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Doctor Machine Suited for High, Low Tension
Stanford Products LLC
, Woodridge, IL; 630/739-9255;stanforddivision.com
The Model 152 reversible LT Doctor Machine® can provide high or low tension, with ranges from ⅛-1.5 PLI, reportedly making it suitable for a range of materials including light films, film laminates, nonwovens, and light papers. Two 10-hp motors are utilized in an AV vector drive system that allows operation to 1,500 fpm. Standard model accommodates web widths and roll diameters to 30 in.

Machinery Suited for Many Bags
, Ahmedabad, India; +91-79-5832023/24/25; mamata.com
Co. offers bag and pouch machinery, including special-application equipment for diaper bags; bags on a roll; heavy-duty bags, security bags; patch-handle bags; and zipper bags. Also supplies woven sack fabric cutting machines.

Drawdown Machine Is Automatic
Industry Tech
, Oldsmar, FL; 727/867-5182; industrytech.net
The Auto-Draw III is said to offer laboratory users the lowest-cost, fully automatic drawdown machine in the industry. Reportedly will produce consistent, repeatable coated samples to 8½ × 13 in., using either wire-wound metering rods or blade-type film applicators.

Control Tension with Load-Cell-Based System
Danarota Technic A/S
, Bjert, Denmark; +45 75 57 27 11
Co. offers Montalvo SW Series load cells in a system that can be used for tension sensing in any zone through a web processing machine. They are suitable for idler or live roller applications and are available in three sizes, each offering a variety of load ratings to be used within a wide range of tension-sensing applications — from tissue to board. SW load cells can be mounted directly to a machine frame or may be foot-mounted.

Twist Wrap Adds Shiny Appeal to Mints
Multifilm Packaging Corp.'s metallized twist wrap adds esthetic appeal to Rocking Chair Confections Olde Country Foil Wrapped Mints.

Sold at independent specialty gift and collectible shops, the product features a package that includes a window bag with a fabric bow and hang tag, a wire rocking chair with porcelain bowl filled with chocolates, and a limited-edition, signed and dated basket filled with the chocolates. The 1.4-mil metallized twist wrap (MTW) from Multifilm is printed in three colors.

Notes Rocking Chair Confection spokesperson Kim Michael, “We chose this twist wrap for its esthetic appeal to the high-end specialty shops. It gives our chocolate a ‘gift’ look. In the gift market, because of this wrap, our chocolates are perceived not only as a chocolate but also as a gift item.”

The MTW also “maintains well on the machines,” adds Michael.
Supplier Information
Multifilm Packaging Corp.
, Elgin, IL; 847/695-7600; multifilm.com

Ink Cleaner Benefits the Environment
Vertec BioSolvents Inc.
, Mt. Prospect, IL; 847/803-0575
Ink Zapper bio-based press and blanket wash is said to combine high performance with safety and environmental benefits. Derived from corn and soybeans, it reportedly is 100% biodegradable and nontoxic and provides a sound alternative to petrochemical solvents.

Sleeve-Type CI Press Is Reliable
Nordmeccanica Spa
, Piacenza, Italy; +39 (0)523 596411
The Sprintflex sleeve-type CI press features special servo motors with digital controls for what is said to be precise and reliable performance. Cylinder positioning system reportedly guarantees maximum precision. Co. offers sleeve system on cantilever mandrels for both plate and anilox rollers. Also includes ergonomic, safety, and handling benefits.

Die Yields Faster, More Responsive Control
Extrusion Dies Inc.
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
Autoflex VI-R die allows more linear movement in automatic mode, thus reducing the operator's interplay, reports mfr. Stainless steel cover over adjustment system prevents external drafts from affecting adjustments, and design is said to provide faster, more responsive control. Autoflex system uses thermal expansion and lip-adjusting unit contraction to enable finer adjustments than strictly mechanical design, according to mfr. Also eliminates heat transfer between die body, lip, and translator block, and low-wattage heaters are said to reduce heater failure and reduce operating costs.

Print Prototype on Actual Container Substrates
Rexam Image Products
, South Hadley, MA; 800/628-8604; proofinkjet.com
Proof It brand PTRANSFER ink jet image transfer media is said to make it fast and easy to print package prototypes on wide-format ink jet printers, then transfer the layout directly to any number of packaging substrates for proofing presentation. Reportedly enables designers and printers to eliminate time-consuming steps and increase the productivity of in-house, wide-format ink jet printers. Using a hot-roll laminator, a package design can be printed on media and then transferred to standard offset stocks or printable box materials.

