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Deposit Holograms with Ease
Gidue International
, Turate (CO), Italy; +39 (0) 29668181; gidue.com
The HHS hologram deposition system is available for all makes of printing and converting machines. Designed for simple integration onto both rotary and translative printing systems, system reportedly offers high productivity and operational safety; ease of installation; and low maintenance requirements, company adds. Servo-driven concept allows speeds to 100 mpm.

UV Rotary Screen Unit Drops In
Nilpeter A/S
, Slagelse, Denmark; +45 3850 5060; nilpeter.com
A new type of “drop-in” UV rotary screen unit has been designed for company's FA-3300, a 340-mm-wide modular flexo press designed to convert both self-adhesive laminates and thin unsupported films. The screen unit works by replacing the anilox roller and rubber roller used in a standard flexo inking system with the drop-in unit, which acts like another impression roller. Developed with Stork Prints BV, individual units can be retrofitted at any stage in the production sequence without the need to replace any printing unit, or extend an existing press configuration, manufacturer adds.

Imprint Thermally without Ribbon
Media Solutions International
, Longmeadow, MA; 413/739-7305; linerfree.com
With Wausau Coated Products, company has introduced patented TOF Thermal Overlaminating Film. Adds durability to labels, company says, and can virtually transform any printed or blank label into one that can be imprinted thermally without the need for a ribbon. This is accomplished by coating direct thermal to the backside of a very thin PET film (0.25 mil). Then a PSA is placed over the thermal chemistry and laminated to a release liner.

Reseal Pouch Labels
FLEXcon Co.
, Spencer, MA; 508/885-8200; flexcon.com
PP films designated optiFLEX Reseal are suited for resealable pouch label applications and called ideal for personal care, household/chemical, and food applications. Coated with a removable acrylic PSA, films are said to provide consistent resealability and remain cleanly removable from most flex-pack substrates and plastic containers.

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