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Measure Reel Hardness Quickly
Proceq SA
, Zurich, Switzerland; +41 (0) 1 389 98 00; proceq.com
The PAROtester 2 instrument is said to provide quick and objective evaluations of reel hardness, profile hardness, and the variations of hardness in rolls, with high resolution and easy reproducibility. User-friendly electronics display the measured data and statistical information. Can measure coated paper as well as foils and films. Suited for packaging, adhesive tapes, labels, plastic, and carrier bags.

Sense Luminescence Even with Color Shifts
Banner Engineering Corp.
, Minneapolis, MN; 763/544-3164; bannerengineering.com
The QL Series of microprocessor-controlled luminescence sensors, including QL 50 and QL 55, utilize a modulated UV LED to scan for luminescence in materials and are not affected by color or contrast shifts. Co. says sensors are suited for applications requiring the detection of color marks, clear adhesive labels, tamper-evident seals, oil or grease, and fluorescent product markings where the background color may vary, causing a contrast change that could confuse other sensing methods.

Control Deposition in Reactive Sputtering
Gencoa Ltd.
, Liverpool, U.K.; +44 (0) 151 252 2200; gencoa.com
The Speedflo process controller for deposition rate enhancement in reactive sputtering uses an csaid to offer faster response times and enhanced robustness to process fluctuations when compared to existing PID control solutions. Can perform multi-channel control over large sputter target sizes or multiple systems. Reportedly has a very flexible software interface to set up, optimize, and monitor process.

Load Carriers Reduce Damage
Amacoil Inc.
, Aston, PA; 610/485-8300; 800/252-2645; amacoil.com
Co. offers optional line of linear slide load carriers for its linear drive assemblies. Slides remove twisting and bending forces from the drive unit and from the guide rails and supports. This is said to minimize the chance of damage to the drive system. Also, by lifting the payload weight off the drive unit, linear slide attachment assures the bearing assembly is not under undue pressure.

Test Leak, Seal Strength with One System
, Orchard Park, NY; 716/662-0006
The 2800 Series Tester integrates mass flow, pressure decay, burst, creep, and creep-to-burst tests into a single system to detect channel or pinhole defects or demonstrate conformance to specific testing standards (e.g., ASTM-1140). Data capture utility is included to monitor, display, and permanently test results.

Capture Plastic Scrap for Re-Use
Precision AirConvey
, Newark, DE; 302/999-8000; precisionairconvey.com
In-line repelletizing system enables plastic film processors to capture edge trim and roll scrap, convert it to pellets, and re-introduce it into the extrusion process via a gravimetric blender. Will process PE, PP, PS, ABS, metallocenes, coextrusion blends, and more in a wide range of trim widths and thicknesses at rates to 700 lb/hr.

Vertical Conveyor Is Modular
TKF Inc.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/241-5910; tkf.com
Valu-Lift four-strand, continuous-lift, light-duty, vertical conveyor is designed to handle cartons and other smooth-bottom unit loads to 50 lb. Construction is modular, and a patented platform is designed for efficient, high-speed operation, low maintenance, and simplified assembly, mfr. reports.

Blender-Based Yield Control Simplifies Extrusion Process
Maguire Products Inc.
, Aston, PA; 610/459-4300; 888/459-2412; maguire.com
Gravimetric blenders powered by co.'s LineMaster software reportedly raise extrusion yield to a new level of simplicity and accuracy and enable processors to enhance product consistency, save on raw materials, shorten set-up times, and reduce scrap. Advanced yield control is available without the need for large, complex, and costly hardware systems such as loss-in-weight blenders, says co. Computer-controlled network allows the blender controller to adjust two critical process parameters simultaneously.

Test Charts Aid Consistency
BYK-Gardner USA
, Columbia, MD; 301/483-6500; 800/343-7721; bykgardner.com
Byko-charts reportedly have consistent L*a*b* values along with superior resistance to blocking, moisture, and warp. Help user avoid poor quality and performance in database by avoiding variation in color and gloss of drawdown charts. Available in different forms and styles.

Hot Melt Unit Holds Pressure Constant
Spraymation Inc.
, Fort Lauderdale, FL; 954/484-9700; spraymation.com
The 3910 Series thermopulse hot melt unit includes a 10-gal (80 lb) “melt-on-demand” reservoir and positive displacement DC motor-driven gear pump. Can be used with up to four automatic or handgun electromatic applicator heads and hoses. Pressure is held constant to within ±5% via closed-loop electronic control system and is displayed constantly on an LED readout.

Glue Gun Lets You Multi-Task
PAM Fastening Technology
, Charlotte, NC; 704/394-3141; pamfast.com
The Series 400 industrial-grade stick glue gun for quick adhesion applications is said to provide reliability and multiple options that make it ideal for multi-tasking applications. Features include a fast heat-up time with a high melt rate for higher output applications. Gun is described as lightweight and easy to use.

Edge Trim Cutter Suited for Many Materials
Converter Accessory Corp.
, Wind Gap, PA; 800/433-2413; handleyourweb.com
The Shear Cut Edge Trim Assembly (SCETA) is described as a precise, smooth linear tracking edge trim cutter. Standard model is effective at speeds to 1,000 fpm with a wide range of materials, including film, paper, and foils. Air-loaded, two-blade system is offered as stand-alone item or part of a complete edge trim solution.