Slitter Opens Door to Thermal Ribbons
Maxima Print Services, Dublin, Ireland, is set to become what it says is the sole converter of thermal transfer ribbons in Ireland. To that end, the company has ordered a state-of-the-art 636TTR slitter/rewinder from Dusenbery Europe.
“Having talked to other converters in Europe and looked at other slitters,” says managing director Stephen Lacey, “we chose the Dusenbery machine because we believe it to be the best on the market.”
Specialists in overprinting labels with bar codes, sequential numbers, and other variable information, Maxima initially will concentrate on thermal ribbons for bar code printers. The versatile Dusenbery machine will be producing a wide range of high quality wax, wax/resin, resin, and near-edge ribbons.
Supplier Information
Dusenbery Europe Ltd.
, Bedford, U.K.; +44 01234 349561;dusenbery.com

Quality Assurance Tool Aids Production
ei3 Corp.
, Montvale, NJ; 201/802-9080; ei3.com
SiteQ quality assurance service provides an automated, centralized system to enter, maintain, and recall quality control documents for manufactured materials. Said to speed access to quality data during mfr. process. Customers more closely correlate off-machine quality expectations and results with on-machine production metrics and quality measurements, co. notes.

Unwind/Slitter Can Be Shear or Score Unit
CTC Intl.
, West Caldwell, NJ; 973/228-2300; ctcint.com
Free-standing unwind/slitter for use with co.'s line of turret rewinders is said to allow easy running of turrets in off-line mode. Features 42-in.-dia unwind roll capacity; precise tension control; low-roll warning system; automatic web guiding; splicing table; and precision slitter. Available as a shear or score unit, with a quick-change option that allows it be used as both.

Brake Pads Offer Quiet Operation
Dover Flexo Electronics Inc.
, Rochester, NH; 603/332-6150;dfe.com
Co. now offers patented “anti-squeal” friction pads for its pneumatic dual-disk brakes. Pads are warranted not to create annoying squealing or screeching sounds during operation. Co. explains the no-squeal characteristic is derived from pad's unique back-plate design and the proprietary interface between back-plate and friction pad.

Load Cells Are Durable
ABB Automation Products
, Västeras, Sweden; +46 21 34 20 00; abb.com/automation
Load cells based on Pressductor technology are designed to be rugged enough to stand up to “real-world” production environments. Units are said to deliver all the benefits of reliable web tension measurement and to allow enough latitude in measurement range to handle a variety of applications. Reportedly provide maintenance-free operation, consistent measurement, exceptional stiffness, and long service life.

Die Adjusts Thickness with Temperature
Reifenhauser Inc.
, Ipswich, MA; 978/412-9700; reifenhauserinc.com
REIcotherm automatic blown film die uses closely spaced cartridge heaters (around die) with integrated thermocouples, adjusting thickness with temperature changes, says mfr. System is said to reduce viscosity via increases in die temperature (by a few degrees) at thick spots in film. According to co., film then inflates after melt exits the die gap, causing thick spots to become thinner. A 20-in.-dia die features 104 control segments, reportedly providing precise control of film-thickness tolerance. Co. says capacitive gauge measures thickness by oscillating around bubble, which is protected by a coated roller for sticky or easily scratched surfaces.

New Shape Combines Fun and Function
Pactiv Corp., Lake Forest, IL, has expanded its Hefty plate line with the introduction of Hefty Zoo Pals assorted animal plates.

Zoo Pals everyday plates come in more than 50 different animal patterns to use and collect. The plates are shaped like animal faces with two round “ears” (or feet, eyes, tails) that hold ketchup, dips, and munchies or can be used to keep foods separated. The heavy-duty plates are said to be sturdy, soak-resistant, and microwavable.

Notes Richard L. Wambold, chairman and CEO of Pactiv Corp., “Hefty Zoo Pals plates continue Hefty brand's heritage of innovation while fulfilling a need for busy parents — making mealtime enjoyable and hassle-free. Just one look and parents know their children will love them.”

Continues Wambold: “For retailers, Zoo Pals plates support continued growth of the Hefty brand and the disposable plate category.”

