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Foil Stamp On-Line, Reduce Waste
Heidelberg USA Inc., Kennesaw, GA; 770/419-6500; us.heidelberg.com
The Steuer Foil-Jet foil stamping press prints up to 12,000 sheets/hr with a maximum sheet size of 72 × 104 cm (28 × 41 in.). Allows foil stamping on printed products to be achieved on-line, without intermediate stacking or warehousing. Said to produce high stamping quality, press's rotary principle allows the application of extremely fine fonts to be placed next to large solids. Decelerates foil web and pulls it back, reportedly reducing stamping foil waste.

Evaluate Print Quality at Every Step
Quality Engineering Assoc. Inc., Burlington, MA; 781/221-0080; qea.com
The Flexo IAS portable instrument for print quality evaluation uses state-of-the-art image analysis technology. Co. says quantitative, objective decisions can be made in every step of the flexo process — from proof to film to plate to print — all using a single instrument, anytime, anywhere, on materials of any size, at any random location on a sample. High-resolution, analytical digital microscope provides data on dot size, dot shape, dot gain, % dot, line screen, and screen angle. Also analyzes print quality for registration, line bleed, line density, edge sharpness, and much more.

Choose Brake Tension Controls You Need
, North Brunswick, NJ; 732/822-7909; dynaspede.com
Powder brakes feature a wide variety of tension control schemes for any application. These include simple torque controls; tension controls based on electronic computation; dancer feedback; load cell feedback; and more. Said to be retrofitted easily.

Regulators Are Tough and Accurate
ControlAir Inc.
, Amherst, NH; 603/886-9400; controlair.com
The Type 350SS stainless steel filter regulator and Type 360SS stainless steel regulators are designed to provide accurate pressure regulation and stand up to harsh environments. Said to provide instrument-quality air to valves, pneumatic controllers, transmitters, valve positioners, air cylinders, and a wide range of pneumatic control systems.

Air Ring Now Offered in Automatic Model
Davis-Standard, Crompton Corp.
, Pawcatuck, CT; 860/599-1010; davis-standard.com
The WesJet AutoPro air ring is the automatic model of co.'s WesJet air ring. New design is said to improve air ring control as well as gauge tolerance and yield, without sacrificing rate. Features a simple operator interface automatic gauge profile control, a frequency analysis tool, and segmented airflow technology. High production rates are possible, says co., because air ring does not require heat.

Plate/Sleeve System Aids Productivity
Zed Instruments USA
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-2816; zed-inst.co.uk
The ZedMini direct digital laser-engraving system for plate and sleeve production features a user-friendly software package said to guarantee productivity for a range of printing techniques including flexo, 3D embossing, and dry offset. Suited for flexible packaging, label printing, film printing, plastic packaging, carton printing, and more.

Gain Complete Control of Treater
Pillar Technologies
, Hartland, WI; 262/367-3060; 888/745-5276; pillartech.com
Total Functional Control (TFC) option for treating systems gives users complete control, monitoring, and diagnostics at one location and on one clean touchscreen panel. Described as a cost-effective option that replaces remote control packages, diagnostic packages, and mechanical switches.

Brake Family Expands with Large Model
The Montalvo Corp.
, Gorham, ME; 207/856-2501; 800/226-8710; montalvo.com
The V500 is the newest member of co.'s V-Series brakes. This larger brake brings the versatility of a patented, tool-less pad-change system to higher-duty braking applications. Said to be suited for shaftless mill roll stands requiring higher-torque-capacity brakes in a smaller package. Offers torque range of 3-10,700 in.-lbs. Available in a number of configurations to handle a wide range of materials.

Vacuum Coater for Small-Scale Uses
Valmet General Ltd.
, Heywood, U.K.; +44 1706 622442; valmetconverting.com
The Mini-Lab vacuum coater for small-scale and pilot-type applications operates at speeds between 0.01 and 5 mpm. Maximum web width is 400 mm and maximum roll diameter is 450 mm on a 3-in. core. Machine contains two cathodes. Controlled by a Siemens WinCC computer system, machine is said to provide enhanced graphics and data acquisition.

