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TAPPI PRESS Offers CD Anthology
Personnel in the converting and packaging industries will want to obtain the fully searchable “1995-2003 TAPPI PLACE Conference Proceedings Anthology” CD-ROM. This fully searchable CD-ROM contains more than 800 papers presented at the 19952003 TAPPI PLACE Conferences. These nine conferences covered many topics in the areas of polymers, laminations, adhesives, coatings, and extrusion. The list price is $199.00, and members receive a discount of 35%.

Some papers in the anthology include “A Comparison of Primer Coating and Calcium Carbonate Addition Methods of Achieving LDPE Coating Adhesion to Clay-Coated Board,” “Removal of Hot-Melt Adhesives with Through-Flow Cleaners,” “Antifog Additives for Extruded Film,” “Global Trends And Developments In Converting,” and “Modeling and Measuring the Bending Stiffness of Flexible Packaging Materials.” All the papers present practical information that has value for research, development, technical service, marketing, management, and sales personnel in the converting and packaging industries.

The “1995-2003 TAPPI PLACE Conference Proceedings Anthology CD-ROM” is available for purchase online through the bookstore at www.tappi.org or by calling TAPPI PRESS at 1-866-201-1012 in the US, 1-80-0-446-9431 in Canada, or +1-770-446-1400 in other locations. The item number is PLACEANT-03.

TAPPI PRESS offers other resources in the areas of polymers, laminations, adhesives, coatings, and extrusion. The “Extrusion Coating Manual, Fourth Edition,” is a comprehensive volume detailing all aspects of extrusion coating. The book is a valuable training tool for new employees and a useful reference for everyone involved in extrusion coating.

Another offering is “Coextrusion Coating and Film Fabrication.” Illustrated with nearly 300 tables and graphs, the contents include history and economics of coextrusion, blown film, combining systems, coextruded coating film and sheet equipment, product characteristics, and raw materials.

The “2002 TAPPI Hot Melt Symposium Proceedings” contains 27 technical presentations from the meeting held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Papers include “Going Global: The Implications for Suppliers to the Adhesives Industry,” “The Pressure Sensitive Industry And Its Changing Scene,” “Form vs. Substance in Hot Melt Adhesives,” and “Processing Plant Philosophies: Staging vs. At-Line Raw Material Additions.”

“Film Extrusion Manual — Process, Materials, Properties” is a standard book that provides a comprehensive overview of the materials, processes, and products of film extrusion. In 27 chapters, it describes materials handling, screw designs, instrumentation, process control, cooling systems, additives, troubleshooting, surface treatment, test methods, and similar topics.

All the TAPPI PRESS offerings listed above are available through the previously listed contacts.

New Division Secretary
David Timm of Charter Films is the newly appointed secretary of the PLACE Division of TAPPI. He has been a member of TAPPI since 1998. “I joined to stay on top of technical innovations, network with industry, and increase the industry exposure of Charter Films. During my membership I have met many people who have helped me in my technical role. Participation has allowed me to stay abreast of material and equipment changes and improvements.”

Timm started his involvement in the PLACE Division by joining the Film Extrusion Committee. He has presented papers at Film Extrusion Committee sponsored events and developed and chaired various sessions sponsored by this group. His work began as product development engineer with StarTex in Lakeville, Minnesota. He then worked for Printpack in Atlanta, Georgia, and Grand Prairie, Texas. After a stint as a product specialist with James River Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri, he moved back to Minnesota as a technical manager for Atlantis Plastics. He currently is a managing founder of Charter Films. “My background is unique because I have worked in film production and conversion. I want to see these areas of expertise have a place where manufacturers and innovators can come to share ideas and collaborate on projects and product improvements. Primarily for this reason, I think the PLACE Division is a great opportunity for people to become involved, meet others, and learn together. PLACE is the ideal platform for film manufacturers and converters to share ideas and create technical forums.”

For information about the PLACE Division of TAPPI, access the TAPPI web page at www.TAPPI.org. To obtain the complete papers whose expanded summaries appear in this section, go to the TAPPI web site at www.TAPPI.org. Then click on “the PLACE” in the section designated Journals.

Telephone inquiries are welcome at the TAPPI Service Line by calling 1-800-332-8686 in the United States, 1-800-446-9431 in Canada, or +1-770-446-1400 in other countries. Send FAX to 1-770-446-6947. Address mail to TAPPI, Box 105113, Atlanta, GA, 30348-5113. Contact “the PLACE” editor by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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