Jogger/Aerators Feature “Drum and Cradle”
Automatän Inc.
, Plover, WI; 715/341-6501; automatan.com
Jogger/aerators are engineered with “drum and cradle” design for what is said to be safe, even load distribution; quiet operation; low maintenance; and durability. Units automatically invert pallet loads of sheets; aerate and align loads; clean sheets of dust and debris; allow inspecting and culling of individual sheets; and provide for combining multi-tier loads onto one pallet or breaking apart single loads onto multiple skids. Can be optionally equipped for specific plant requirements.

Reduce Anilox Roll Scoring
Graymills Corp.
, Chicago, IL; 773/477-4100; graymills.com
MegaMag is said to have 10x the magnetic strength of a conventional magnet and nearly 800% more surface area than standard magnets. It is encased in a highly polished, specially welded stainless steel with a domed end said to reduce magnetic pull at the bottom so metal particles release easily with the wipe of a rag. Available on new Superflo filters and surge suppressors or individually for retrofitting to co.'s Superflo filters and surge suppressors.

Specialty Laminating Adhesives Reduce Cost
National Starch & Chemical
, Bridgewater, NJ; 800/797-4992;nationalstarch.com
Aerobond 32-192A and Aerobond 12-200A specialty laminating adhesives are said to exhibit improved holdout when they are aerated. Mfr. says this refers to the adhesive's ability to be available to contact the substrate surface without flowing down and away from where bonding should occur. Reportedly, adhesives allow laminators that convert paper products to minimize moisture and cost and to aid high-productivity processing.

Technology a Barrier to Cross-Contamination
Bernard Technologies Inc.
, Chicago, IL; 312/337-7007; bernardtechnologies.com
Products incorporating Microsphere and Microlite sustained release systems are said to control undesirable microbial effects, cross-contamination, and odors. At the core of the system is a patented technology that, when activated by ambient environmental conditions, reportedly provides the appropriate activity necessary to achieve the desired effect. Can be integrated into a variety of packaging materials and end-use applications.

Foil Offers High Stamping Definition, Adhesion
API Foils Inc.
, Lawrence, KS; 785/842-7674; 800/255-4605; api-worldwide.com
GR Series high-speed rotary foil is said to be capable of providing excellent stamping definition and adhesion to a variety of coated and uncoated stocks. Large- coverage areas and fine-line details found in applications such as carton and liquor labels are easy to handle with this foil, co. reports. Formulation is capable of print speeds in excess of 12,000 sheets/hr for sheet-fed equipment and 600 fpm for web-fed machines.

Sheeter Designed for Photographic Materials
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Speciality sheeter converts rolls of photographic papers and films into finished sized sheets in small-pack quantities. Designed to operate in a dark-room environment and handle sensitive product without damage to material's emulsified surface. Includes a delivery system that diverts unacceptable sheets from finished stack and a board inserter that introduces protective boards on top and bottom of sheet packet at preset count.

Digital Watermarking Technology Added
Westvaco Brand Security Inc.
, Stamford, CT; 212/889-6401; westvacobrandsecurity.com
Co. reports a licensing agreement with Digimarc Corp., allowing it to employ Digimarc's “digital watermarking” technology in counterfeit and fraud deterrence, product packaging authentication, and other brand security applications. Two Digimarc technologies will be available: Excalibur brand protection solutions and MediaBridge technology for enhancing packaging value.<

Print Precisely on Corrugated
Cuir CCM
, Carvin, France; +33 (0) 3 21 69 25 48; cuir.com
The six-color Rotaflexo Mark II flexo press is available in two formats: 1,700 mm and 2,200 mm, with speeds to 10,000 sheets/hr. Press is equipped with a fully automatic, quick-change anilox roll. Co. reports each print unit has seven brushless motors that allow the machine to maintain a high level of precision. Registration accuracy between colors reportedly can reach ±0.2 mm. Machine is operated through Supervision, an interactive screen that determines all parameters by a mouse click.

Eliminate Static Charge
Simco Industrial Static Control
, Hatfield, PA; 215/997-3455; simco-static.com
The PerforMax static neutralizing system senses how high a static charge is on a surface and automatically adjusts the static neutralizing power to eliminate the charge.

