator observe product quality as web is being slit and/or rewound. Programmable inspection automatically stops the system at preset lengths. Company reports slitter/rewinder maintains constant speed during operation, regardless of roll diameter, and tension control disc brakes offer consistent web tension.

Bladder Chucks Are Advanced
, Wharton, NJ; 973/328-1850; convertech.com
Flanged external bladder chucks incorporate advanced technological capabilities and reportedly feature strong, dependable external bladder design outfitted for customers' flange attachment requirements.

Oscillating Hauloff Has Enhanced Features
Battenfeld Gloucester
, Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
The H-nip horizontal oscillating hauloff is said to improve soft film processing with enhanced performance features. The nip is able to randomize even the most minor die, air ring, and tower film gauge effects, company says, assuring wound rolls will be flat and of optimum converter quality. There is zero film contact on the turning bags, minimizing any tendency to form wrinkles.

Measure Laser Power
, Newburyport, MA; 978/462-1818; gigahertz-optik.com
The PT-9610 hand-held meter with PD1 detector operates in two basic modes to measure laser power with a noise analysis function. Mobile or lab-based analyzer is designed for laser applications in which changes in intensity or inherent instability can negatively impact the process. Measures average power as well as the time structure of the power in the form of modulation over a range from 1 microwatt to 90 milliwatts.

Separate Conveyed Materials
Precision AirConvey
, Newark, DE; 302/999-8000; precisionairconvey.com
Slant Screen Separator directs up to 100% of conveyed material into a baler, collector bag, box, compactor, or other waste container while preventing screen contact. Developed for separating nonwovens, films, corrugated board, and other materials from conveying air, system features a proprietary design that eliminates air pressure and dangerous turbulence in drop chutes and downstream equipment. Engineered to permit on-site customization.

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