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Press Update Includes Doctor Blade
Cooper Printing Machinery Ltd.
, Herts, England; +44 (0) 1582 764431; cooperprint.co.uk
Updated Model 1100 sheet-fed flexo press reportedly includes all features of Series II but now has a Printco carbon fiber chambered doctor blade. Available in one- to four-color versions, presses are capable of printing on a wide variety of materials to 12.5 mm thick.

Keep Track of Process with Real-Time Data
ei3 Corp.
, Montvale, NJ; 201/802-9080;
The Tracker tool streams real-time data feeds of monitored process line activity across a computer screen. Makes pertinent machine information available at a glance to keep staff informed of process line status while pursuing other projects. Lets manufacturers link directly to detailed activity for a particular setpoint by clicking on corresponding machine value scrolling across computer screen.

Adhesive Coater Provides Repeatable Samples
RK Print Coat Instruments
, Royston, Herts, U.K.; +44 (0) 1763-852187; rkprint.com
The K Control Coater produces quick, accurate, and repeatable samples to determine the thickness of the adhesive coating in quality control, for production runs, and for presentation purposes, the mfr. reports. Said to be easy to use and clean, the benchtop systems are available in two versions: Model 101 offers a coating area to 170 × 250 mm, and Model 102 has a coating area to 325 × 250 mm. Coating speeds are infinitely variable between 2 and 15 m/min, and multiple coatings can be produced in one operation for comparison, the mfr. says. A range of close or spirally wound bars as well as adjustable or fixed gap applicators is available.

Process Control System Inspects Entire Repeat
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
BST Genius LeX process control system is designed for use on label, film, and folding carton presses. Features a touchscreen interface; a 3CCD camera with a 4 × 5-in. or 7 × 9-in. field of view; and a full set of visual inspection features that includes positional memory and a defect detection package that inspects 100% of the repeat, co. notes. System processes and analyzes 10 images per second, reportedly providing a substantially higher sampling ratio than competitive systems on the market.

Static Meter Is Versatile
Electro-Tech Systems Inc.
, Glenside, PA; 215/887-2196; electrotechsystems.com
Model 212 digital static meter is described as a lightweight, precision unit that features a chopper-stabilized sensor for long-term, accurate measurements in both normal and ionized environments. Measurement range is from 0 to ±20 kV at meter-to-object distance of 1 in. User-adjustable zero control is said to increase instrument's versatility.

Decorated Material Feeds Are Increased
, Rolling Meadows, IL; 847/394-5700; spartanics.com
Co. announces a 20% speed increase in its material feeds with either a two- or three-axis correction system. Automatic registration feeds reportedly will help converters improve quality and reduce scrap while increasing throughput when die-cutting or blanking decorated materials.

Top Side Edge Gluer Is Precise, Clean
The Gluefast Co.
, Neptune, NJ; 800/242-7318; gluefast.com
Electric top side edge gluer is described as an easy-to-use, adjustable, precise system for applying adhesive to paper, card, corrugated stock, or binder board quickly and without runover. Glues any stock to 1 in. thick and adjusts glue film from ⅛ to 3½ in. Features a fully enclosed gear motor; standard motor speed control gives operator flexibility and is said to be especially practical when edge gluing small pieces. Adhesive reservoir holds more than 1 gal (5 liters).

On-Line Tool Aids Customer Service
Hyperware Inc.
, Brentwood, MO; 314/644-4458
Co. reports eMerge is a powerful e-commerce product that allows BoxPro users to offer customers a wide range of new Web-enabled features and services. Customers will have on-line access to their orders, shipments, inventory levels, and warehouse inventory status.

Sheet and Stack Around the Clock
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
High-speed rotary sheeter/stacker is designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Capable of processing rolls of material into sheets at a rate to 1,000 fpm, depending on material. Sheeter portion uses a rotary single-knife, fixed-bed cutter, said to be fast and accurate. Sheets are conveyed on a vacuum conveyor to the point where the material is knocked off the belt onto the stacker. (Equipment shown processes oil-absorbent material; other materials require different style stacker.) When stack is full, it automatically lowers for off-loading, while secondary finger-tray keeps collecting sheets.<

Retrofit Extruder for Increased Output
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
Internal Diameter Increase (IDI) Conversion offers what co. says is a way to increase extruder output with relatively little downtime or expense. IDI retrofit packages involve the replacement of the extruder barrel, feed section, screw, and breaker plate with those of a larger diameter. As long as there is suitable horsepower on the existing machine, expected output increases of approximately 25% or more are possible with most materials, mfr. reports.