Servo-Driven Preprint Press Available
Fischer & Krecke GmbH & Co.
, Bielefeld, Germany; + 49 521 3048 0; fischer-krecke.de
The Flexpress 96S is a CI preprint press for widths from 1,850-2,450 mm and print repeats from 750-1,800 mm. Servo-driven technology allows plate cylinders and anilox rolls to be driven individually, meaning plate cylinder gears are no longer needed and repeat lengths are infinitely variable. Model features co.'s fast-change system that allows for tool-less sleeve changes. Available with semi-automatic logistic system for handling plate cylinders, anilox rolls, and sleeves.

Shaft Locking System Has No Pinch Points
Converter Accessory Corp.
, Wind Gap, PA; 610/863-6008; 800/433-2413; handleyourweb.com
The Shaft-Lok shaft holder system for unwind and rewind rolls features a pinch-point-free design said to offer a level of worker safety unequalled by any other system. Opens only in the “up” position and allows a safe, easy unload operation, co. reports. Available in several models able to handle loads and roll weights to 5,000 lb. All models automatically lock to hold rotating shafts and feature all-steel, extra-heavy-duty construction.

Upgrade Pollution Control Systems
The CMM Group LLC
, De Pere, WI; 920/336-9800
Co. provides air pollution control system upgrades said to exceed local, state, and federal clean air regulations while lowering annual maintenance and operating costs and saving energy. Long-term leasing options are available. Line includes regenerative thermal oxidizers; catalytic oxidizers; recuperative thermal oxidizers; and rotary concentrator systems. All are custom-designed to fit existing space.

Slitter Suited for Open Adhesive Use
Ashe Converting Equipment
, Ipswich, U.K., +44 (0) 1 473 710 912; ashe.co.uk
Slitter/rewinder is designed exclusively for precision, open adhesive slitting. Co. says constant gap radial arm machine features innovative features to facilitate processing, such as “high release” plasma roll coating and integral driven peel-off roller on the unwind and splice table. Produces log rolls to 1,500 mm and has driven rotary shear slitting capabilities.

Slitter Suited for Various Materials
Bimec Srl
, Milan, Italy; +39 (0)331-307491; bimec.it
STM/63 dual-spindle slitter/rewinder is suitable for plastic films, paper, and laminates. Batch roll on unwind stand is placed on the rear of machine. Features automatic and programmable tension controls, both in unwinding and rewinding; easy-to-reach electric and pneumatic controls; and quick loading and unloading of rolls, mfr. notes. Shaft and shaftless unwind stand versions are available.

Ship Small Rolls Safely
Badger Plug Co.
, Greenville, WI; 920/757-7300; 800/959-0832; badgerplug.net
Through the use of double plugs and interlocked slip-sheets, small rolls can be stacked securely on pallets to create 6-, 8-, or 12-packs or larger bulk shipments, co. reports. Interleave sheets are said to provide a protective layer between rolls while double plugs keep rolls interlocked in a stack to prevent roll shifting and damage during transit. Custom solutions are available.

Thermal Imagers Improve Uniformity
Raytek Corp.
, Santa Cruz, CA; 831/458-1110; raytek.com
Two extrusion process imaging systems are designed to improve quality and uniformity, reduce scrap, and enhance operating efficiency, co. says. The EC100 monitors film extrusion, extrusion coating, and lamination processes; the ES100 subdivides a thermal image into a selected number of sectors that correspond to a die bolt, allowing early detection of die bolt heater problems or plugged dies.

Static Control System Reaches Further
Ion Industrial
, Windsor Locks, CT; 860/292-6847; ion.com/industrial
Patented long-range Virtual AC Intelligent Static neutralizers have been tested effective in neutralizing static charges up to 8 in. away for web span applications, and to 20 in. away on unwind and rewind installation. Using daisy-chain configuration, customers can connect several of co.'s 8001 static bars to reach to 140 in. using a single Virtual AC 8011 solid-state power supply, and up to 360 in. using new 8011XL power supply.

Surface System Provides 100% Inspection
Nireco America Corp.
, Port Jervis, NY; 845/856-4053; nireco-web.com
The BCON 2000 inspection system examines 100% of web surfaces at production speeds, 100% of the time, and automatically detects and reports defects on webs to 78 in. (2,000 mm) wide, notes mfr. Said to have a high level of sensitivity and precision due to a patented 3CCD camera system. Co.'s specially designed software captures and analyzes each of the primary colors to detect defects. Monitor displays defect, reference image, and location of the defect on the web.