Laminator Runs Films and Foil without Solvents
, Feeding Hills, MA; 413/789-3800; comexi.com
The Entry solventless laminator for plastic film lamination and aluminum foil offers a maximum web width of 52 in., maximum laminating width of 51 in., unwind/rewind roll maximum roll diameter of 31.5 in., and top speed of 1,000 fpm. Features includes a “floating-type” metering roll, touchscreen controls, ultrasonic edge guide system, magnetic brakes, and a metering and application unit composed of four motorized cylinders for individual drive and control.

Convey with Customization
Kice Industries Inc.
, Wichita, KS; 316/744-7151; kice.com
Pneumatic conveying systems are built with vacuum or pressure flow using standard components such as co.'s air power units, fans, cyclones, rotary airlocks, and speed spout. Specialty components, including c, are available for customization into any type of configuration.

Dryer Processes Two Webs at Once
Glenro Inc.
, Paterson, NJ; 973/279-5900; 888/453-6761; glenro.com
Electric IR dryer reduces moisture in paper and other material plies prior to calendering. With a total power of 292 kW, dryer is designed to pass two webs through simultaneously at speeds of 6-600 fpm. Design is said to accelerate drying and help remove vapors, making the dryer energy-efficient.

Shaft Collars Withstand Heavy Loads
Stafford Mfg. Corp.
, Woburn, MA; 978/657-8000; 800/695-5551; staffordmfg.com
PowerRing non-marring, high-capacity shaft collars provide about 3x the axial load-carrying capacity as standard heavy-duty collars, co. says. Collars feature two precision-machined halves pressed together around an embedded I.D. section and tightened using multiple clamping screws. They provide axial load capacities from 6,200-20,000 lb (depending on size) and are available in 20 standard bore sizes from ¾-2½ in. I.D.

Cutting Rule Is for Compressible Materials
Zimmer Industries Inc.
, Hawthorne, NJ; 800/225-0108; zimmerindustriesinc.com
MicroNik patented, pre-microscopically nicked cutting rule is for cutting compressible materials, including soft plastics, foams, and various laminates. Product combines sleek cutting edge with multiple patterns of 0.007-in. nicks to create a low-pressure, straighter cut, with microscopic nicks that allow the cut piece(s) to stay fully intact and in total control until separation is required.

Conveyor Accessories Aid Efficiency
Flexible Steel Lacing Co.
, Downers Grove, IL; 630/971-0150; flexco.com
Tatch-A-Cleat attachable conveyor belt cleats, lugs, pegs, and V-guides allow users to increase the efficiency of inclined belts, steepen elevation angles to shorten conveyors and conserve floor space, and promote truer belt tracking, co. says, while avoiding the need for custom-molded belting.

Control Gauge Variations in Blown Film
Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.
, Mississauga, ON, Canada; 905/507-9000; macroeng.com
The Accupro automatic gauge control for blown film dies can be shipped with new dies or retrofitted to existing dies. Polyolefin films produced on a blown film die with this system will have gauge variations between 2.5% and 3.5% within 2-sigma, co. reports.

Measure Flat or 3-D with No Parallax Errors
GEI Intl. Inc.
, Syracuse, NY; 315/463-9261; geionline.com
Model ONS-0383 telecentric collimating measuring magnifier is a custom optical system that features a small opening at the focal point of the lens system. Reportedly, this design enables not only flat but also 3-D objects to be viewed and measured without errors due to parallax. The 7x lens system offers adjustable focus and is said to provide crisp, sharp, distortion-free images. Measurements as small as 0.005 in. can be made in inches or millimeters.

Getting the “Skinny” on Measurement
Paul N. Gardner Co. Inc.
, Pompano Beach, FL; 954/946-9454; gardco.com
The “Skinny” IC thickness gauge has a range of 0-4 mil/0-100 µm. Designed for narrow substrate measurement, it has a width of only 0.250 in. with an eccentric wheel width of 0.0625 in.

Tachometers Cut Downtime with Advance Warning
Avtron Mfg. Inc.
, Independence, OH; 216/642-4234; avtron.com
SMARTach tachometers reduce unscheduled downtime by continually monitoring themselves using a patented microprocessor. When a problem is pending, unit's LED changes from green to red to warn operators. “Status-at-a-glance” feature eliminates oscilloscopes, additional wiring, special training, or special tools, says co. Tachometer also can provide an electronic alarm output to AC and DC drives if duty cycle cannot be maintained within the specified tolerance.

Conveyors Adapt to Size Needs Easily
Bilt-Rite Conveyors Inc.
, Garfield, NJ; 973/546-1000; bilt-rite.com
Model H-400 horizontal slider bed belt conveyor features standard lengths starting at 7 ft and going up in 2-ft increments. Intermediate sections are available in 6-, 8-, and 10-ft lengths. Users can add or subtract sections to lengthen or shorten the system in minutes, using only hand tools, co. says. Available with bed widths, from 12-42 in.

Clean Buildup from Die Lips Easily
Extrusion Dies Industries LLC
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
The UltraLip scraper traverses the width of a typical flat film, sheet, or extrusion coating die in less than a minute to scrape the buildup from the lips. The system centers on two lip-scraping assemblies for the upper and lower lip faces, respectively, that move in unison across the width of the die along threaded drive screws.

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