Web Inspection System Receives Enhancements
TruColor Vision Systems
, LaGrange, GA; 706/845-6970; tcvs.com
Automatic register control has been added to 4000 Series web inspection systems. The TG 4000 Series has undergone a complete operator interface redesign in the Windows NT operating platform. Flat panel LCD-type touchscreen interface is said to allow operator to easily and quickly call upon productive enhancing features that can include full closed-loop auto register control for establishing and setting color register on press. New feature is said to offer converters much faster set-up times and to reduce waste due to registration error.

Monitor Flat Die Extrusion
Raytek Corp.
, Santa Cruz, CA; 831/458-1110; raytek.com
The ES100 Process Imaging System monitors flat die extrusion or other continuous web processes. It is said to provide an advanced capability for monitoring temperature distributions of plastic sheet and cast film extrusion. Offers the flexibility to define and configure measurement sectors for each die bolt to facilitate improved temperature setting, mfr. says.

Inspect for Defects on All Printed Materials
Advanced Vision Technology Ltd.
, Hod-Hasharon, Israel; +972 9 761 4477; avt-inc.com
The PrintVision/Argus 100% quality and process control system visually inspects all types of printed materials, including transparent and flexible substrates used in the packaging and label industries. It automatically detects imperfections in real time. Can be installed as add-on module on any of co.'s PrintVision models. Randomly occurring defects are marked automatically according to a selected quality threshold.

Reregister System Is Portable
Rotary Technologies Inc.
, Orlando, FL; 407/888-2886; 800/422-5496; rotarytechnologies.com
The 2300 RTIM portable reregister system incorporates all the components needed to register a preprinted roll to a press for second-pass printing or converting in a compact, modular frame of 12 × 18 in. Unit can be moved easily from one press to another and be running at full production speed in minutes, co. says. Said to be easy to use and have a resolution of 0.004 in.

Treat Solvent-Printed Materials Safely
Enercon Industries Corp.
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/255-6070; enerconind.com
Purged surface treating stations are said to allow solvent printers to run faster and reduce costs. Rated for safe operation in Class I, Div. II, Group D locations. Pressurized system features positive pressure air flow for safe operation in solvent areas. Doors allow operators to access system components when line is not in operation. Power supplies with IGBT technology reportedly deliver reliable power to system's universal electrode station.

Alignment Kit Raises Efficiency
Pinpoint Laser Systems
, Newburyport, MD; 978/462-8056; pinlaser.com
The Microgage Alignment Kit is said to provide measuring information on machine alignment to improve operating efficiency and reduce downtime due to mechanical wear and breakdowns. Co. reports compact kit sets up in minutes and provides precise measurement of machinery straightness, surface flatness, rail and slide parallelism, and squareness for production equipment.

Proofing System Offered in Various Formats
Agfa Corp.
, Wilmington, MA; 978/658-0200; 800/227-2780; agfahome.com
The Grand Sherpa proofing system is designed for packaging applications, including contact proofs, mockups, digital overlays, and die-cutting proofs. Comes in 50-, 64-, or 87-in. formats and offers 1,440 × 1,400-dpi resolution, with a capacity for up to eight multi-density inks. Features variable dot size with the smallest drop being 5 picoliters. Can print to 40 sq m/hr at 360 × 360 dpi in a six-color configuration or 12 sq mph at 720 × 720 dpi.

Clean Anilox Rolls in One Step
Solvent Kleene Inc.
, Peabody, MA; 978/531-2279; solventkleene.com
D-Zolve 333 is said to eliminate dry ink buildup in anilox rolls. Product is designed to dissolve dried ink deposits completely and restore anilox cell structure to its original volume, co. says. Can be used when rolls are on or off the press and is compatible with ceramic and all ferrous and nonferrous metals, as well as with HDPE, PP, and nylon.