Scale Helps Converters Manage Ink
Novaflow Systems Inc.
, Prescott, ON, Canada; 613/925-5926; novaflow.com
Ink management system links co.'s software with a “smart scale” that tells user what and how much is needed; automatically tracks it to a work order or job docket; keeps track of inventories; and provides detailed reports from “live” data. Software operates on a user-friendly Windows platform and offers a complete formulation, design, and work-order database management system.

Unit Delivers Materials with Ease
Chase Machine & Engineering Inc., West Warwick, RI; 401/821-8879
The Opti-Pak 1000 delivers converted woven and nonwoven web materials from an upstream slitting, laminating, or packaging process into festooned layers within boxes or on pallets. Said to reduce total production costs and increase overall productivity by offering improved material handling and performance on high-speed, continuous converting processes. Said to provide a more uniform, tension-free product.

BOPP & Detergent Tablet Package
Detergent manufacturer Senzora BV selected high-speed film from UCB Films for its premier Tricel washing tablets.

The Propafilm FFF range comprises BOPP films coated on one side with acrylic and on the other with what is described as a unique, low-temperature sealing coating that optimizes seal integrity.

The film is printed in two-color flexo by Klerk's Flexibles BV. Klerk's director, Egbert Klaassen, says, “Propafilm FFA was chosen after discussions between ourselves and Senzora because we believed it would meet the packaging needs of this product. Also important in our decision to specify Propafilm FFA was the cost-effectiveness and the ability of UCB Films to deliver on time.”

The Tricel tablets are packed in pairs to give an exact dose of detergent for each wash.
Supplier Information
UCB Films Inc.
, Smyrna, GA; 800/822-3207; ucb.be

Adhesives Suited for Dry Bond Laminating
Rohm and Haas Co.
, Philadelphia, PA; 215/592-3000; rohmhaas.com
Robond L Series water-based adhesives for dry bond laminating reportedly meet diverse requirements of food, beverage, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers. The line comprises three adhesives: L-62 is for flexible substrates commonly used in label markets; L-90D is for use in the manufacture of flexible film laminates for food packaging or nonfood applications in which similar requirements apply; L-37 one-component, VOC-compliant, water-borne adhesive is also for use in food packaging.

Inspect Adhesive Off-Line
, Ayer, MA; 978/772-6033; capacitec.com
Adhesive coater gauging system comprises capacitive noncontact gap sensors, gap positioning fixture, signal conditioning, optional linerization, and display software. System is described as an improved off-line inspection tool that measures coater slot widths of 0.009-0.024 in. across 6-ft lengths, typically with a resolution down to 1 micro-inch and linearity of ±0.2% FS.

Enhanced Performance for Gravure Angle Blades
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
Co. is now exclusive manufacturer of the original Angle Blade designed for packaging gravure presses, product gravure, coating applications, and converters. In cooperation with John Weeks, the inventor of the Angle Blade, co. says it can enhance the performance of these blades by combining their technology with the flexibility of choosing the blade configuration needed. These specialty blades reportedly provide a spring load tension while maintaining a high contact angle, ensuring smooth pressure on the blade at the correct angle.

Quality Holes with Hanger Unit
Pearl Technologies Inc.
, Savannah, NY; 315/365-3742
High-speed hanger hole unit is available with Piranha punches in several styles. Capable of speeds exceeding 500 bags/min, says co., adding that unique clamp protects teeth of punch at all times and provides high quality holes even in LLDPE. Unit is available as side seal, bottom seal, or multiple lane version.

Unload and Recore to Speed Up Production
Battenfeld Gloucester
, Gloucester, MA; 978/281-1800; bge.battenfeld.com
Roll unloading/recoring system operates in manual or automatic mode. It strips finished rolls from winder's cantilevered shaft onto an unload table and loads a preselected number of cores onto the empty shaft. Unload table tips rolls onto a platform from which the operator can pack the rolls. Empty cores are reloaded simultaneously from one of two large core bins onto the core conveyor prior to the next transfer. Setup is said to speed up production greatly, minimize operator fatigue, and reduce edge damage.

Clutches/Brakes Are Dependable
Warner Electric
, South Beloit, IL; 815/389-3771; warnerelectric.com
Standard CB and Super CB Series clutch/brakes and WSC Series clutches are said to provide dependable load starting and stopping. Features reportedly include simple construction, low cost, and long, maintenance-free life. Products are described as ideal for many demanding applications, including conveyors, packaging, materials handling, and more.

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