Crystallizing line starts production in China.

The government-owned Shanghai Chemical Plant's PET crystallizing line began operations in September 1994 to produce X-ray film for the medical industry in China and abroad, using technology supplied by Bry-Air Systems, Sunbury, OH.

Bry-Air was approached in late 1993 by the China National Chemical Construction Co., an agent for the Chinese government, which sought to update the old drying and crystallizing equipment for a new line.

The system involves a two-step process handling up to 3,000 lb./hr. of polyester. The first step, the crystallizing process, includes a 6,000 lb.-capacity crystallizing hopper supplied by a crystallizing dryer. From there, the material is transferred via gravity through a rotary air lock into the final dehumidification-drying process.

The final process includes a 12,000-lb.-capacity drying hopper fed from a Bry-Air Systems LVD-30 3,000-cfm dessicant humidifier. The system also includes a sensor, high-and low- level alarms and a central-control panel.

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