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Raflatac Launches Business Line
Raflatac Inc.
, Fletcher, NC; 828/651-4800; 800/992-3882; raflatac.com
The Business Line is a free, secure on-line service the co. says offers customers a critical business information and analysis tool available via its Web site. Offers label converters real-time status of orders, invoices, and shipments. Additional functionality offers a range of value-added services aimed at assisting converters with their cost models and strategic planning processes. Services include customized statistical reporting and price lists and easy access to product specification data.

Corona Treater Delivers High Power Densities
Corotec Corp.
Fixed-width bare roll corona treatment system for the narrow web processor features co.'s new electrode design said to be capable of delivering high power densities to the web due to unique HVC cooling architecture. Available in single- and double-side treating configurations and available with an integral or separate power supply. All systems include co.'s instant speed switch protection to automate treating system startup with the machine, while reducing untreated material to an absolute minimum, says co.

Air Shafts Reduce Set-Up, Operating Costs
Rimor Precision Engineering Ltd.
, Hampshire, England; +44 (0) 23 9226 4063; rimor.co.uk
Narrow web air shafts, which consist of a short gripping section mounted on a cantilevered shaft, are designed to reduce set-up and running costs while increasing productivity, co. says. Other benefits include leaf-type shafts said to offer better concentricity alignment and avoid distorting thin wall cores. All types of shafts can have either a nose-mounted inflation valve or a permanent air supply connected to the back of the bearing housing. Both options allow operator to align the web center before inflating the gripping elements.

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