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What's New in Narrow Web

Rotary Screen UV Ink System Offers Rich Color
Arcar Graphics LLC
, West Chicago, IL; 630/231-7313; arcarusa.com
The Arcure rotary screen UV ink system is a high-opacity, silicone-free UV ink system said to provide excellent through-cure and eliminate foaming. Described as ideal for high-end fragrance, cosmetic, and personal-care applications requiring rich, vibrant colors. System is designed specifically for a Stork rotary screen head. High quality graphics can be surface- or reverse-printed on a wide variety of topcoated films, says co., adding that the ink's quick leveling allows for high-speed production. Compatible with UV flexo, UV letterpress, and water-based flexo ink systems.

Tagstock Features Clean Edges
MACtac Printing Products
, Stow, OH; 330/688-1111; 866/262-2822; mactac.com
BAM0090 MACjet Breakaway tagstock is used for ink jet- and laser-printable business cards, CD jewel case inserts, badges, and more, co. reports. Matte-coated stock is non-pressure-sensitive and designed to release cleanly from its PET carrier when die-cut. Mfr. says the result is a breakaway facestock with clean, die-cut edges and no messy perforation marks.

Automatic Inspection Systems Aid Control, Quality
Advanced Vision Technology Ltd.
, Hod-Hasharon, Israel; +972 9 7614444; avt-inc.com
PrintInspector/Prima delivers 100% print inspection of all labels on moving webs between 50 and 400 mm in width at press speeds to 200 mpm. Errors in color, text, or register, as well as spots, streaks, misprints, and faulty bar codes, can be detected down to pixel levels. Problems specific to label production are also detectable, including missing labels and defective matrix removal. System provides an accurate count of the number of good labels produced. Many features are tailored to the highly demanding pharmaceutical labels sector.

Go from Design to Layout Easily
, Lynnwood, WA; 425/355-6655; scenicsoft.com
Pandora Pro is a native-PDF step-and-repeat solution for packaging and label imposition. Said to take completed designs from one-up to multi-up layouts quickly and easily. Automatically creates layouts, ensuring optimal usage of press sheets. Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use interface allows drag-and-drop job composition.

Mirage Inks Tests US Market
Mirage Inks, Ltd.
, Bath, U.K.; +44 (0) 1761 436498; bath.co.uk
Cationic UV-curable inks are said suitable for a variety of printing processes, including flexography, gravure, ink jet, and screen, both wide and narrow web. Co. reports it has based its product line around Dow Chemical Co.'s Cyracure Cycloaliphatic Epoxide resins for the past 15 years, due to the low residuals and odor emitted in the coating process, the unique range of products, and superior adhesion.

Rail Dancer Aids Web Tension, Accuracy
Cleveland Motion Controls Inc.
, Cleveland, OH; 216/524-8800; cmccontrols.com
The DIN Rail Dancer Controller is suitable for use with a dancer potentiometer or other position sensors. It offers internal adjustments for P, I, D, level, bias, and speed compensation, with an analog control output of 0 to +10V, -10/0/+10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA or 0-50mA. It is housed in a rugged DIN rail mounting case with removable screw connections and is designed for use with unwind brakes (electric and pneumatic, intermediate), between driven nips and simple constant tension winders.

New Adhesives for a Variety of Uses
National Starch and Chemical Co.
, Bridgewater, NJ; 609/409-5656; 800/797-4992; nationalstarch.com
Co. reports new adhesives include special types for freezer-grade applications; a clear hot melt with good adhesion to PE and other plastics; a water-based adhesive for prime label applications; an adhesive for labeling fruits and vegetables; and a solvented acrylic adhesive with UV resistance for a range of labeling and window film applications.

Embedded Taggants in Paper Help Stop Fraud
Appleton Papers Inc., Security Products Div.
, Appleton, WI; 920/734-9841; appletonpapers.com
TechMark taggant intelligent papers help prevent counterfeiting, alteration, and piracy of branded products and valuable documents. Papers feature taggants processed into the paper itself. The taggants are invisible under ordinary light, but when viewed with a ultraviolet (UV) handheld reader, they become readily visible and allow for quick visual verification. TechMark Taggants can be formulated in paper to create a unique identifying code. These covert characteristics are very difficult to duplicate or alter, co. says.