Mechanical Proofing System Is Automatic
Integrity Engineering
, Princeton, MN; 763/856-4040; perfectproofer.com
The Perfect Proofer automatic mechanical proofing system is said to offer precise speed and pressure control, making it possible to correlate the proofer and presses and virtually eliminating inconsistencies between presses and ink room. Speed accuracy is said to be within ±1% at 100 fpm.

Output Long-Format Film Easier
Flexo Technologies Inc.
, Baldwin Pk., CA; 626/962-7077; flexotech.com.tw
The LaserBlack Enhancer allows user to make prints on a tracing paper or transparent film with an existing PC or Mac and then use Enhancer to get a film ready for platemaking. Co. says user does not need film outputting machine, camera, or film processor. Reportedly, system can make b/w prints darkened with an opaque density over 3.5, suitable for all kinds of plate exposure.

Lasersetter for Flexo Reduces Waste
Max Daetwyler Corp.
, Huntersville, NC; 704/875-1200; daetwyler.com
The Digilas E lasersetter for flexo applications reportedly optimizes sleeve and plate handling to lower waste and increase productivity. Fiber-laser technology is used for ablation of the LAM layer of digital flexo plates. According to co., maintenance-free design of fiber-lasers means low service costs, long lifetime, reliability, and continuous production.

Replacement Lamps Offered
, Union, NJ; 908/688-0050; hanovia-uv.com
Co. now stocks replacement lamps for all leading brands, including Aetek, AMBA, Fusion, Ushio, Eye-UV, Honle, and more. Catalog lists more than 200 lamps with complete specs.

Drive System Simplifies Operation
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Hoffman Estates, IL; 847/645-3774; boschrexroth-us.com
VisualMotion open control and intelligent drive system is said to ensure shorter changeover time for machinery and promises higher accuracy during the process. Precision servo drives replace rigid mechanical elements such as gears, shafts, and cams to simplify the machine design and improve product quality and productivity. Product or process changes can be made electronically. Teach-in functionality, programmable safety zones, and integrated programmable limit switches make machine operation easy and reliable, co. adds.

Slitter/Rewinder Reduces Set-Up Times
Dusenbery Worldwide
, Randolph, NJ; 973/366-7500; dusenbery.com
The Revolution slitter/rewinder features a segmented top-riding roll to eliminate setup, auto knife positioning system, and a hard-stop core locating system with positioning feedback. Model is equipped with an auto tail cut-off/web advance system; servo-controlled telescopic roll pushers; and frictionless differential rewind shafts, all harnessed through an interactive, networked control system. Features are said to raise efficiency.

Shaft Collars Suited for High-Volume Use
Amacoil Inc.
, Aston, PA; 610/485-8300; amacoil.com
EasyLock shaft collars reportedly install quickly without special tools to provide nonslip holding of tools and reels on smooth, case-hardened (Rockwell 55 and greater) shafts. Quick-release system is designed for high-volume production in which frequent changeovers of shaft-mounted tools, reels, or other objects are required. Applications include spooling, slitting, rewinding, and various types of roll-fed converting equipment and static procedures.

Achieve High Density Levels with Patented Sleeve
Edward Graphics US Inc.
, Tampa, FL; 813/994-9963; 800/463-5396; egs.com
Novotec specially formulated two-component compound is said to offer good properties in surface energy/tension, abrasion resistance, and temperature resistance. Ink transfer ability achieves density levels previously unattainable with conventional rubber and polymer products, co. says, adding product does an excellent job of preventing plate fill-in. Co. also says customers may be able to go to higher line screen anilox rolls with lower bcm volumes and still achieve mass tone.

Cylinders Improve Corrugated Printing
Bunting Magnetics Co.
, Newton, KS; 316/284-2020; buntingmagnetics.com
Cylinders for corrugated container printing are said to make mounting and registration quick and simple, without the need for hooks, straps, or staples. Permanent magnets built into the cylinders hold steel-backed plates or carriers firmly in place. Cylinders reportedly improve printing quality.

Pneumatic Step Chucks Offered
Convertech Inc.
, Wharton, NJ; 973/328-1850; convertech.com
Pneumatic step chuck incorporates advanced technological capabilities that allow user to run two different core diameters without adapters or changing the chucks. Features benefits of co.'s torque-activated mechanical chucks. Sizes range from 70 mm-12 in.

