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Measure UV in Hard-to-Reach AreasEIT Inc., Sterling, VA; 703/478-0700; eitinc.com
Palm Probe allows the user to take measurements in difficult-to-reach areas of UV (ultraviolet) curing systems. It measures a wide dynamic range and includes auto scaling and adjustment for the user. The device also can read one of four different bandwidths: UVA (320-390 nm); UVB (280-320 nm); UVC (250-260 nm); and UVV (395-445 nm). All readings from the probe can be coordinated with co.'s on-line monitoring instruments. Visit Booth 1076 at CMM International.

Gear Reducer Serves a Wide Range of Applications
Alpha Gear Drives
, Elk Grove Village, IL; 847/439-0700; alphagear.com
SP high-speed gear reducer is said to be very efficient and designed for a wide range of dynamic and continuous high-speed applications. Design said to reduce no-load running torque; the device can run up to 4,500 rpm in continuous operations, 50% more than standard gearboxes, reports co. Mounts directly to servo motors running continuous-duty cycles. Acts as a heat sink, which helps cool the servo motor, and the cooler temperature allows the SP to run faster and longer. Visit Booth 9129 at CMM International.

Gravure Press Has Independent Motors
, Milan, Italy; +39 0299045474; cmr-srl.it
Rotospeed 3001 rotary gravure press is equipped with independent motors for the individual drive of every printing unit; it has been engineered with stainless steel coverings, inside and outside of the main frames. Press has an anti-splashing device. Visit Booth 22146 at CMM International.

Blend Inks Automatically
Novaflow Systems Inc.
, Prescott, Ont., Canada; 613/925-5926; novaflow.com
Model N20 automated ink-blending system, controlled by co.'s proprietary software, reportedly offers cost savings on inks and improved color consistency. Features automatic environmental reporting, workoff ink management, and stock control tools. Visit Booth 1086 at CMM International.

Large Rolls Offer Precision
Webex Inc.
, Neenah, WI; 920/729-6666; webexinc.com
Precision converting rolls range in size up to 48 in. dia and 25 ft long. Roll runout can be as tight as 0.0005 in. and surface finishes as low as 1 Ra. Diameter tolerances can be held to 0.0005 in. Multi-axis CNC lathes are used to produce custom surface patterns such as herringbone and other intricate chevron grooves. Rolls are balanced dynamically for optimum performance at speeds to 5,000 fpm, says co. Visit Booth 24005 at CCMM International.

Eliminate Tail on New Core
Faustel Inc.
, Germantown, WI; 262/253-3333; faustel.com
PerfectStart transfer technologies are said to eliminate scrap by leaving no tail on the new core that can damage the material as it winds around the core. According to co., units can be used for a wide variety of material types, thicknesses, and widths. Visit Booth 22079 at CMM International.

Plasma Treat Many Different Materials
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
PlasmaTreat3 atmospheric plasma system reportedly provides optimal surface treatment and functionalization of films, foams, papers, conductive webs, nonwovens, wovens, metals, and powders. It is said to provide greater productivity over standard corona or flame treatment technologies. Can be operated in three modes: plasma with controlled gas chemistry, chemical corona, or conventional corona. Visit Booth 19175 at CMM International.

Light Shield System Is Configured Quickly
Fusion UV Systems Inc.
, Gaithersburg, MD; 301/527-2660; fusionuv.com
Modular Light Shield (MLS) system is a pre-engineered platform that uses a series of aluminum extrusions and other common components said to be configured and assembled quickly to each customer's requirements. The system is compact and offers a number of options, including a bottom air-intake louver. Visit Booth 10073 at CMM International.

Modular Slitting System Is Upgradable
Tidland Corp.
, Camas, WA; 360/834-2345; 800/426-1000; tidland.com
MSP Modular Slitter Positioning system is designed to make advanced solutions such as automatic slitter positioning practical for the majority of converting applications. Base modules are built from three different sizes of Performance Series knifeholders and three types of driven anvil knives, which are selected according to machine width, minimum slit width, running speed, and web material. Seven different enhancement modules can be added, ranging from a linking mechanism for increased manual set-up speed, to a digital measurement system for increased accuracy, to computer-operated positioners for fully automatic knife positioning, even with the web in place. Visit Booth 24038 at CMM International.