Blown Film Die Offered Two Ways
Reifenhäuser GmbH & Co. Maschinenfabrik
, Troisdorf, Germany; +49 (0) 2241-481-0; reifenhauser.com
Co. offers the BK-F 0400-03-C1 three-layer blown film die with internal bubble cooling for die inserts of 150-400 mm dia. Dies are available with two gauge control systems: REIcoflow air ring with segmented control; or REI-cotherm die flow channel surface with segmented thermal control.

Crush Cut System Has Interchangeable Cassettes
Dienes Corp.
, Spencer MA; 508/885-6301; 800/345-4038; dienesusa.com
Close-tolerance Score-Pak crush cut systems combine individual holders into precision cassettes. Modular design allows user to change cassettes to change slit widths, reducing downtime and eliminating set-up errors. Each interchangeable cassette accommodates to 15 knife holders, with cutting widths from 4 mm.

Vison System Inspects Surface in Real Time
, Norcross, GA; 770/449-7776; lasorsystronics.com
The Eagle III Vision System reportedly inspects 100% of the surface in “real time.” Operator can map the location of all defects and archive the information as desired, co. notes. System is said to inspect for missing coating, gels, holes, carbon specs, wrinkles, and other surface imperfections. System can be configured with both basic and advanced defect classification. The advanced defect classification software allows the operator to distinguish gels from cross-linked gels, according to the mfr., and to find holes in clear film. Ideal in the lab for new product development or on the production line for quality monitoring.

Corrugated Samplemaker Is Rugged and Fast
Data Technology Inc.
, Wilmington, MA; 978/694-0055; data-technology.com
The M-3000, the 4th generation of rugged corrugated samplemakers, is said to be the fastest on the market. Features open access from all sides and an advanced interlocking security system. The T3 tooling system offers users a complete range of tools for the demands of today's range of packaging materials.

Metallized Paper Sheeter Minimizes Scratching
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Sheeter is recommended for converters of sensitive, value-added materials such as metallized paper or highly glossed label paper. Comprises cutter, delivery, and stacking systems designed to achieve higher speeds while minimizing scratching. Outfitted with two AC motors governed by a microprocessor, sheeter has a dual-motor design said to provide a sheet-length accuracy to ±0.015 in. (±0.381 mm), while maintaining a sheet squareness of ±0.020 in. (±0.508 mm). Can convert webs to 65 in. (1,651 mm) wide and deliver sheets from 15-80 in. (381-2,032 mm).

Lab Image Analysis Products Offered
TCE Ltd.
, Milwaukee, WI; 414/964-4513
Image analysis test products for the paper, packaging, and digital print industries are being distributed in North America. Capabilities include: measurement of ink droplet contact angle and surface energy; liquid permeation and paper absorption; paper surface marking impressions; felt fiber indentations; missing raster dots; fiber layer orientation; and small-scale pinhole ID. Products are designed for use in labs that analyze paper and packaging materials or print interaction with paper and related substrates.

Interface Added to Colorimeter
Wasatch Computer Technology Inc.
, Salt Lake City, UT; 801/575-8043; 800/894-1544; wasatchinc.com
Co. has engineered a new interface for GretagMacBeth's Eye-One colorimeter, a color measurement device used for linearization, profiling, and spot color capture. Linked with co.'s SoftRIP 4.4 RIP and print-management software, Eye-One is used to scan ink limit and linearization targets during printer calibration process. Hand-held unit will capture spot colors from virtually any flat surface, mfr. says.

Automatic Ramping for Extrusion Lines Offered
Process Control Corp.
, Atlanta, GA; 770/449-8810; process-control.com
Software feature available on Gravitrol control systems and Gravimetric blenders allows an extrusion line to ramp up and down automatically while maintaining perfect product gauge and layer distribution over the entire line speed change. System must control extruder speed and haul-off device for automatic step ramping to be effective, mfr. adds.