Keep Electronic Control Cabinets Cool
Exair Corp.
, Cincinnati, OH; 513/671-3322; exair.com
The 1,000-btu/hr cabinet cooler is described as a low-cost way to eliminate electronic control downtime that can result from high temperatures, dirt, and moisture. Cooler uses a vortex tube to cool an ordinary supply of compressed air to 20 deg F. A cold air distribution kit circulates air through the enclosure while providing a constant purge to keep panel free of dust and contaminants. Compressed air use is only 15 scfm. Systems include thermostat control to further minimize air usage and a compressed air filter to keep air clean and dry. Said to install in minutes.

HP Technology Powers Digital Ink Jet Press
, Norwich, CT; 877/228-9456; incjet.com
The jet.engine ink jet digital printing system uses Hewlett-Packard technology to put high-speed, high-resolution variable data virtually anywhere in a printing or packaging production line. Described as compact and easy to use, system prints on a variety of surfaces and can be positioned to print vertically, horizontally, or any angle in between. Printing orientation itself can go in any direction. Modular design allows the 1.5-in. units to be stitched together for wider print widths. Speeds range from 125-1,000 fpm, depending on resolution.

Destroy VOCs with 99%+ Efficiency
Glenro Inc.
, Paterson, NJ; 973/279-5900; 888/453-6761; glenro.com
The Regenex line of regenerative thermal oxodizers (RTOs) combine the benefits of high heat recovery and process application flexibility in a compact, adaptable package, says co., adding RTOs can achieve guaranteed VOC destruction efficiencies of 99%+. Systems are described as ideal for low-VOC concentration applications in which a catalyst cannot be used because of catalyst-destroying chemicals in the solvent mixture.

Run Sheeters without Interruption
Maxson Automatic Machinery Co.
, Westerly, RI; 401/596-0162; maxsonautomatic.com
Continuous-run discharge feature on sheeters allows uninterrupted production while changing skids of material safely, without rejecting any acceptable sheets, co. reports. High- and low-speed tape sections accelerate the clearing of sheets from the delivery system.

Dancer Arm Controller Is Consistent
Nexen Group
, Vadnais Hts., MN; 651/286-1000; 800/843-7445; nexengroup.com
The RSD200 microprocessor-based dancer arm controller features an adaptive control algorithm said to provide consistent performance in demanding applications, without requiring expensive roll-diameter and web-speed feedback. PC-based setup and calibration eliminates potentiometers and unwanted manual adjustments. System is completely automatic.

Surface Prevents Marks with Cushion
Prodeco Inc.,
Kenmore, WA; 425/827-2573; no-mark.com
SiliCLEAN anti-tracking surface for use on press transfer cylinders and net jackets maintains a proprietary surface that creates a cushion of air between the paper stock and any transfer means. Said to prevent ink tracking, marking, and scuffing on any type and weight of stock, including plastics and foils. Available with any size press.

Shaft Extractor Requires Only One Operator
Appleton Mfg. Div.
, Neenah, WI; 920/751-1555; appletonmfg.com
Shaft extractor pulls shaft from roll and provides for re-coring and delivery of the shaft to the winder ready stand, all with a single operator, co. says. Incorporates powered height adjustment for varying roll diameters; laser sighting for alignment; floating shaft end; clamping; shaft toggle for re-coring without shaft manhandling; smooth powered extraction; lateral positioning system; and electronic pendant controls on swing arm.

Slit Two Rolls Simultaneously
CMC Cevenini USA LLC
, Elkridge, MD; 410/796-7944; cmccevenini.com
Model GL and ED2/190 twin-mandrel, auto lathe slitter allows user to slit two rolls simultaneously, increasing production output. Models convert p-s tapes, foils, and films without the need for conventional unwinding and rewinding. A pivoting blade angle facility is said to ensure all rolls are slit squarely with an excellent surface finish.

Mount Plates with Precision
, St. Louis. MO; 800/808-1565; conversource.com
The Vacu-Pin precision plate-mounting system is said to provide quick and easy mounting of wide web flexo plates. Registration marks securely lock in the vacuum alignment heads during the mounting process, perfectly positioning the plate in relation to the printing cylinder, co. reports. System also can mount drilled or punched plates with equal accuracy.