Sensors Aid in Difficult Guiding Situations
Fife Corp.
, Oklahoma City, OK; 405/755-1600; 800/639-3433; fife.com
Designed for hazardous areas, the SE-31-IS intrinsically safe ultrasonic sensor is certified for Class I, Div. 1, Groups C and D. It is said to exceed industry standards with CE, UL, cUL, and CENELEC-(Eex ia IIB T4) certification. The SE-37 ultrasonic model senses opaque and clear materials with a 1-in. proportional bandwidth. This increased proportional band allows for a larger sensing area for guide point shift and fixed sensor guiding, co. notes. Visit Booth 24038 at CMM International.

Gravure Press for Many Types of Labels
Chesnut Engineering, Fairfield, NJ; 800/746-7878; chesnuteng.com
The Supra1600 has a 16-in. (400-mm) web width and is suited for short and medium runs of paper labels, p-s labels, shrink labels, unsupported films, and foils. Features what is called simple gravure technology and a lightweight engraved sleeve system. Includes the latest computer controls, job memory system, and automatic presetting. Visit Booth 20083 at CMM International.

Corona Treater Has Plug-and-Play Benefits
Pillar Technologies, Hartland, WI; 262/367-3060; pillartech.com
Unitized narrow web corona treater is prewired at the factory for plug-and-play operation. An adjustable mounting plate and adjustable treat widths conform to most existing press configurations. Device uses removable electrode cartridges and can run at speeds more than 700 fpm from 7.5-26 in. The system uses a P6000 power supply available from 0.5-3.5 kW. Visit Booth 15039 at CMM International.

Double-Coated Tapes Offer Durable Bonds
Scapa North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/688-8000; scapana.com
The Duofoam SR Series of double-coated, rubber-based PSA tapes is said to provide high tack and durable bonds on a wide variety of substrates. Tapes lathe-slit cleanly and are available with black or white foam substrates. The series is used in mounting, gasketing, space, and sound deadening. Visit Booth 5167 at CMM International.

Plugs Available for Many Applications
Badger Plug
, Greenville, WI; 920/757-7300; badgerplug.net
Line of plugs includes single-unit plastic pad plugs for suspending small-to-medium sized rolls; end boards with sleeve plugs for large-roll applications; H-Pack systems and double plugs for protecting multiple-roll shipments; and modular pad plugs with an interlocking design that provide an alternative to roll packaging. Visit Booth 1147 at CMM International.

Control Register for Up to 12 Colors
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
AR200 is described as a highly effective set-up and waste-reduction system for flexo CI presses. Uses a unique pattern of marks to detect and bring up to 12 colors into register automatically, co. reports. Controls register to an accuracy of 0.004 in.; on a typical 4-color CI press, average savings would be 2,400 ft of material per job setup, says mfr. Visit Booth 6093 at CMM International.

Die Reduces Edge BeadDavis-Standard Corp., Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
Series 50 ID automatic die is suited for extrusion coating applications for single and coextrusion systems. According to mfr., product has reduced edge bead for most grades of polymer; an internal deckle system; streamlined, reduced volume coextrusion manifold design; removable lips for die cleaning; externally mounted block heaters; stainless steel polymer wetted surfaces with hard chrome plating; and increased body cross section providing thermal stability at high output rates. Also features an automatic profile control model using co.'s patented thermocouple die design. Visit Booth 15027 at CMM International.

Ten-Color Section Is Upgraded
Windmoeller & Hoelscher
, Lincoln, RI; 401/333-2770; 800/854-8702; whcorp.com
The latest generation Novoflex ten-color section is said to offer many improvements over previous models, including sleeve-handling equipment; a full-color touchscreen interface; corrosion-proof doctor blade chambers; and automatic sleeve ejection. Visit Booth 17025 at CMM International.