Flexo Ink Aids Adhesive Lamination
Akzo Nobel Inks
, Plymouth, MN; 763/559-5911; 800/328-7838; aninks.com
Lamikett water-based flexo ink for adhesive lamination on film-to-film applications is said to offer excellent adhesion to a wide range of films. Also reported to provide excellent bond strengths, good color strength and printability with minimal pinholing in solids, high printing speed, and good water resistance properties. It can be used in all flexo print units, provided the ink is dried with hot air or IR dryers in combination with air stream blowing on web. Can be used with a negative doctor blade, as well as in a chambered doctor blade system, and is reportedly suitable for a wide variety of low-to-medium demand lamination applications, including wrap-around labels.

“Validator” Confirms 100% Inspection
Print Vision Systems
, Lewiston, NY; 716/754-0730; printvisionsystems.com
The Validator retrofit add-on for all makes and models of slitter/rewinders verifies successful resolution of defects identified by 100% print inspection systems. Mfr. reports it eliminates the ongoing costs of double-run inspections, leverages prior investments in all brands of label inspection machines, guarantees 100% defect-free product, and decreases investment costs for new inspection technology by two-thirds.

Guiding System Controllers Simplify Integration
BST Pro Mark
, Elmhurst, IL; 630/833-9900; bstpromark.com
The ekrPRO Series of web guiding system controllers simplifies design integration of web guiding systems into converting machines, says mfr. Product line is built upon a modular open architecture that uses CANbus communications protocol. The system contains three basic building blocks: PROCom is the system commander; PRONet functions as a remote set of brains and an output device; and PROKey provides control of the system from remote and, if needed, multiple locations.

Anilox Roll Cleaning System Is Compact and Safe
Doyle Systems
, Richfield, OH; 330/659-2330; 800/445-3856; jedoyle.com
The Mia anilox roll cleaning system from Alphasonics is a hybrid system offering many of the Miranda unit features combined with the compactness of the benchtop series. Offered in either single or dual frequency and includes a rinse tank complete with spray wash nozzle, a manually initiated pump, and a filtration system. Alphasonics technology is said to enable safe and effective cleaning of rolls with a variety of screen counts.

Release System Suited for Temperature-Sensitive Films
Dow Corning Corp.
, Midland, MI; 517/496-6000; dowcorning.com
Two release modifiers, UV 9811 and 9812, have been added to the Syl-Off line of UV-cure solventless silicone release coatings. Products are said to expand the ability to customize and control release performance on highly temperature-sensitive films. These dimethyl, epoxy siloxane resins are designed for blending with a Syl-Off UV 9800 coating and UV 9820 photocatalyst. The coating then is applied via traditional solventless coating methods and cured via exposure to UV lights.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Are Tough
, Amherst, NY; 888/464-4625; iimak.com
PM350 thermal transfer ribbons are claimed tough and bold. Wax/resin ribbons offer durability so there is no smudging when bar codes are subjected to rough handling, grating, or chemicals, co. notes.

Compact Controller Is Easy to Install
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
, Hoffman Estates, IL; 847/645-4073; boschrexrothus.com
Ecodrive DKC 16 controller is said to offer the benefits of larger, high-power controllers in an efficient, compact, and easy-to-install design. Extends the Ecodrive to the lower power range and uses interfaces based on international standards.

Press Offers High Speeds, Quick Turnover
Mark Andy Inc.
, Chesterfield, MO; 636/532-4433; markandy.com
The LP3000 press is designed for a wide range of label and tag applications with a range of 2-14-mil materials, both water-based and UV flexo. Said ideal for any printer demanding faster running speeds, faster job changeover designs, and more consistent job management. Offers a running speed of 750 fpm; Quick Load plate roll load technology; next-generation “QC” Quick Change carriage design; Quick Release ink carriage with constant turning anilox rolls; Quick Set ink and impression settings; hardened, ground helical gears throughout the press; lineal adjustments independent of web pacing; improved drying capability to control each station's temperature individually; and more.