Slot Die Offers Improved Control
Extrusion Dies Industries (EDI) LLC
, Chippewa Falls, WI; 715/726-1201; extrusiondies.com
The Ultracoat V slot die has a new design said to apply consistent, distortion-free fluid coatings even at very low coat weights. May enable some converters to run thinner coatings. Converters can improve quality and increase throughput rates without sacrificing the versatility of an adjustable flexible lip, mfr. reports.

Print Corrugated Digitally
Scitex Vision Ltd.
, Netanya, Israel; +972-9-8924766; scitexvision.com
The CORjet is an industrial digital ink jet press for packaging and display applications in the corrugated industry. Suited for samples, market tests, new product promotions, and other closely targeted packaging and point-of-sale materials. Reported ideal for printing on corrugated substrates to 10 mm (0.39 in.) thick, press prints in six colors, sheet-to-sheet, in sizes to 1.60 × 2.85 m (63 × 112 in.) at 600 dpi.

Metering Rod Suited for Thick Coatings
Industry Tech
, Oldsmar, FL; 813/855-5054; industrytech.net
Tri-wire metering rods are designed for applications that require ultra-heavyweight coatings to 56 mils (0.056 in.) thick. Three large wires are wound on precision rods in a unique configuration that results in very large modified grooves. According to co., resulting coating can be more than 6x the thickness obtained by any single-wire rod.

Roll Cleaning Actuators Aid Quality
, Glendale Hts., IL; 630/871-8300; hoerbiger-origa.com
Linear actuators for roll cleaning systems are said to offer clean operation, precise control, easy installation, high ROI, increased productivity, and improved quality. Available as pneumatic rodless or electric belt driven models.

Change UV Lamp Quickly
IST Metz
, Nuertingen, Germany; +49 (0) 70 22 6 00 2-0; ist-uv.com
Wireless UV lamp system, designated FLC (Fast Lamp Change), allows lamp to be changed in seconds. There are no mechanical parts to be unscrewed or any cable connection. Cleaning the lamp and reflector at regular intervals also is said to be quick.

Lug Chuck Introduces New Series
Tidland Corp.
, Camas, WA; 360/834-2345; 800/426/1000; tidland.com
The Raptor 3-in., air-powered lug chuck is the first in this new series of shaftless core chucks. Designed for high-speed printing, laminating, and sheeting applications on unwind flying or zero-speed splicers and other shaftless unwind/rewind applications, chuck is designed to reduce downtime, reduce the risk of injury, and increase productivity, co. says. Wide-footprint lugs provide a consistent grip on the core without damaging the inside. Removal is easy with pneumatic and mechanical retraction of lugs.

Die-Cutting Press Has New Options
, Goddard, KS; 800/961-6449; contech-usa.com
UltraPress now features new optional controls and is available in more sizes. Optional Allen-Bradley PLC control capability with remote touchscreen makes tasks easier. Press can be automation engineered to communicate with other equipment in a facility and is now available in sizes from 20 × 28 in. to 60 × 148 in. Performs many different die-cutting tasks in one unit, including thermal die-cutting, embossing, hot and cold steel-rule thru cutting, and steel-rule kiss cutting. Can be a free-standing unit or used in-line as part of a system.

Tip Lift for Fork Trucks Handles Rolls to 900 Lb
Tilt Lock
, St. Michael, MN; 800/999-8458; tiltlock.com
Tip lift designed for fork truck attachment is available for mounting on most electric fork trucks. Featuring capacity to 900 lb, unit is designed for a 12-V DC operation and comes equipped with a 12-V air compressor for operating the pneumatic tooth release mechanism.

Flame Treat Cast Film at High Speeds
Enercon Industries
, Menomonee Falls, WI; 262/250-3142; enerconind.com
Line of flame treaters for cast film applications features both ribbon and high-velocity drilled port burners. Rugged station design with precision web handing is said to ensure film is presented to the flame burner reliably and consistently, helping to ensure even treatment. Suited for treating at high speeds. High-tech burner is easy to use, says co., and delivers repeatable performance.

Bag Machine Offers Flexibility
, Green Bay, WI; 920/496-0525; amplas.com
The HV-1400 bag machine system is capable of producing more than 1 million bags/day. Can accommodate a range of film structures, gauges, and sizes to respond to fast food, produce, grocery, deli, bakery, and merchandise applications. Features a patented square-bottom design and is said to produce strong bags economically. Bags have easy-open feature and stand-up design.

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