CAD/CAM Line Aids Custom Libraries
EngView Systems Corp.
, Montreal, Que., Canada; 514/343-0293
CAD/CAM products for computer-integrated packaging and diemaking include Package Designer, Steel-rule Diemaker, 3D Presenter, and more. Products are said to enable designers to create custom libraries of resizable designs faster and easier. Custom resizable designs can be assembled out of fully parameterized components in minutes, says co. The technology is an add-on to the existing design process, so users do not have to change existing CAD systems. Visit Booth 15112 at CMM International.

Solventless Laminator Quickens Changeover
Novaflex Inc.
, Carol Stream, IL; 630/681-9900; novaflex-inc.com
DCM Laminastar solventless laminator operates between 1,000 and 1,500 fpm, depending on the model. Co. says that design enhancements allow faster cleanup and changeover. The laminator is built around a modular system with optional features. Reportedly, co.'s proprietary coating technique suits all types of solventless adhesives. Visit Booth 4097 at CMM International.

Control Temperatures with Upright Units
Sterling Inc.
, Milwaukee, WI; 414/354-1970; sterlco.com
Upright units in the Royal Series temperature control line feature what is described as a simplified internal cast fluid circuit with 40% fewer connections and 80% fewer mechanical parts. The simplified clear-flow design is said to provide balanced flow with lower pressure drop, and co.'s new high-efficiency pumps reportedly provide higher flow rates at lower pressure, giving the user enhanced water flow and more precise temperature control. Line is designed for processes requiring 0-250 deg F. Visit Booth 8179 at CMM International.

Window Machine Has Big Capabilities
Can-Am Packaging Equipment Corp.
, Pelham, NH; 603/635-1316; capspackaging.com
Kohmann F-1440/4 Giant is described as the largest window machine in the industry. Computer-controlled and servo driven, the device can glue window and lining material into carton blanks in 1-4 lanes with a configuration up to 4-up. The 51-in. circumference glue application and vacuum cylinders will increase production rates significantly, says co. Provides 100% inspection of production. Visit Booth 19001 at CMM International.

Co. Offers Dry Digital Platemaking
, Wilmington, DE; 800/628-6208; dupont.com/packaging
Co. announces totally dry, digital prepress workflow for platemaking with the Cyrel 1000TD thermal processor. Producing a dry digital flexo plate using Cyrel digital FAST reportedly cuts production time by as much as 75%, to about 1 hr. The plate can be imaged by commercially available flexo computer-to-plate engines and processed in 15 min with the 1000TD, providing “just-in-time” platemaking. Visit Booth 13000 at CMM International.

Bowed Rolls Provide Increased Web Control
Nim-Cor Inc.
, Nashua, NH; 603/889-2153; nimcor.com
Two bowed rolls, the Perma-Bow and the Adjusta-Bow, are said to be highly effective in handling wrinkle removal, slit separation, slack edges, and soft web spots. The Perma-Bow has a fixed axle and is recommended for use in long runs needing less adjustment. The Adjusta-Bow has an adjustable axle, which reportedly allows for the apex of the roll to be aligned, as well as the bow in the web. Both models have synthetic rubber covers compounded to meet individual applications and are available with a choice of mounting brackets, drive pulleys, and rotating bearing supports. Visit Booth 17161 at CMM International.

Changeover Flexo Press Quickly
Fischer & Krecke Inc.
, Fairfield, NJ; 973/882-9460; fischer-krecke.de
Flexpress 16S servo-driven, gearless, CI flexographic printing press is said to be compact and easily accessible. Co. notes it is sleeve based, fully computerized, and able to handle extremely fast changeovers without sacrificing strength, high-speed capabilities, wider widths, and longer repeats. Visit Booth 19038 at CMM International.

