Metallized OPP Offers Barrier Properties
AET Films
, New Castle, DE; 302/326-5500
MPF OPP film is designed for high-barrier food packaging, and according to mfr., it is appropriate for replacing foil and metallized polyester in applications such as hot chocolate and soup mix bags. This metallized, non-sealable film comprises an aluminum-coated surface with a bonding layer, an OPP core, and a treated bonding layer. It is said to have excellent moisture and oxygen barrier performance, superior metal adhesion, and excellent resistance to flex cracking.

Adhesive Stands Up to High Temperatures
National Starch & Chemical Co.
, Monroe, NJ; 800/797-4992;
Duro-Tak 429A adhesive, called a hot melt alternative to traditional, solvent-based, acrylic-based adhesives, reportedly stands up to Pasteurization temperatures (190 deg F). According to mfr., it provides very high tack and is particularly appropriate for curved surfaces. May be applied via slot die, roller, or other conventional equipment.

Laminate Is Smooth and Glossy
Metallized Products Inc.
, Winchester, MA; 781/729-8300; 888/MPI-8088
MirrorBrite high-gloss laminate of metallized polyester film and paper/board is said to feature a smooth, mirror-like surface and excellent lay-flat properties. Created for use with offset, screen, flexographic, and gravure printing, laminate has a surface tension of 340 dynes and reportedly will not crack or peel. It can be die-cut, scored or folded, glued, hot stamped, and embossed. Available in a variety of weights and brillance levels.

Ink Has Environmental Benefits
Willett America
, Grapevine, TX; 817/222-2233
General-purpose, environmentally friendly ink is based on ethyl acetate, a naturally occurring solvent found in fruit. The ink is said to confer excellent adhesion and high print resolution on materials such as PVC, PET, PP, coated paper, and metals. It is reported to be fast drying, and its environmentally safe qualities make it suitable for markets such as food processing, medical, and beverage, notes co.

Tie-Layer Resin Provides High Performance
Equistar Chemicals LP
, Houston, TX; 713/652-7300
Plexar PX3236 is described as a low-cost, high-performance, anhydride-modified, LLDPE tie-layer resin for use in extruding multilayer blown and cast film. It is said to be particularly well-suited for bonding polar polymers to ionomers and PEs. The product is appropriate for boil-in-bag structures, bag-in-box films, and film structures where LLDPE is the heat-seal layer.

Take Nip Impressions Quickly and Accurately
Sensor Products Inc.
, East Hanover, NJ; 973/884-1755
Pressurex nip impression sensor films are custom tailored for determining where a nip problem lies. In both static and dynamic situations, the film can ascertain parallelism between nipped rolls, determine crown correction, reveal damage to roll coverings, and indicate roll covering wear. Films come in long, narrow strips up to 33 ft and show a permanent, quantifiable color change when force is applied.

Face Material Is UL-Recognized
Acucote Inc.
, Graham, NC; 800/228-2683
UL Syntherm is an HDPE face material said to offer strength, durability, and excellent printing characteristics. It is offered with BL-64 rubber-resin adhesive and is standard with a 40# paper release liner. Material is recommended for both indoor and outdoor applications under UL969 standards.

Shrink Film Provides a Premium Appearance
Epsilon-Opti Films Corp.
, South Plainfield, NJ; 908/791-1300; 800/791-1030
Mfr. says frozen food producers can enhance the visual impact of packaging with Opti-95 shrink film. It is described as a high-clarity, biaxially oriented polyolefin film that achieves shrink consistently, without irradiation, at very low sealant temperatures. May be used to wrap or bundle boxes individually and reportedly provides excellent high-gloss results every time. Film is available in centerfolded standard stock sizes and single-wound sheeting constructions in custom-produced sizes, at 60, 75, and 100 ga.

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