Press Keeps Previous Benefits, Adds New Ones
Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC)
, Green Bay, WI; 920/336-4300; pcmc.com
The Webtron X-10 reportedly has the best features of the Webtron 750 press in a completely re-engineered platform designed to accommodate a print width to 10 in. Co. says it has the shortest web path in the industry and will accommodate tooling from existing Webtron 650s and 750s.

Tension Control Clutches Are Responsive
Mach III Inc.
, Ludlow, KY; 859/291-0849; machiii.com
SensiFlex pneumatic tension control clutches and brakes feature a patent-pending design said to provide superior heat dissipation and a wide range of control. Has smooth, low-pressure actuation and incremental responsiveness to slight changes in air pressure. Reportedly ideal for new and retrofit narrow web and label converting applications.

Foils Provide Eye Appeal and Security
Kurz Transfer Products
, Charlotte, NC; 800/333-2306; kurzusa.com
Sparkle Bright Light line of foils is utilized on packaging, greeting cards, labels, cosmetics, printed products, textiles, automotive parts, and other items. Magnetic foils, holograms, and proprietary Kinegram and Trustseal OVDs are said to provide effective and attractive brand protection as well as increased security for pharmaceuticals, financial documents, and other products.

Guide Porous Materials and Nonwovens
AccuWeb Inc.
, Madison, WI; 608/223-0625; accuweb.com
LED array edge detector/sensor guides porous and nonwoven materials. With a 1.2-in. detection area, it allows electronic adjustments to the guide point. Users can run a variety of web widths without moving the detector physically.

Removable Electrode Cartridge Added to Treater
Corotec Corp.
, Farmington, CT; 860/678-0038; corotec.com
The Uni-Dyne corona treating system now features a removable electrode cartridge designed specifically for narrow web converters. Co. says this allows for fast and simple removal, cleaning, and replacement of the electrode assemblies, significantly minimizing maintenance and downtime. The cartridge, featuring a pull-out handle, allows the entire electrode assembly to be removed in seconds for cleaning. The new cartridge design is available in fixed-width conventional or bare-roll configurations. It is also available as a retrofit for most existing Uni-Dyne and component-based narrow web systems.

LEP Technology Coming Soon
BASF Printing Systems
, Charlotte, NC; 704/504-2626; 800/795-BASF; basf.com
Technology for the production of a direct Laser Engraved Plate (LEP) for flexographic printing and letterpress printing will become commercially available in the US in the first half of 2003. It does not require any solvent, and plates can be completed in a single process step, co. says.

Many Features for Handling Rolls
, St. Michael, MN; 763/497-7045; tiltlock.com
The LD1-3 features interlocking safety switches; fuse/power control; adjustable, ergonomic handles; manual tooth release; low head room, and light weight (67 lb).

Place Foil Stamping Cassette Anywhere on Line
Chromas Technologies
, Montreal, Que., Canada; 513/774-7318; chromas.com
The Aquaflex ICT foil cassette is a movable hot foil stamping unit built on co.'s Instant Change Technology platform, meaning it can be interchanged with any regular ICT flexo printing unit on press. Said to deliver very tight registration because it is driven by the impression cylinder. Features movable unwind and rewind towers so it can be placed where needed. Another reported advantage is the ease with which package security can be obtained; because cassette can be placed anywhere in-line, printers have a broader array of available security features, such as holograms and magnetic strips.

Dispenser Handles Many Labels
Clements Industries
, South Hackensack, NJ; 201/440-5500; tach-it.com
Tach-It Model SH404TR dispenses transparent, opaque, metallic, and odd-shaped labels that can misfeed on other label dispensers, co. says. Has an industrially rated rugged construction, powered linear rewinder, and wider beveled separator plate.

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