Turret Rewinder Saves Space
Macro Engineering
, Mississauga, Ont., Canada; 905/507-9000; macroeng.com
Stackable turret winder for blown film lines can wind rolls to 30 in. dia and face widths to 84 in. Said to occupy less floor space than similar products; offer improved accessibility; and eliminate shaft handling via swing-out gate. Visit Booth 22153 at CMM International.

Rotary Die-Cutter has Three Workstations
Bernal Technologies
, Auburn Hills, MI; 248/299-3600; bernaltech.com
Rotary die-cutter and delivery system is 32 in. wide and has built-in servo motors. It consists of the prepress unit, three independent workstations, a stabilizing conveyor with diverter, skew tape conveyor, and a shingle delivery with gap generator and carton stacker. Visit Booth 11002 at CMM International.

Corona Power Supply Has New-Generation Controls
Sherman Treaters Inc.
, Mississauga, Ont., Canada; 905/670-9117; shermantreaters.co.uk
The I.S.I.S. (Intelligent Switchmode with Integrated Software) corona power supplies feature a redesigned driver stage, with a complementary microprocessor-based control system. System provides closed loop control of real power with three-term PID controller. Co. notes that self-matching circuitry automatically tunes to load conditions, and fast over-current detection circuitry prevents output stage damage. Features a fully interactive, menu-driven control system, and separate access levels are available for operator, supervisor, and engineer. Visit Booth 18097 at CMM International.

Positioning System Is for High-Speed Applications
Mario Cotta America, Cincinnati, OH; 513/792-5510; 800/792-9302; mariocotta.com
Aurora is a fully automatic slitter positioning system with computer control. It offers an individual motorized bottom band for high-speed slitting applications. Pneumatic holders (less blade) are warranted for three years. Supplies cuts from 2 in. up at speeds to 8,000 fpm. Visit Booth 6039 at CMM International.

Balers Help Reduce Dust
American Baler Co.
, Bellevue, OH; 419/483-5790; americanbaler.com
PAC Series balers promise to reduce dust while producing high-density bales. They feature tight tolerances, adjustable dust seals, and platen extension to minimize dust and small-particle emission during operation. Co. reports balers are engineered to produce denser, brick-like bales, reduce wire use, move fewer bales, and fit more bales per shipment. Visit Booth 1158 at CMM International.

Positioning System Is Automatic, Accessible
, Nashville, TN; 615/383-1158
Automatic knife positioning system is designed to be integrated into the machine layout to be visible and accessible easily, co. says. The bottom knife shaft is equipped with expanding ledges to lock the bottom knives in position. The shaft is fix mounted on the drive side and has retractable bearing housing on the nondrive side to have the knife shaft cantilevered for easy knife replacement. When the slit width needs to be changed, operator enters the new slit width pattern in the set-up screen and the system automatically selects the closest knives to the new position and relocates the knives. Visit Booth 19097 at CMM International.

Print In-Line with Extruder or Bagmaker
Retroflex Inc.
, Wrightstown, WI; 877/532-5600; retroflex.com
K-Series flexographic printer is designed to operate in-line with an extruder or bag machine, allowing for the application of inks or coatings without the expense of off-line processing. Design is said to offer considerable ease of operation and installation, with a control console on the operator side frame. Mfr. says anilox and plate rolls can be removed easily via hinged bearing caps; the press can be expanded to offer as many as eight colors. Visit Booth 17116 at CMM International.

Process Makes Packages Easy to Tear
Laser Machining Inc., Somerset, WI; 715/247-3285; precolaser.com
The AcuTear laser process enables converters to produce packages said to be easy to tear along a predetermined path. Process creates a “score-line,” which can be controlled and adjusted to alter the tear strength. It is suited for use on a variety of materials. Visit Booth 1073 at CMM International.

Window Patch Offers Smooth Delivery
Independent Machinery Inc.,
Palatine, IL; 847/991-5600; independentmachinery.com
The Heiber + Schroeder WPS1100 is described as an economical way to use the latest in window-patching technology for start-up and “occasional” operations. Features two-lane, three-around production with maximum mechanical speeds of 55,000 pph. Co. says a timed vacuum bump feeder — with independently adjusted alloy-caste lifters to accommodate variable-lane belt wear — provides smooth and consistent delivery of blanks. A touchscreen makes setup and production summaries easier. Visit Booth 11034 at CCMM International.