Make Coating Plates In-Plant
JGSUB Enterprises
, Elyria, OH; 440/353-9136
Patented process allows the off-press, in-plant, just-in-time manufacture of plates for in-line, sheet-fed, litho tower and blanket coater-equipped presses, web litho presses, and off-line roll coaters. Reportedly makes raised image spot or pattern coating plates at one-tenth the cost of photopolymer plates. Co. says aqueous and UV coatings are applied with equal ease, and process is suited for both short and long runs.

Ink Jet Press Prints Short Runs On Corrugated
Aprion Digital
, Netanya, Israel; +972 9 892 47 66; aprion.com
The Shaldag SP industrial, high-speed ink jet press can print short-run, regionalized, or personalized corrugated products. Will print a range of corrugated, foam core, plastic core, and SBS board. Co. reports good testing results with B, C, and E flute.

Solve Roll Handling Problems With Trolleys
Engelmann & Buckham Ltd.
, Hampshire, U.K.; +44 (0) 1420 82421; buckham.co.uk
Co. offers Besco lifting trolleys to solve roll-handling problems. Electronic range comprises three models, with the largest capable of handling rolls to 1,500 kg in weight, 1,200 mm in dia, and 1,700 mm wide. Units are said to be easy to use and come fully equipped.

Extract Dust with a Vacuum
Körber PaperLink North America
, Windsor, CT; 860/687-9911; kplna.kpl.net
The patented Schneider XT400 system from E.C.H. Will and Swiss Patent Consulting & Development allows paper to be made dust-free by creating a vacuum. A precise curve on the dust extraction head is used to control the airflow so the dust-laden air is channeled away via the air duct into the vacuum.

Manage Print Performance in Real Time
RDP Marathon Inc.
, Laval, Que., Canada; 450/687-7262; rdpmarathon.com
The Optim+ advanced information system offers an analytic view of the printing process performance. Designed to provide a real-time, informed overview of the entire printing operation with the ability to zero in on a user-specified timeline for an individual press, product, or shift. Report screen, accessible at the press console, automatically logs downtime events and associated waste, while prompting operator to select a pre-defined downtime reason from a pop-up menu.

Produce Filter Membranes Automatically
Elsner Engineering Works Inc.
, Hanover, PA; 717/637-5991; elsnereng.com
The EMF-42 folding machine automates the production of filter membranes for reverse osmosis filters, which are used to make brackish water and sea water potable. Combines the membrane filter material with a scrim material and folds it for use in the filters. Machine unwinds, cuts to length, adheres scrim to membrane, folds, and discharges the products in different sizes and quantities. Sizes range to 42 in. wide × 96 in. long.

Digital Offset Press Prints Plastic Overlays
Indigo NA
, Woburn, MA; 781/937-8800; indigonet.com
Omnius MultiStream fully digital, full-color, sheet-fed offset press uses co.'s ElectroInk liquid ink. High quality images reportedly can be printed on plastic sheets in quantities from a few (for proofing) to hundreds or thousands at significantly reduced turnaround times. Digitally printed graphic layers and overlays may be used for products such as membrane switches, front panels, keypads, durable labels, mouse pads, and other promotional products.

Audit Your Print Operation
Leapfrog Consulting
, Eagle, ID; 208/938-0200;leapfrogpr.com
Co. offers two patent-pending programs packaging printers and converters can use to evaluate and certify the quality of their printing operations. LeapAUDIT is a method of auditing a printer's processes and facilities to ensure critical elements of the content-provider's design and brand identity are maintained during the printing process. A report identifies areas of strength and weakness. Based on the data, printer is awarded a LeapCERTIFY rating that designates the level of process organization and print quality co. has demonstrated.

Slitter/Scorer Delivers Quality and Precision
, Phillips, WI; 715/339-2191; marquip.com
Model IV Quickset slitter/scorer is said to promote excellent slit quality and process control. Enables reliable sheet feeding and reduces the amount of dust in the air and on the boards, improving post-print graphics and box quality, says co. Reportedly, head setup accuracy of ±0.25 mm (0.010 in.) enables critical box specs to be met consistently; and precise scoring depth prevents score cracking and ensures uniform folding forces of the box.

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