Monitor Repeat Lengths as Job Runs
Dynaweb Inc., Livermore, CA; 925/373-9013; dynawebinc.com
The DynaView II print repeat length monitor measures repeat length while the job is running, allowing the operator to know immediately if the repeat length goes out of the targeted preset range. It is a fully graphic, touchscreen-controlled monitor with preset job parameters, Hi-Lo alarm outputs, data output for SPC or printer, and other features. Visit Booth 6141 at CMM International.

Cut Cores Accurately and Simply
Elite Converting Machinery
, Piscataway, NJ; 732/627-0400; elitecameron.com
CC200 automatic core cutter reportedly offers accuracy, lowers operator fatigue, and provides a quick core diameter change and robust construction. Operation is said to be simple and efficient, and loading options are available. Visit Booth 15011 at CMM International.

Prefeeder Increases Speed with No Damage
Roberts Poly Pro, Charlotte, NC; 704/588-1794
Prefeeder reportedly can increase folder/gluer line speeds between 25% and 40% without product damage or belt wear. The belt design is said to accommodate a full range of adjustments without changing belt tension. According to co., features include a sealed, direct internal drive motor that is efficient and requires less maintenance than traditional external belt-and-pulley systems; a floating feedgate that adjusts automatically to provide optimum feed rate; motorized, track-mounted positioning that makes setup fast and easy; an analog feed hopper sensor; and an open design that allows safe access to controls. Visit Booth 13011 at CMM International.

Process Digital Flexo Plates on Sleeves
MacDermid Graphic Arts USA
, Atlanta, GA; 404/696-4565; macdermidga.com
Flex-Light 60 ASL, an in-the-round flexo sleeve plate processor, will expose, wash, dry, and detack sleeve-mounted digital plates automatically. It can process up to 11 photopolymer sleeves simultaneously. The device has full compatibility with all commercial flexo sleeves, co. says., and has a maximum outside sleeve diameter of 350 mm; a minimum sleeve diameter of 75 mm; a maximum sleeve length of 1,560 mm; a minimum sleeve length of 406 mm; and a maximum relief depth of 2 mm. Visit Booth 15005 at CMM International.

Stop Melt Leakage in Dies Two Ways
Extrusion Dies Inc.
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
Co. reports two new approaches to stop melt leakage in extrusion coating and laminating dies. The first is dual deckling, in which a CL-EPC die is fitted with an additional external deckle that provides back-up protection. The added deckle is a small wedge-lock unit. The second approach is a redesign of the internal deckle blade: Users need to apply less torque to the lip-adjusting bolts to achieve enough sealing pressure to the lip blade. Visit Booth 7009 at CMM International.

Rollers Eliminate Standard Bearings
Martin Automatic Inc., Rockford, IL; 815/654-4836; martinauto.com
Airnertia Series of rollers is designed to eliminate standard bearings; thin walls reduce the inertia of standard aluminum and carbon fiber rollers. Technology is said to allow zero-speed splicing capability at web speeds to 3,000 fpm. Visit Booth 13025 at CMM International.

Roll Cradles Reduce Packaging Material Use
Great Northern Corp.
, Appleton, WI; 920/831-0596; 800/925-2626; gnc-net.com
Double-sided roll cradles — recycled fiber DS and thermoformed DS — are said to eliminate the need to use back-to-back cradles for roll stacking, thus reducing packaging material usage by as much as 37%. The thermoformed DS cradles are made from recycled, post-industrial, high-impact PS and are highly nestable, saving warehouse space. They are said to be dust-free and aren't affected by moisture or humidity. Visit Booth 25085 at CMM International.

The big show is almost upon us. All of the products in this month's “What's New Products” section will be featured at CMM International., April 23 through 26. For complete show coverage, see the March 2001 issue of PFFC.

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